Carcassonne Reviews

  • SwamiMacGyverSwamiMacGyver126,889
    07 Mar 2009
    18 3 1
    This game is true to the actual board game, and I think both are very fun. A nice feature to this XBox Live Arcade game is that you can customize all of the rules, just as you could the board game. The different levels of AI provide anything from an easy win to a challenge. Even though this was released quite some time ago, there are still quite a few players online, which is an indication that the game can be played over and over while still being enjoyable.

    For those who haven't played the game, this is a turn-based game where tiles are laid to form a board. Points are scored based on the cities, fields, monastaries, and roads that are created as players lay the tiles. Once all tiles are laid, the final scoring takes place and the winner is the person with the most points. The final scoring of the board is animated and there is a summary to show you how you did with each of the scoring types.
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  • MrBogantillaMrBogantilla166,694 166,694 GamerScore
    01 Feb 2010
    12 4 0
    Carcassonne is a must have game for any fan of board games. This game should have a certain amount of appeal to everyone from casual gamers to achievement hunters. If you tried, you could easily have all 200G in an afternoon. The online achievements are definitely the more difficult, but with practice, even they should be no problem.
    Enough about the achievements. If you have not played this game before, you are given tiles with roads and castle pieces, which you must claim and enclose to gain points. The game has numerous difficulties and plenty of randomized NPCs to play against. Despite the game's age, there are still plenty of new and loyal players to test your skills against.
    Okay, so the ease of achievements gets a 9/10 because of the quickness. The price of the game gets a 5/10 because it is 800MSP (approximately $10.00 US) and unless you are completely obsessed with the game, you probably won't be playing it enough for it to be worth that, however, the game's replay value gets a 9/10 because the game is incredibly fun and is absolutely worth playing again and again. I give the game a 4 out of 5 stars and highly recommend the game to anyone.
  • Galactic RhymeGalactic Rhyme297,616
    04 Jun 2011
    4 2 0
    Online achievements are not hard, but if you want to get them done quickly you should either get a boosting partner, get a lucky charm, or get really good at this game. Didn't have a lot of trouble finding randoms to play against, and most seemed to be willing to help, even without having to ask. Single player achievements are pretty easy, getting 5000 points takes a little while, but isn't bad once you really get to know the game and scoring. Recommend having the "King and Baron Expansion Pack" for getting more points per game, but the cost (300 MS points) might not be worth the little extra time you'll spend without it.

    Even when done with the achievements, this game is worth keeping around to play a little here and there when looking for a pick-up-and-play game that doesn't take too long per session.