Candleman Walkthrough

3. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A little candle went to and fro

  • 9 candles to find

After watching the intro video you will find yourself stood in darkness. To get our first achievement hold cn_X down for 10 seconds until you run out of wax to unlock:

The Limit in Candleman
The Limit72 (70)
Run out of wax. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 4,270 tracked gamers (95% - TA Ratio = 1.02) 4,482

Now burn the candle a further 4 times completely, this counts as 5 failures for a level. Providing you now get to the end of the level with at least 1 life remaining you will unlock:

Perseverance in Candleman
Complete a level after failing 5 times. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 3,821 tracked gamers (85% - TA Ratio = 1.08) 4,482

So from the start walk in a downwards direction and then to the left to find candle 1. Lighting this first candle will unlock:

Spark to a Flame in Candleman
Light a candle.
  • Unlocked by 4,473 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 4,482

Return back to the start the way you came and walk forward slightly to find candle 2.

From candle 2 look to the right to find a chain, jump up on this and onto a crate. Walk to the left and you will see candle 3 diagonally to the left, you will have to get right to the edge of the crate and jump to make the gap.

Jump back across and follow the crates to the right to find candle 4.

Jump down and you will see a bigger candle, light this and it will glow blue. This is the checkpoint. Look diagonally left from the checkpoint to see candle 5.

Head right from the checkpoint and see candle 6 on the bottom of a plank of wood. Now look up and to the left for a barrel lid floating in some water. Jump down into the water and push the barrel lid up. When you can't push the lid any further jump on the lid and use this to jump up to the upper platform, walk to the right to find candle 7.

Jump back down into the water and head back towards candle 6. From here jump up to the right and you will see a plank leaning upwards, underneath the plank at the far end is candle 8.

Jump up onto the plank and walk up to find candle 9 at the top. To finish the level walking into the blue glowing light above you. In the process you will unlock:

Spread the Light in Candleman
Light all candles in a level.
  • Unlocked by 4,189 tracked gamers (93% - TA Ratio = 1.03) 4,482

His tender flame shone through the dark,

  • 8 candles to find

At the start light your candle to see there are several holes in the floor, you need to aim up and to the right to find candle 1 at the end of a plank.

Walk back along the plank slightly and to the left to see a barrel with a plank leading to the next area. Walk up this plank to find candle 2 at the end. After lighting this candle continue to follow the plank path till you get onto a crate with a leather patch stitched into it. In the bottom corner of this crate is candle 3.

Look diagonally right to find barrels, jump across two to find candle 4. Now jump to the barrel to your diagonal left. You will see to you upper left is the next candle, to get to this you will have to use the plank in front of you as a see saw. Once you jump onto the plank, position yourself in the middle and walk all the way to the right to push that end down and the left side in the air. Once the left side is sufficiently high enough walk all the way across to that side and jump across to light candle 5.

Now drop back down onto the see saw plank, however this time stand on the left side to push the right side into the air. Once this end is high in the sky walk across and jump so you can now reach the crate. Walk over the planks and light the checkpoint.

Looking upwards you will see candle 6 in the distance to the left, walk along the plank to reach it. Opposite this candle you will see a plank attached by chains, jump onto this and this acts like a swing. Walk quickly to the right and as you reach the end jump across the gap to reach candle 7. If you don't jump quick enough the plank will swing too far to the left and you will drop to your death.

Now walk upwards and you will see a crate swing in front of you blocking your path. To the left of this crate is another plank see saw, jump onto the see saw and stand to the right of it to allow the left side to raise. Walk to the left and jump the gap for the last candle, candle 8.

To the left of candle 8 is a chain, traverse the first chain and then drop to a 2nd chain to your right, walk along this chain to the right to reach the end of the level.

Alone he wondered the shivering decks

  • 10 candles to find

From the start move right down onto a crate, you will now need to flash your light as the next crate on your right is swinging and to gauge the distance you need to light the area. When you are happy jump to your right and onto candle 1.

Wait until this crate swings all the way to the right and jump right onto candle 2. Now walk upwards along a narrow plank and you will see 3 crates in front of you swinging left to right. Jump onto the first crate and look to the left to see candle 3 on the adjacent crate, when the crate moves to the left jump over to candle 3.

To the left of candle 3 is a swing plank, walk all the way to the left and jump over to candle 4. Now head back to candle 3, jump to the right and jump up the 3 swinging crates. At the top of the 3rd crate you will see the next candle on the adjacent crate, jump to get candle 5.

Now the next bit has gaps you have to jump which have chains swinging in the gaps, if you don't time this correctly you will fall to your doom. After clearing these obstacles is the checkpoint. From here walk upwards and hug the wall till you get to the end of the plank. The camera angle will change and just time dropping onto the crate.

Once you have safely landed, stay on the crate until it swings to the left and then jump to the left at the apex to land on a crate with candle 6. Jump back onto the swinging crate and wait till you got all the way to the right and jump across. Move upwards and you will see candle 7 situated in the middle of the plank.

In front of you, you will now see a barrel rolling left to right. Once it's either side quickly walk forward and jump up two crates to find candle 8. Wait until the barrel you just avoided rolls to the right and leap on board and head to the opposite end of the barrel. Now move with the barrel to the left until it hits the wall and jump to the crate diagonally down and to the left for candle 9.

Wait until it's safe and make your way back to where candle 8 was and move forward to find another room with a rolling barrel. Wait till the barrel comes to a stop in front of you and jump onto it. As it rolls to the left, stay on the barrel and then jump forward so as to jump on the crate with candle 10. Drop to your right and finish the level.

At last he reached the grand iron gate

  • 9 candles to find

At the start edge to the right of the crate and spark your flame to see a number of boxes floating in the water. Drop down to the right and you will see candle 1 on the adjacent crate, hop over to light it.

Now jump back to the left and hop over 3 crates north of you to see a barrel lid precariously balanced, push this upwards towards the next candle, jump the gap and light candle 2. Now push the barrel lid to the left and jump on it, look upwards to see a crate and candle 3. Using your height advantage of the lid jump up to this candle and light it.

Drop down to the right and jump up onto the crate north of you. As you walk upwards you will see 3 floating barrels jump on these and as you reach the 3rd barrel jump diagonally left to find candle 4.

After light this candle walk to the right and jump the gap to a crate which has 2 barrel lids. Once on the crate push the right side lid to the right. Once it is floating in the water jump onto it and onto the adjacent crate to see candle 5.

Head back across to where the 2 lids were originally found and head north over 3 barrel lids and a semi submerged barrel. As you get to the barrel walk upwards and as you reach the end jump upwards to safety.

This next area will illuminate periodically, use this to your advantage. Walk to the right to find the checkpoint. After lighting the checkpoint move slowly to the right to find crates moving up stream, time your drop to safely land on one.

As you head up the stream you will see that there are chains hanging down, if you don't move out of the way you will get knocked off. The 1st chains are to the left of the crate and the second are to the right. After getting past the 2nd set of chains look for a gap to the left where a wooden plank is sticking out, jump into this gap to find candle 6.

Now time your jump again to continue your journey along the water, be careful of further chains hanging down but if you stick to the left side of the crate you should be safe. Now as you pass the chains you will see a barrel on the left. You need to time this jump well and once you are safely on the barrel jump up to candle 7.

Get back onto the floating crate and this will take you to a platform that you have to jump up, make your way up 3 steps and in the opposite corners at the back are candle 8 and candle 9.

Once these are lit look to the blast door to see 4 symbols carved into the metal. Copy the symbols from left to right using the buttons on the floor in front of it and once you have input all 4 symbols correctly the door will open and you will finish the level.

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