Candleman Walkthrough

9. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Massive stones they push with force

  • 6 candles to find

From the outset, walk upwards towards concrete blocks that are moving left to right. Wait for these blocks to move into the wall and as you pass the 1st block look to the right to find candle 1.

Now move past the other 2 moving blocks and continue upwards to find the obviously placed candle 2 in your path. Above this area is another 3 moving blocks, the difference is there are no places for you to move left or right to avoid them. So wait until the blocks are fully blocking the path and when they start to move away towards the wall continue forwards to successfully pass them.

After you have passed them, walk to your right and look down to find candle 3 next to the right side wall. Head upwards to see another moving block, you can either wait till this starts to retract and walk upwards or go to the left and around the hole in the floor, either way the checkpoint is found a small distance up from here.

Continuing walking upwards you will come to the edge of the path, above you is a block moving backwards and forwards. Wait until this path joins the edge and walk onto it, keep walking upwards till you get to the top of the block. The block will move upwards towards a small platform and when it does move onto this platform where candle 4 is situated.

Walk a small distance right and again you will see a block moving left to right, as before wait till it meets the edge and walk onto it. Then moving right, once the block has reached another small platform to your right walk onto it and find candle 5.

Continue walking right over a small pathway and you will see 2 blocks moving independently from one another. Hug the upper wall and once the bottom block starts moving out pushing up and right on the cn_LS move across the gap, jump if necessary to prevent you from being taken too far down.

Now safely onto solid land, move right to find 3 moving blocks again these move independently from one another. Once the left most block starts to move outwards jump on it and then make your way right, take advantage of jumping as it will prevent you from moving too far downwards.

Again safely on a solid platform, to your right you will find 2 moving blocks moving upwards and downwards. Move onto the closest block and rather than going onto the other moving block stay put until it takes you upwards into a secret area, move right to find candle 6 hidden.

Get back onto the block and move to the bottom edge, now wait for it to join with the other block and move downwards onto it. As this 2nd block gets all the way down jump onto the platform and finish the level.

The light house appears bare and cold

  • 7 candles to find

Start by moving left and you will see a block moving up and down. Once you can move onto the block and as it raises to its maximum point, walk left and find candle 1.

Keep heading left to find 2 moving blocks going up and down, get onto the right block first and as soon as the left one is accessible, walk onto it. As this block raises to the same height as the large platform above you move left onto it.

Move upwards to see a block moving left to right, move left to the edge of this area and in line with the bottom of the block and wait for the block to extend all the way to the right. Once it is extended jump diagonally upwards and left and walk left to find candle 2 hidden. Head back over to where you came from and once the block has cleared all the way left just walk past it and find candle 3 on the left side.

Above this are a 3 sets of moving blocks, standing centrally wait until the 1st of blocks start opening. Now move upward and diagonally right until you reach the 2nd set of blocks, quickly move straight up and if you have timed it right it will allow you to get up and pass the 3rd set of blocks before they close.

Moving upwards, wait till the moving block is ground level and move onto it. As this reaches its apex the only path available is upwards but this is initially blocked by some moving blocks.

This part is tricky, once these blocks start opening move forward past 2 sets and wait dead centre till the next set of blocks closes. You will see the 2nd set of blocks is closing in on you, push upwards and you will easily make it alive. Keep moving upwards and do not stop until you clear all of these blocks or you will die. As you pass the 4th set it will start closing in on you, keep pushing up and eventually the moving block above you will drop to ground level allowing you to narrowly avoid being squashed, on this block is candle 4.

As this block moves upwards to its maximum height stand on the bottom right corner and wait for the 4th set of blocks to start closing in. Jump diagonally down and right and your aim is to land on top of the 4th set of blocks. Walk down to the 3rd set of blocks to find candle 5.

Now return to candle 4 and once the block has raised up, walk upwards to find the checkpoint.

Walking right from the checkpoint be careful of the dropping blocks from the ceiling, these will kill you. As you get past the 1st block wait and you will see another 2 blocks dropping down to your right, once these start raising up walk under both. Immediately as you pass these blocks walk upwards and you will see candle 6 in he upper right corner, be very careful as just before the candle is a block waiting to squash you.

Head back under the sneaky block which is left of candle 6 and walk downwards to find candle 7. To your right is a small gap and immediately as you jump this is a falling block, time your jump to avoid being squashed. Walk right and jump the gap, again being mindful that as you land there is a block waiting to squash you.

Wait for the block to the right to drop down sufficiently for you to jump across. Wait on this block to lift you up, to your right is another block that is higher. This other block will eventually drop down, as it does quickly jump right over to it. It will raise up and allow you to head right to the exit.

His flames grow between tall pillars

  • 10 candles to find

You start on a small platform, walk right to the edge and flash your candle to find a bridge magically appear. This bridge will disappear after a short amount of time unless you flash your candle again. Moving right head to candle 1.

Continuing right, flash your candle to make a bridge and get safely to the platform. Walk upwards to find candle 2.

Walk upwards and sporadically flash your candle for the bridge to appear, follow this bridge around to reach candle 3.

Continue upwards till you reach the edge of the platform, flash your candle and jump upwards onto candle 4, quickly light it to keep the platform there. You will see to your left, right and above you 3 platforms, flash your candle and hop either to the left or right, the to the upper platform and eventually onto a solid platform where the checkpoint is waiting.

Lighting the checkpoint will make 3 platforms appear above you, jump to the first one and looking above you, you will see a block moving up and down. As this block moves upwards, flash your candle and go upwards to find candle 5 above you.

Move back under the moving block and this time head up and right to see candle 6, you may need to flash your candle to get to that one. After lighting candle 6 you will see a staircase of platforms will appear, jump on these and back on yourself to find candle 7.

Wait till the moving block above you drops down up and head onto it and once it raises up continue up to the next platform. Move up until you get to the edge and flash your light to make 3 platforms appear. Jump on these platforms and you will see a moving block going left to right, jump on this.

Once on this block move to the left and wait for the platform to head left. As it gets to the furthest point left, you will see candle 8, jump and flash your candle at the same time to make the platforms appear. After lighting this candle jump back onto the moving block and let it take you all the way right.

Look above you to see another platform, jump to this to find candle 9. By lighting this candle you will see a platform appear, keep sporadically flashing your candle and walk along the appearing platform to find candle 10. Head 1/2 way back along the platform you just came from and look down to find the exit, drop down to finish the level.

No hardship can break the candle's resolve

  • 5 candles to find

You start on a block that will fall down, once it raises, move left to find candle 1.

Move left to the edge and flash your candle to get the platforms to appear, move all the way to the left and wait to the block underneath you moves all the way to the right. Once the platform is under you, let the platforms you previously created disappear which allows you to fall safely below.

Once the block moves to the left and comes to a stop, flash your candle and a platform staircase will appear. Sporadically flash your candle and jump left up the staircase till you get to candle 2.

Walk left from this candle and you see another moving block below you, again wait till its under you to drop down. This block will move to the left, do not flash your candle. Instead wait till the block has come to a stop and then jump left onto another moving block which will move up and down. (Obviously only jump onto this block if it's at the bottom).

As this block reaches its maximum height, jump left to find the checkpoint. Move right back onto the block you were previously on and as it reaches its maximum height, flash your candle and jump onto the platform which is on your right. This platform heads upwards, but be careful for a block moving up and down as it will crush you. In the top left of this platform is candle 3.

Make your way back to the checkpoint and head left where you will see a platform, flash your light and jump from platform to platform, these wind up and to the right. On the 2nd platform is candle 4. After jumping along 6 platforms you will come to 2 moving blocks which are moving up and down, continue to flash your light on the last platform to stop it disappearing until the blocks have dropped down allowing you to jump right onto them.

Once on the blocks head downwards and to the right on a small platform is candle 5.

Go back up along the moving blocks, as you get to the top of the block just flash your candle to make a platform appear. Follow this platform around and as you get to the end you will see a 2nd platform appear below you. Allow the platform you are on to disappear and as you fall, flash your candle making the other platform reappear.

Now flash your candle and walk left until you reach a solid platform, in the middle of the wall is an opening. Walk into this opening to find the end of the level.

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