Candleman Walkthrough

7. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Water weeds rise and dip

  • 8 candles to find

Starting at the beginning you will see a glowing jellyfish platform diagonally up and to the right, this will move in and out of the water, time your jump to get to the next platform. Move around the platform and progress right over the next two jellyfish platforms, jumping up as you get to the far right of the 2nd one to find candle 1.

Now walk up and to the left and pick either the right or left jellyfish platform to jump on, depending on which is not submerged and then hop onto the middle island to find candle 2. Jump up to the next set of jellyfish platforms and pick whichever one isn't submerged and then onto the solid platform.

Make your way around right and up by hopping over rocks to find candle 3. Jump right to a platform then up and right to the next platform. Diagonally up and left is a jellyfish platform, time this to jump on it and then onto the island diagonally up and left from it.

You will see 4 jellyfish platforms above and to the right of you, the 1st one will submerge by itself with the next 3 moving together. Jump onto the 1st one and as it is submerging jump to the adjacent jellyfish. Now hop right jellyfish to jellyfish to find candle 4 on a platform. Make your way back across the jellyfish you just came along and looking up you will see a platform with the checkpoint, light it.

From the checkpoint look left and you will see a small rock, you need to jump to the this. It might help to light your candle so you can see it clearly. Now walk left to the edge of this rock and jump left to find candle 5. Head back to the checkpoint. Above the checkpoint are 4 jellyfish platforms, time your jumps here to easily make your way across and up to the next solid platform where candle 6 awaits.

Moving up you will see an area where there are numerous jellyfish platforms, hop over 3 then jump right into a solid platform. Diagonally down and right is candle 7, jump over to it. Now head back to the island you jumped over from and look at the jellyfish platforms, you will see that they split into two clear paths. The first path we are taking it the one that takes you upwards and not to the end.

Time your jumps along the jellyfish and as you reach the 2nd to last jellyfish jump upwards to find candle 8. Now simply jump over the last two jellyfish to get to the end.

The rugged rocks, they trip and slide

  • 7 candles to find

Straight from the start you can see candle 1 diagonally up and to the left of you, flash your candles a few times to see you need to walk anti-clockwise to get to this. We now have a new type of jellyfish platform, these ones will not sink but move along a specific path. Jump up onto this jellyfish and once it reaches its maximum path upwards jump up to find candle 2.

Wait till the jellyfish on your right is within reach and then jump onto it, as this moves to the right you will see another jellyfish moving right to left. Once these jellyfish meet, hop across and it will take you over to the right. Once this jellyfish comes to a stop, jump to the right to land on a solid platform.

Look upwards to see a sinking jellyfish platform, jump on this when it is not submerged and wait for next jellyfish to pass you to jump up onto it. As you move left to right, wait to time your jump to the next jellyfish and then onto the island with candle 3.

Above you are two sinking jellyfish platforms and a jellyfish platform moving left to right. This can be tricky and might need you to jump a few times between the sinking jellyfish before the moving jellyfish is within jumping distance, once you can get onto the moving jellyfish look above you to see the checkpoint.

Moving right, you will see 2 rows of Jellyfish platforms that are staggered and they are floating downwards. Start by jumping onto a jellyfish in the 1st row and then jump upwards onto one in the 2nd row (if you try to jump downwards the jellyfish are always being taken away too fast and you will drown.)

Now let the jellyfish float down stream until you see a ridge to your right, jump up this and hop up another jump to find candle 4. Okay, you will now have to move fast, so drop down onto a jellyfish in row 2 and then alternate jumping upwards between jellyfish from row 1 and 2 to get as far north as you can to find candle 5 on a platform.

Jump back onto a jellyfish in row 2 and float down until you get to the platform between where you found candle 4 and 5 and hop right onto it.

The next area has two jellyfish platforms swirling around anti clockwise, when you can jump onto one do it. Approximately halfway around the journey you will see candle 6 on a small island to your right, jump over to it.

After lighting this candle jump back onto the next available jellyfish and aim for the 4 sinking jellyfish platforms which are at the very top of the screen. As your jellyfish approaches the sinking jellyfish select whichever sinking jellyfish you think is safe to land on and then time your jumps to manoeuvre upwards to get safely to the platform holding candle 7.

Now simply make your way back over the sinking jellyfish and onto the jellyfish that are swirling around. As these make there way around in a circle simply time your jump over to the next set of jellyfish platforms that are swirling around the exit and jump into this to end the level.

Mysterious blue flowers emit their glow

  • 7 candles to find

In this level there is a new type of platform, a large blue flower that is attracted to light.

Looking upwards you will see two candles above you, light your candle for a short time to lure the flower to you, jump on and light the right candle first then the left for candle 1 and candle 2. Jump right onto the vine and follow it around clockwise and walk upwards to find candle 3.

Lighting candle 3 will attract a flower, jump onto it and stand at the upper left then light your candle to lead it across the water and to the next rock holding candle 4 which you need to jump up to.

Again by lighting the candle it will lure the next flower, jump right onto it. Once on the flower stand at 4 o'clock and light up and you should see a small platform with the next candle, jump over to light candle 5.

Hop back onto the flower and stand at 12 o'clock and light up. This will propel you towards the next flower, once in your reach jump over. Now on the next flower stand at 1 o'clock and light up. You will see the checkpoint diagonally up and to your left as the flower comes to a stop jump up to the checkpoint.

Diagonally down and right is the next flower, jump to it. You should see 3 sinking jellyfish platforms above and to the right of you, navigate your flower to these and time your jumps along the jellyfish onto the large island.

Looking immediately left you will see candle 6 on a small ridge, hop up to it. Jump back down and above you will be two sinking jellyfish, you are wanting to jump on the right one 1st as from here you need to jump right onto a small island with candle 7.

Aim for the left sinking jellyfish and light up to see the next flower, jump on it. Stand at 1 o'clock and aim for the next 2 sinking jellyfish, as you get onto the 2nd jellyfish light up and another flower will float across.

After jumping onto the flower, stand at 12 o'clock and light up to reach the end of the level.

Beware the fruits that float at sea

  • 7 candles to find

Start off by lighting your candle and walking upwards towards the flower floating in your direction. Jump on the flower and stand at 1 o'clock to navigate around the spiky plant. Once you've got to the north platform jump onto it. Walk left to find candle 1.

Walk up and move around the wall to find candle 2. To your right you will see jellyfish platforms appear, use one to jump the gap. Once on the platform look to the right to see candle 3.

Looking to your right you will see spiky plants in the water, eventually 2 moving jellyfish platforms will appear you need to jump on the right one. Wait until you pass the 1st spiky plant and once the left jellyfish platform has reappeared jump onto it until you float to the next platform, jump up to find candle 4.

Move up and when you reach the edge light up to lure a blue flower. Jump onto the flower and navigate upwards avoiding the spiky plants. If you haven't already seen the next blue flower, light up and once it is in jumping distance hop over. Initially stand at 2 o'clock and after avoiding the spiky plant move to 3 o'clock. Get the flower as far right as you can and jump to the platform to find candle 5.

Jump back onto the flower and standing between 10 and 11 o'clock light up till you get to the next flower. Jump over and stand at 12 o'clock. Light up till you reach the platform with the checkpoint.

Move upwards to the edge and you will see 2 rows of jellyfish platforms. Diagonally up and left you will see the next candle. With these platforms you always have to jump to the jellyfish upstream (to the left) of you as if you don't you will miss the jump and drown.

So start by jumping on a jellyfish and then hop onto the next jellyfish diagonally left from you to get to candle 6 which we saw after moving up from the checkpoint. Once you have lit the candle drop onto a jellyfish platform and float down stream until you get to a spiky plant, as the jellyfish approaches these it will start to submerge. As it submerges jump diagonally back to the jellyfish platform in the adjacent row. Repeat this until you get to the end of the stream. There are 2 spiky plants in each row and the last spiky plant in the left row is not very well lit so be vigilant. As you get to the end of the stream you will see a row of spiky plants, to the right of these is a platform with candle 7.

Now simply jump onto the next jellyfish and wait until it is almost submerged and jump diagonally back onto the next nearest jellyfish platform and the up to safety. Jump up to the next ledge and follow the path left to the end of the level.

The woods become a friend no longer

  • 7 candles to find

In the level we are reintroduced to the spiky flowers that become larger when we light our candle. This level will almost certainly use close to all of your candle, so light management is essential, providing you get to the checkpoint with a decent amount of candle left you should be okay, but it may take you a few lives to do this one.

Start by flashing your light to lure the blue flower down and then jump on this flower. Stand at 11 o'clock and navigate your flower into the platform, be very careful as there are spiky flowers on the wall and in the water. Now jump up and in the top left corner of this platform is candle 1.

After you light this candle you will see a blue flower to your right, once this floats close enough jump on and stand between 4 and 5 o'clock and navigate to your right until you can't travel any further. Jump onto this small platform being mindful there are two spiky flowers and in the top right corner is candle 2.

Go back to the blue flower and stand at 12 o'clock to navigate it upwards. As you light the candle you will see a narrow passage you have to get through, the difficulty is as you light up there are 2 large spiky flowers covering this passage. As you get close to the passage , stand just up from the middle of the flower and you should crash into the wall stopping your movement. Quickly light up and another blue flower should float down to you, once you are happy the spiky flowers have subsided jump over.

So with this flower it takes two quick movements, the first it stand at the 12 o'clock position and quickly light up, this will engulf numerous spiky flowers around you. Once you've sailed forward a short distance, scamper across to 3 o'clock. Your aim is to get the the safety of a small platform to your right. Once you've jumped onto this platform look to the bottom to see candle 3.

Move up and to the right, jump up to the next platform and move all the way to the right to find candle 4 on the bottom right of this platform. After lighting this candle you will see a rolling spiky glowing plant, this will eventually snap off its vine and destroy the spiky flowers waiting for you. Once the spiky flowers have been destroyed jump to your right onto the vine and light the checkpoint.

Looking up and to the right you will see a spiky flower, walk close to this and above it is a rolling spiky plant. Light your candle sufficiently to get the vine to snap and allow the rolling spiky plant to destroy the flower, just make sure once the vine snaps you run back to the checkpoint or you will be squashed.

Once the path is clear, walk up and follow the vine around to find candle 5. From here head immediately right and make your way along another vine until you see another hanging rolling spiky plant. Light up until this falls down and once it is clear move to the right to find candle 6.

Make your way back to candle 5 and once you are there we will be heading upwards. This next room is filled with rolling spiky plants, as you get the the end of the vine light up enough to drop the 1st load of rolling spiky plants. Once these have rolled down a reasonable way, move forward and light up again to get the last 4 or 5 rolling spiky plants to drop down. The pathway should now be clear for you to walk down.

As you get to the bottom you will see the end of the level to your right, but first look to the left corner to see candle 7 on a small platform that you have to jump to get to. After lighting the last candle jump back and end the level.

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