1. Castle Invasion: Throne Out Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

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Welcome to the walkthrough for Castle Invasion: Throne Out. I bought this game originally thinking it was a tower defense game. I was sadly mistaken and, at first, greatly disappointed. The game was fun and it made up for my initial disappointment.

The walkthrough will be structured as a step by step, explaining each level and which weapon is best suited for said level. If at any point you don't get a 3 star, you can just come back later when you upgrade your weapons (it will be a lot easier). For the final few levels, you will not have this option because you will likely be maxed out. I found these levels pretty easy due to the fact that I was maxed out.

You will be standing on a wall with enemies coming from your right. You can view 2 screens to the right, which can be useful if you are planning ahead or have max range. Then you can hit the first screen over, but at night this is useless.

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