Castle of no Escape Reviews

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    01 Feb 2021
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    This game is definitely a mixed bag, I quite like the art style, as it evokes memories of sitting around an NES with a copy of Nintendo Power, figuring out where to go in early final fantasy games. However, as 90% of what you see on screen is text based, I wasn't drawn in or immersed. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy a text based adventure from time to time, but the limited text on screen is all contextual and doesn't really change from room to room, or build much of a world for you to enjoy. So, as gameplay goes it's not exactly groundbreaking or, dare I say; not even that much fun.

    You have the usual 3 classes of Warrior, Rogue and Wizard, however they're called Champion, Bandit and Shamaness, for whatever reason.
    The objective of the game is to wander around a castle, one square at a time, collecting jewels opening chests, reading books and fighting monsters. In the hope you'll be lucky enough to find Nikolai, the final boss and give him a good thrashing. After he's defeated that's the game finished, as I said, not too much in the way of broken ground or entertaining replay value.

    The achievements are (WERE) laughably easy to unlock and you could knock out the 3k gamerscore in a matter of minutes. (With patience this still could be an easy 100% but with the roguelike elements it definitely would require more luck than skill)

    It's my understanding that the publisher came under fire from Microsoft for having achievements that are, "too easy". Personally, I think that we need some games that have ridiculously easy completions. Yes; plugging away at a game like Dark Souls and earning a 100% completion can be cathartic. In the sense that sky diving makes your heart race and you've accomplished something. However sitting down with a coffee and a biscuit after a hard day's work, can also be cathartic.
    Difficulty (before achievement patch, 1/10) now 4/10
    Gameplay 3/10
    100% completion time (Pre achievement patch, 5-10 mins) 2-4 hrs