Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 Achievements

Full list of all 35 Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Archer

    Cleanly win a face off.

  • Shut Out

    Prevent the opposition from scoring in a game.

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  • Range Finder

    Score a goal from over 30 yards.

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  • Poster Boy

    Hit the post with a shot.

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  • Medic

    Score while a man down.

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  • All Over It!

    Win a game on All American difficulty.

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  • Hat Trick Hero

    Score three goals in a game with one player.

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  • Double Lacrosse

    Score a goal after faking out the goalie.

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  • Over Possessive

    Score a goal without the opposition touching the ball.

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  • Chaingang

    Score a goal after linking 20 passes in the attacking half.

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