CastleStorm – Definitive Edition Reviews

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    CastleStorm - Definitive Edition Review

    CastleStorm: Definitive Edition play's as a strategy, tower defense game, with some melee brawler action added in! The new and improved "Definitive Edition" of the originally released XBLA game CastleStorm includes both expansion packs and new content such as battles, modes, spells and side missions. It also features a story-driven solo campaign, a custom castle editor, co-op modes, online multiplayer and much much more. It also plays at a 1080p resolution, with new improved textures, character models, and Kinect voice Support.
    The point of the game is to destroy the enemies castle while protecting your own castle from endless enemies.

    The story in this game found many ways to make me laugh, from it's goofy commentary or the corny jokes that are often thrown in. Unfortunately all the story really has are these corny jokes. I never really found my self caring about anything any of the characters would say and found my self often spamming (A) to get through the commentary or hitting (B) to skip the whole cutscene.

    The gameplay in this game was pretty good. The gameplay vastly reminds me of the typical Angry Bird type of game with a mix of a very fun Hack and Slash adventure. Shooting your projectiles is by far the worst part of the game though. Aiming with the highly sensitive left stick really sucked, and I found my self missing ALOT. There are multiple methods in winning the game such as capturing the other teams flags, spell crafting, and controlling your army in strategic ways to defend and attack. Like most strategy and tower defense games you can not spam a certain attack and will have to use your resources to find ways to succeed. There are some great RPG elements in the game in being able to upgrade your projectiles (weapons), spells, troops, and castle. While there was much to do in the main story mode many of the side missions were highly repetitive and got old fast.

    The graphics in this game were superb and I loved looking at the highly detailed cartoony graphics. They really helped characterize the game as the silly and cheerful game it is. I not once received any frame rate issues or resolution drops.

    The sound in this game was ok. The sounds of your attacks hitting really fit in well and sounded nice. The music in the game was pretty first, until they decided to replay the same 3-5 songs over and over again throughout the whole entire game.

    The achievements are pretty easy with the exception of the 5 star every single mission achievements. With a heavy amount of story related achievements and really easy misc. achievements you will easily be able to get 850g in around 3-5 hours.

    All in all CastleStorm is a very addicting and fun Tower Defense Strategy game that will have you craving to play again so you can get a higher score. It suffers from the repetitive (not mandatory) side missions and the frustrating ballista controls. Castlestorm - Definitive Edition drops on Sept 23 for 15.00 USD. For that price this game is one not to be missed and I recommend it to everybody.
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    In a way, I was looking forward to be reviewing this. Having never played a solid Strategy title before, I feel like this experience might open me up some more towards this specific genre of games. At the main menu, I was already overwhelmed with the choices of game modes I could play and needless to say as a rookie, I started with the campaign on Normal difficulty.

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    Single Player
    The main campaign kicks off by seeing an old king. As a reference, maybe think King Arthur from medieval times. He was having problems defending the walls of his fortress and a few moments later, the character you would be guiding through his adventures pops up and aids help to the old man. You start off with some simple tutorials: Use the cn_LS to aim the projectile you wish to fire, press cn_A to fire, press cn_X to deploy troops, … And that's actually most of the controls wrapped up in one line. You have different types of things you can fire: arrows, triple arrows, shrapnel grenades, ... and you also have different sort of troops through which you can scroll using cn_RB or cn_LB. Surprisingly, that's also exactly the only thing this games needs in term of controls since it makes it very easy to navigate through and also makes it somewhat easier to remember.

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    Although the gameplay remains the same throughout the whole first part of the single player campaign (since that is pretty much the only thing I played off it), the settings and customisation makes up for it. You are able to spend your hard earned coins on upgrades for your troops and you also unlock bonus rooms which you can use in your customisable castle. These will provide some kind of advantage when fighting off waves off enemies, but are needed at the same time if you wish to progress.

    While you mostly defend your position from a crossbow kind of thing, you also have the ability to smite enemies yourself by teleporting to the battlefield. Not only will you help your allies, it also saves you some time by aiming arrows waiting for it too strike since most enemies are gone with a few hits. While this is an option on the battlefield, you also have the option to call in magic attacks which also serve as a long ranged attack.

    All elements fit nicely quite well, and that's exactly how the devs would have planned it. I lost my interest somewhere around the third hour of playing this game but I can also see why Strategy enthusiasts would fall in love with this game. The gameplay is smooth, bugs or game breaking glitches seem non-existent and the characters have a healthy portion of humour (which is always an added bonus).

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    Extra Content
    As I mentioned previously, I was astonished by the choices I had right at the start. I've tried them all, but none really surprised me after spending about 2 hours in the story since they are all pretty much the same. Skirmish seems somewhat hard when trying after only buying 10-15 upgrades (and whether or not they were good ones is debatable laugh), but I'm sure it might be more fun after completing the main quests.

    Survival and Hero Survival on the other hand is different since you just keep on playing until your castle crumbles or until your character dies. Although I've quite enjoyed the Hero Survival game mode, I stopped playing around wave 10 since I didn't feel like I was getting rewarded. But again, these might maybe work as replay value for people.

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    The multiplayer embraces these extra game modes as their own, but instead of playing against AI controller armies, you'll be facing someone on the other side of the world or sitting to you should you choose to play local. None of them bring something new to this game, and I didn't find the pleasure to find a random opponent online so I can't really add anything in.

    Graphics and Sound
    The graphics were one of the main things why I enjoyed my time in this game. I love cartoons, and this game tries to represent that. Just like in cartoons, there's always that one character that shares his cheesy thoughts and that's exactly what I found in this game. Although the characters in the game don't really "speak", I enjoyed watching the cutscenes although having to press the cn_A button to access the next part was somewhat annoying since you can't fully enjoy them if there isn't a rhythm in viewing these. There were no framerate issues as far as I could tell, so that's a plus as well.

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    Being on TrueAchievements, this section needs to be included. From what I played, I'd say that the achievements are quite easily to obtain with the exception of earning 5 stars and beating Skirmish on the hardest difficulty setting. The ratio might be sitting over 2.3, I feel like this is because of the multiplayer and some miscellaneous achievements that do require some luck.

    General opinion
    CastleStorm is an enjoyable game for a short while, and has been beautifully designed. The controls are easy to learn, master and apply and could therefore be one of those few games where you can just disable everything and enjoy everything happening on the screen. The Extra Content might be lacking some creativity, I'm sure this would be fun to play online/locally with friends or family.

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