Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD Walkthrough

1. Introduction/Walkthrough overview

Welcome everyone to the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD walkthrough! Whether you are new to the Castlevania franchise or a seasoned veteran of the series, this guide is designed to help anyone who wishes to get the full 800 gamerscore out of this game. Through the guide I will be directing you through levels, tough platforming sections, boss battles, item collections, and speed runs for the game on our way to 100% this title. This game will require a minimum of 2 playthroughs but possibly more depending on how you want to tackle the games achievements. There are a few missable achievements if you are not aware of them and I will point them out as we go along. Good news is there is nothing here that is tied to online achievements or multiplayer required, so server closures are not an issue here smile. Below is a detail of how the walkthrough will be mapped out.

We will start with the General hints and tips page for some of the moves and special moves that all the characters can do in the game. For those that are unaware the game is divided into three sections with three different characters. There is not a ton of strategy for this title but the little bit you will want to keep in mind will be here.

The first section of the guide will focus on the Prologue & Simon’s walkthrough starting on Hard difficulty. During the walkthrough I will guide you to getting all collectables to 100% this section of the game. By the end we should have 4 of 23 achievements when finishing this section.

The next section will feature Alucard, and like Simon’s run we will focus on getting all items as well as solving some puzzles with no hints (well, no in game hints. I’ll give you hints here). 6 more achievements will be earned in this section bringing the total to 10 out of 23.

The final part of the story will conclude with Trevors section, again focusing on gaining all items to 100% his part of the game. This will finish the story and provide another 5 achievements (possible 6 depending how much you leveled up and backtracked during the story) to bring us up to 15 or 16 out of 23 achievements for the game.

The next focus of the guide will work on Hardcore difficulty and help to beat the hardest setting. Since we have fully leveled up our characters and topped off their health and magic this shouldn’t be too much more difficult than the game was on Hard. If you truly want a challenge you can attempt to complete the game in less than 3 hours and 30 minutes here, but I would save that for a third playthrough. For beating the game on Hardcore the achievement total should now be up to 17 out of 23 (you will surely have max leveled by now).

I will then post tips on how to do the speed run to get the game completed less than 3 hours and 30 minutes for an achievement. For beating the game on Hardcore and successfully doing the speed run, this will net us 18 out of 23 achievements.

We will follow that up with Boss Rush mode to tackle each of the difficulties on this mode. Chances are you will need to practice a bit before being able to do this mode on Hardcore. By the end we will conquer all the difficulties and that should bring us to 22 out of 23 achievements.

The last section of the guide will be mopping up adding kills to get to 1000 enemies defeated for the final achievement bringing us to 23 out of 23. It is possible you may earn this before the end of boss rush mode, but I will go over methods to do quick kills if you haven’t yet. Also in this section I will include a beastiary for all enemies or bosses and strategies to defeat each.

Keep in mind that the guide is written based on my experience with the game. I am not some amazing YouTube gamer who can show you how to do no hit runs and post super cool videos of you dominating this game. I claim to be an average or at best an above average gamer so if I can complete this game, you can too smile. With that be prepared to put up with my sense of humor as we tackle Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD!

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