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  • knight0fkh0nshuknight0fkh0nshu735,754
    28 Aug 2011
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    Captain America is a one player action game developed by Next Level Games and published by SEGA. This game has a "T" for Teen Rating from the ESRB. Captain America. Those of you who have any idea of what a comic book is should know of Captain America. He is one of Marvel's top icons and perhaps one of the greatest characters ever imagined. Now, for the first time since Sega Genesis, he has his very own video game.

    The Captain America game has you going through a somewhat open world area in order to shutdown Hydra and The Red Skull. I can't personally say how closely this follows the film because I have yet to see it. This game does do a better job storytelling than other previous Marvel Comic games.

    If you have played Batman: Arkham Asylum and you enjoyed the combat in that game, then you will definately like fighting in this game as well. The combat is the "free-flow" that a lot of games are adopting here recently. This hugely helps this game out because a lot of comic book/movie games get a bad reputation for lack of gameplay. This is one area where Captain America does stand out. Although there is not much variation in the combos, I never really got bored of the fighting. That's one of the biggest things I enjoyed about it. The biggest thing was getting the timing down to deflect the sonic wave back to that shielded enemy.

    With that said there is not, unfortunately, a great variation in enemies. So, get used to fighting the classes of bad guys over and over. This is almost always one of the areas where these games feel neglected the most. A lot of the boss fight are somewhat disappointing. They just don't have that epic feel to them. Even so, it's still fun to play. The shield controls are pretty simple and not that hard to get used to. Nothing gave me more satisfaction than bouncing Cap's shield off about 4 guys at the same time. Excelsior!

    The graphics when playing the game are above par, but the one thing that bothered me the most was the cutscenes. I don't expect the lip syncing to be perfect, but at least try to make it look like he is saying something when his lips move. Other than that the actual game and gameplay graphics weren't too bad. Props to SEGA, Marvel, & Next Level Games for getting the likeness of Chris Evans and his voice in the game as well. I'm glad to see that more and more of these video game/movie tie-ins are starting to get the actors and actresses that play in them to lend their voices to the games as well. Although sometimes they don't do a good job, this was not the case in this game.

    As for achievements this game is truly a breeze to get 100% in. The major problems you will run into is finding the collectibles. Even saying that, half of them appear on your map. You're more than likely have more problems getting to some of them than actually finding them. Overall, the achievement list wasn't very creative. But what more can you expect from a 5-10 hour game?

    Story: 5.5/10
    Gameplay: 6.5/10
    Sound: 6/10
    Graphics: 6/10
    Achievements: 5/10

    Final Rating: 5.8/10
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    ljp0390I would have figured you would have given a higher score based on your review. Nevertheless, this was a solid review that I enjoyed reading.
    Posted by ljp0390 on 28 Aug 11 at 17:29
    knight0fkh0nshuWell..I did want to give it a higher score, but I don't want to be completely biased because I'm a huge Marvel fan. I think I'm a lot harsher on the Marvel games because I expect more out of them. lol
    Posted by knight0fkh0nshu on 28 Aug 11 at 20:12
  • Balsin FaseBalsin Fase170,983
    10 Aug 2011 10 Aug 2011
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    Captain America was my first experience with a comic book character that I can remember. I used to get up in the morning and watch reruns of the old 60's cartoon, somehow being amazed by the really cheap animation. He's quietly been one of my favorite super heroes ever since, fighting crime with just a shield and his guts (The Super Soldier Serum wore off eventually. Did he quit being a super hero? Nope. Just hit the gym even harder). While the movie may have been unable to wow me, the prospect of being able to throw that mighty shield myself dragged my attention to where it doesn't normally wander: movie games.

    Movie tie-ins are always, always cheap cash grabs, and this one is no exception...except for the fact that it is fun. Really fun. I can't tell you with a straight face that this game is going to top anyone's best list for 2011, but as far as shameless money grubbing goes, this game is surprisingly competent. Also, for the man who's been looking to play a decent Captain America game for years, this game got the shield down right.

    Like Cold Fear to Resident Evil 4, this game is a poor man's Batman: Arkham Asylum (Except for, at 50$, it costs almost twice as much as your average used copy of the Batman game). The combat is pretty much ripped right out of that game. Your tend to get bombarded by bad guys in huge groups every few screens, rarely getting attacked one on one. For the first few punches, you have to target who you want, but after that, a tap and a flick of the stick will send Cap flying towards whoever happens to be the closest threat. The camera doesn't keep us as well as it did with Batman, which results in a lot of cheap hits, but it is a minor niggle most of the time.

    Combat is further spiced up by a meter that fills as you chain successful hits and dodges. It's split into four bars, each of which lets you do a little something. The first bar lets you do an instant takedown attack, which is handy for a lot of the larger enemies that are well-defended. Two bars will also let you take over the weapons of the big guys for a while, usually meaning you will wipe the floor with whoever is around you. Once you hit four bars, you can go into Super Soldier mode and lay vicious beatdowns, but to be honest, I never used it. It takes too much effort to fill up four bars, when using one of the single bar attacks usually gets the job done.

    A better use of four bars is your magnificent shield. Throwing this was designed with the same thing in mind as combat: ease of use. When you double tap the throw button, Cap will whip the shield at whatever is closest, hitting anywhere up to five guys and either stunning or taking them out. This can earn you a quick breather when things get hairy in a fight, and it's just plain cool to be hitting one guy while your shield bounces off noggins for a moment, eventually settling back onto your arm just in time to land the last punch. If you want to go all out, though, you can use up to four of those little saved power bars and do targeted shots on specific bad guys, all of which have the power of the instant takedown. It's a godsend when more than one huge guy is lumbering your way, and is just so, so satisfying to do.

    But what about when you aren't fighting? Platforming seems to have been taken more from Prince of Persia than anything, but as if that game was designed by someone who was afraid that players were idiots. Like in Batman, you have a detective mode called 'Strategic View' that highlights anything that might be of interest (Except bad guys, but if they're around, they're usually crawling down your throat anyway). It also shows where any acrobatic jumps can be made, which means no looking around for where to go. The jumps themselves are pretty easy, in that the only way you can mess one up is if you haven't lowered the platform for yourself yet. The game just won't let you make a flip or leap if you aren't doing it the right way. If you've practiced with other platforming games and can do it well, though, you can earn more power bars by doing the flips with perfect timing. It looks cool when you're doing it, but leaves a bit of a sour taste in that you barely have any meaningful input into the process. You couldn't mess these parts up if you tried.

    After watching the pitiful fight against Red Skull in the movie, I was hoping to have an excellent showdown with him here. Again, the people in charge of Captain America thwarted me, not even allowing me to fight him. It was a drag, but I got to see a lot more of Arnim Zola in exchange, which was actually pretty cool. If you take the time to go through his film reels, you'll be able to see a logical progression to how he came to his final form, one which was nice to see since it never appeared in the movie. Other villains from the comics make appearances as bosses, like Baron Von Strucker and Madame Hydra (Viper). Both are pretty satisfying fights, with the one against Madame Hydra easily being the hardest in the game (Which I thought was going to be the opposite).

    These weren't the latest gamut of brawler game bosses, either. There was no rifling around a room to find things that weakened an invincible creature. Just pure fisticuffs, and it was sweet. You may have had to knock a few bullets back at Madame Hydra with your shield, but by the end of it, your fists would see you through. Even against the robot Iron Cross, the coolest alternate WWII history robot ever (You can hear something that sounds like a lawnmower engine inside of him whenever he stalls. Did I mention that he stalls? It's so old-timey, and so much better than all of the laser crap they had for technology in the movie), you beat its metal noodle in with your bare hands.

    Overall, this was a satisfying brawler, and a good way to kill a couple of nights of the summer. It's fun for the few hours it lasts, and the small amount of enemies it has doesn't really hinder it over its short run. With platforming thrown in to keep you from getting bored with any play type, the game didn't feel like it overstayed its welcome, either. It draws on some of the history of the character the movie couldn't (Even squeezing the Sleepers in there, but in a much less interesting capacity than the comics), and tells a story that fits just right with Cap.

    And not that I normally care, but the voice acting had Cap down perfect. Hearing Chris Evans saying the stuff from this script made it come alive, and really fit in with the character. For a game, this might have only been okay, but as a Captain America experience, look no further.

    Man, shield throwing rules.

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  • CheneyHeadshotCheneyHeadshot353,387
    17 Feb 2012 17 Feb 2012
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    Let me just say, I quite enjoyed last year's film and while I'm broadly familiar with Marvel's plethora of characters, I'm here for the achievements as I'm sure you are. Although if you're not, you're on the wrong site.

    On the face of it, Captain America: Super Soldier is just another movie licence. You'd be right in assuming that was the case as the general setting and some of the characters are shared with the silver screen adaptation. We have the titular Cap and some of his buddies, Red Skull and his evil mad doctor sidekick Armin Zola plus a supporting cast of anonymous cannon fodder to slaughter.

    Judging by how things pan out, it seems to take place prior to the main events of the film barring the infusion of a 150lb weakling with Super Soldier Serum. Though not set to a soundtrack by Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Neither does the Secret Squirrel Squad feature in any shape or form.
    As it happens it's a pretty po-faced affair in which our man Steve is thrown into the thick of it taking on wave after wave of grunts under the thrall of the evil Doktor Zola.

    As previously mentioned, Red Skull features, his character model even looks like a scalded Hugo Weaving but when he speaks he sounds more like a second-rate English Bond villain. They could at least have got someone with a little gravitas to provide the voice. Even the janitor doing a half-arsed Agent Smith impression could probably have attempted a decent turn. Here's the thing though. You never actually fight him. There's a few moments where he appears and you think "oh yeah, it's on!" But instead he shuffles off after having barked out an order or in the case of one boss fight, throws incendiary devices on to the platform you're fighting on. So far so underwhelming.

    It's not so bad though as the doctor eventually turns out to be the villain of the piece, eventually transplanting his consciousness into a robot that brings to mind Robocop 2, at least in terms of being a stylised face on a monitor. Though not addicted to a crude allegory of crack cocaine. Or with shoddy stop motion animation.

    The game itself is a brawler where you pummel enemies both large and small either by melée attacks, fixed turrets or Cap's quite excellent shield. Successful attacks fill a focus bar which let you carry out special attacks ranging from a power punch to a focussed shield throw (with associated achievements of course). You can also deflect projectiles with your shield, killing snipers with their own bullet if you time it right. The combat is fun, although a little too reliant on our old friend the Quicktime event. Grapple a boss character with RB+Y and you'll have to hammer a random Y, B, X or A to defeat them, or at least chip off some of their health gauge.

    The TA ratio for this game betrays how easy it is to max, throwing achievements at you like it were part of the Scene-It series. Find your first diary entry, achievement. A ceramic egg? Yes another. How about a blueprint? Achievement unlocked. There's such a glut of collectibles, you'll easily reach the targets set before finishing the story. It even helpfully shows you where they're located on the in-game map. I started this game two nights ago and I'm 5 achievements off a max after about 7 hours play total. And that was collecting whatever I could, going off the beaten track at every opportunity.

    I recommend you either pick this up cheap (£5/$8 max) or rent it. For achievement whores, it's as straightforward a max as you'll ever encounter. For everyone else it's a by-the-numbers licenced movie game that doesn't do anything particularly daring but is quite fun while it lasts.