Candleman Walkthrough

5. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The brave little candle marched aft to the rear

  • 6 candles to find

From the beginning of the level head to the left, jump up 3 small steps and then walk to the right onto a metal post. Wait for the boat to sway to the left and jump on the chains. Now walk up the chains and using the two metal pipes on the left jump over to the platform on the left for candle 1.

Make your way back to the chains and walk all the way down the bottom to find candle 2. Go back on the chain and when you are half way along wait till the boat sways to the right and then jump off to the right. Once you land on the next platform walk to the right to find candle 3.

Head upwards along this platform and find another chain to walk along, go all the way up this chain and jump up to the next area. If the boat sways while you are on the chain you will have to adjust your movement otherwise you could fall off.

To your right you will see a metal mechanism swinging, time this right and jump onto it. Walk through the gap in the centre and to the right. Wait for the boat to sway to the right and jump onto the next mechanism, if you are quick enough you can walk straight to the right and jump onto the metal walkway. If the boat started swaying to the left you'll have to wait to make this jump.

Once on the walkway, head down to find candle 4. Now walk upwards and towards the flames. These flames alternate and the pattern is repetitive. Watch the pattern and then move past the flames jumping up the steps avoiding the next set of flames and light the checkpoint.

North of the checkpoint is a pipe to walk across, get across safely and jump up. At the top of this metal plater is candle 5. To the right of you is another flame section to navigate, this includes hot metal chains to jump across. If you hit either the flames or the hot metal chains you will die. Again the pattern is repetitive so once you are comfortable make your way through this area.

Once you get past the flame section you will see another mechanism swinging that is being heated up and will be bright red. Walk all the way to the right and wait for the mechanism to swing all the way to the right, it will stop glowing and now is the time to jump on it. Head upwards quickly and as you get to the top of the mechanism jump upwards over the gap to the next platform.

As you land you will see candle 6 above you and to the left. The final challenge is to your right, again you will see another mechanism. This time the mechanism is blocking the flames, time your walk across to the right as this mechanism is blocking the flames. Once you pass this obstacle you have reached the end of the level.

Forcefully turning the grand iron gate

  • 6 candles to find

From the beginning above you is a wooden boat wheel, follow the path around and the wheel will spin anti clockwise. Look to the left of this boat wheel and in an alcove is candle 1. After lighting the candle position yourself beside the bottom most wheel handle and push it to the left causing the boat to tilt and the chains blocking the path will move.

Walk past the chains and forward until you get to candle 2. From here walk all the way up until you come to a t junction and then follow the path to the left until you walk into the iron wall and here you will find candle 3 hidden. Head back to the t junction and go straight across all the way. As you see two metal poles with a circular valve sticking out look up into the distance and you will see candle 4.

After lighting candle 4 go back the way you came and look for steps that lead up to a large platform. Jump up the 3 steps to find candle 5 and on the opposite side is candle 6.

In the middle of those two candles is the checkpoint. Once you have lit the candle you will see another wooden boat wheel and 3 symbols on the floor. You have to press the symbols correctly from left to right, these are in a random order each time.

The circle symbol is situated to the far left and is accessed by pushing the boat wheel fully anti clockwise and then jumping on the metal mechanism.

The triangle symbol is situated just to the left of the boat wheel across some chains and this is accessed by pushing the boat wheel fully clockwise. You have to time the run across the chain as there is a flame to avoid.

The square symbol is situated to the right and is accessed by positioning the boat wheel dead centre causing the metal mechanism to block the flames and allowing you to go all the way to the right.

Once you have successfully pressed all of the buttons in the correct order the door above candle 4 and this leads to the end of the level.

The rudder failed to stop his quest

  • 5 candles to find

Start off by walking forward, you will see the candle in the distance. As you approach the candle you have to jump the gap onto the pipes it is situated on. Once you have landed safely you can light candle 1.

Walk to the right being careful for the 1st set of flames and as you get past the flames and to the edge to the pipe you will see the 2nd set of flames. You need to jump across to the right and when you feel it's safe jump across. The pipes you have landed on will curve upwards and at the top is candle 2, you just need to navigate past the 3rd set of flames to light it.

Walk back down the pipes and to the 2nd set of flames, this time you need to drop down and once you have landed move to the left to find candle 3.

Once you have lit this candle move yourself to the middle of the pipes and then you have to drop down through the 4th set of flames. After landing move to the right slightly and you will see the 5th set of flames, these shoot out diagonally. The safest way through these is to wait for the left flame to go out, wait in the centre and then move after the right flame has gone out.

Moving to the right, you have to make your way up another curved pipe. This pipe is home for the 6th set of flames, quickly run past this and then hop over the small piece of iron blocking the path. As you walk to the edge of the pipe you will see the 7th set of flames, one shooting down into the area you need to go, simply wait for the flame to go out and walk to the right to find candle 4.

We are now going to move upwards and this area can be tricky. This houses the 8th set of flames with 3 flames coming from the left, then 3 from the right and finally another 3 from the left. Simply position yourself on the right most pipe for the flames from the left and the left most pipe on the flames from the right to breeze past this part.

As you get past these you will now see opening on the pipes where the flames will come from, just avoid these and time your movements well to avoid being burnt. You will find candle 5 on the middle pipe shortly after getting to this part.

Continue past the flames until you see the pipes turn to the left, follow this around and you will find the checkpoint. Keep moving left until the camera angle changes, you will see 9 crates below you. You need to drop down onto these to progress, I recommend dropping down onto the right most crates. The following is based on me dropping down onto the first available set of crates, you may need to alter your approach depending on which set of crates you drop down onto.

After landing you will have to avoid several obstacles, stick to the right most crates first of all to get under the first pipe bridge. Jump left across to the middle crate to successfully navigate the next pipe bridge and then jump left across to the left most crates to avoid the 3rd pipe bridge. Jump all the way to the right most crate to get past the 4th pipe bridge.

Now jump back to the middle set of crates to avoid the whirlpool. The next area is 2 sets of flames which fluctuate left to right. Don't be afraid to jump either to other crates either to your side or behind/front of you to help get past this part.

After the 2nd set of flames you have to be in the middle crates as the left side will be swallowed by another whirlpool. Now to get past the next set of flames, on the 1st flame position yourself at the back of the last crate. As soon as you get past this jump to the middle crate and go all the way to the top to get past the 2nd set. After passing this jump to the front crate and get right to the front of it to successfully navigate them. You will now float to the end of the level.

Once you have completed chapters 1 - 3 you will unlock:

Led by Fate in Candleman
Led by Fate119 (100)
Complete Chapters 1, 2 and 3.
  • Unlocked by 3,183 tracked gamers (71% - TA Ratio = 1.18) 4,493

If you have lit all of the candles throughout chapters 1 - 3 you will unlock:

Sailor in Candleman
Sailor184 (150)
Light all candles in Chapters 1, 2 and 3.
  • Unlocked by 2,980 tracked gamers (66% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 4,493

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