Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD Walkthrough

3. Prologue & Simon Walkthrough


You can choose differently if you wish, but go ahead and start the game on Hard so you can get one of the two difficulty achievements out of the way in this first run. If you want to start on Easy or Normal be my guest, just keep in mind it may take you more playthroughs to get used to the increased difficulty when shooting for Hardcore mode later. We start the game as the main character from Castlevania Lords of Shadow. The whole prologue is pretty much a basic introduction to some of the controls for the game. From what I have seen there is no health bar to speak of in this part of the game, so don't worry about dying. You only need to keep going from left to right in this section while dealing with a few enemies. When the fighting starts and the prompts appear, make sure to use cn_X, cn_Y, and cn_A all at least once. Keep running right and then learn about blocking with cn_LT. Once you defeat the next group of enemies you will then learn how to deflect attacks and how to grab/finish off enemies with cn_RT. Finishing off the rest of these few enemies will start a cut scene and finish the prologue. Wait through the next few scenes until you meet Simon for the first time.

Act I: Simon’s Walkthrough

For each of the characters walkthroughs going forward I will also provide maps that I made in excel to help you finding items throughout the game. I will first start with the name of the location, add the map, and then guide you through the area. Sound good? Good.

Cursed Village

Act 1 Cursed Village

You now control Simon. The good news is that all the moves you learned with Gabriel in the prologue work with Simon as well (and actually also work with every other character you will play as in the game). The only differences you will get between characters are magic abilities and special weapons. You also now have a life and experience bar. As you kill enemies and collect dead knight scrolls you will earn experience and eventually level up. The experience also carries over from character to character, so when you reach Act II and switch protagonists you will not reset to level one. I will also track collectables on this page as we gather them, as this may help you keep count of what you are missing when you need to backtrack to get 100% for each act later.

So where were we? Oh yeah, we’re Simon. Start off the level by moving to the right. The Cursed Village is a very small map in comparison to others you will enter later so don’t worry about getting lost or going the wrong way. A few steps forward you will encounter your first real enemy, the Zombies. These guys are pushovers. They are slow and their normal attacks can only hurt you up close. They do have one special attack to be on the lookout for, which is where the zombie removes its head and throws it at you. This is an unblockable attack and is indicated by the glow around the zombies head before he throws it at you. Any combination of cn_X or cn_Y attacks will work just fine dispatching these guys. More will come out of the ground but that is a good thing cause it equals more experience for you. Keep moving a bit farther after the scuffle and the game will introduce you to the first health font. I have marked these on the map above for you as well and in short they replenish all your health. They regenerate after time so good news is it is not a one time use only thing. Use cn_RT to take advantage of the font. Right after the font you will enter a broken building. Grab the large wooden box on the right side using cn_RT and drag it to the left allowing you to jump on it to access the next floor on the left. Keep ascending until you reach a lever but don’t pull it just yet. Jump again to the left and up to see a purple glow. This is the first of many dead knight scrolls. You not only need to collect them to 100% each act for an achievement but they also give you a nice boost of experience. Feel free to read each one if you want but they really won’t offer you too much help beyond telling bleak stories of fallen knights or describing an enemy you are about to face.

Dead Knight Scroll 1/26

Anyway, grab the scroll and then pull the lever to open the door and proceed. Right away you will encounter a small scene and gain your first special attack, the Throwing Axe. This and all special attacks you earn later can be used by pressing cn_B but keep in mind you have a limited number of uses. You start out with only 5 special attack uses but you can increase it by finding Ammo Chests in the levels (I call them Special Increase on my maps, highlighted by the red S). Move forward and dispatch more zombies until the game points out the barrels that block your way. You can smash these throughout all the levels and often they will leave a heart behind. Hearts, like in the original Castlevania from old NES days, replenish your special attack. You need one heart for every special attack, but for now cannot carry any more than 5 hearts at a time, so no, you cannot stockpile them for later. I know that sounds silly but it is the easiest way to keep track of the system. You will notice the way forward is a bit small but don't worry, your character will automatically crouch when necessary in the game. Move forward to the next section on the map.

Castle’s Outer Wall

Simon Castles Outer Wall

This new area will introduce you to another type of collectable later, the Bestiary Cards. These cards represent each of the different enemies in the game and provide you with information on them as well as weaknesses. I will of course point them out to you when you are close and you can see them marked on the maps provided for each area with the brown square (as a note, it is hard to pinpoint exactly where each item is in the “quadrant” of the map so I just colored the whole section. It should still help you pinpoint its location). Start moving forward and just past the health font is another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 2/26

Grab it and proceed forward to start a quick scene. You now have to start climbing down. If you walk off an edge Simon will grab it automatically and you can then start moving down. You will notice the walls will have a small speckle of light to indicate where you can grab on when climbing. Keep a lookout for those later as it will sometimes help point the way forward in the level or even lead you to another collectable. Be careful if you decide to let go on a long fall because if you fall from too far up you can take damage or even die when you hit the ground. Once you reach the bottom, grab the box to the left of the screen and pull it to the right if you want to smash some barrels for more special attack hearts. Tackle the zombies to the right and keep on until the game points out another glowing point. This is a rappel point that unfortunately you cannot reach yet and won’t have the weapon to do so until after the second boss of this Act. Sorry, there will be backtracking later cry. Jump down and grab yet another scroll you can see in plain sight below.

Dead Knight Scroll 3/26

Head to the left and keep following the path until the game shows you an odd looking specter. Instead of following it right away fall in the water by falling down the platform in front of you and dive down and swim to the left. Be aware you have a breath bar that runs down when under water so don’t drown yourself. Swim to the left until you can surface for the first time and jump up to see a floating scroll in the air. This is the Bestiary Scroll I described at the beginning of this part of the map. This scroll describes the Zombie and from here on, after collecting each one I will list what enemy it describes for you.

Bestiary Scroll 1/12 (Zombie)

Dive back underwater and swim farther to the left until you hit a wall and surface again at a small piece of land with another Dead Knight Scroll on it.

Dead Knight Scroll 4/26

Dive underwater again and start swimming back to the right. If you are worried you are going to run out of air underwater you may notice some bubbles coming out of holes underwater. Swimming close to those will refill your oxygen, but chances are you won’t need them. Go all the way right and surface to the small section where you saw the specter and exit right to the next section.

Forgotten Caves

Simon Forgotten Caves

Clearly the areas are getting bigger. As with the last map and going forward quite a bit there will be sections of each map you cannot access yet for various reasons, so don’t go crazy trying to figure out how to reach all the places that are marked on the map above just yet.

Head in the only direction you can for now and you will run into a new type of enemy, the Merman. These creatures can attack you at close range twice in succession (so start learning to block and counter attacks) and also have an unblockable attack that they can do from a distance where they dash at you. It covers a good bit of ground so if you see them start glowing signaling this attack start dodging backwards to make sure you avoid it as you cannot block it. Be careful to not get surrounded by these guys as that can be a handful to deal with. I choose to stick with the basic cn_X attacks, but you can finish them off however you like. Keep proceeding to the right and if you are worried about crossing gaps, know that you can dash in mid air to get a little extra distance on jumps. You will eventually encounter a rope that you can grab and swing across. Use cn_A to move faster and farther if you wish and release the rope on the other side with cn_RT. At the end of this rope is the first of many health upgrade chests, increasing your life bar a little. These are of course extremely important to get but are needed anyway for the 100% achievement. Long story short, go get em.

Life Chest 1/5

Jump to the wall above the life chest and start scaling upwards until you can’t go up anymore. If you hold the cn_LS in the opposite direction you are hanging on the wall and then jump, you can jump across gaps while climbing. Do so here and keep heading on this upper path until you reach another rope. This time on the rope there is steam coming out in sections along the rope's path. Wait for the steam to stop and use cn_A to dash forward quickly past the parts where it can hurt you. Keep going, encountering some more Mermen, until you see another rappel point that you cannot yet reach. Climb down here instead and head to the left, up another wall avoiding the steam as you go. You will pass yet another rappel point you cannot yet reach before another health font. You should be marking these on your map for later when we backtrack with the correct items needed. Keep heading across the large gaps to the right, passing the first Magic Font that you are unable to use just yet, to start a cut scene with the super talkative specter. Once the scene is over you will see a large waterfall with green souls inside of it. Stepping into this would mean certain death so we cannot go that way for now. Instead scale the cliff to your left and once at the top, keep on the only path available dealing with the Mermen along the way. At the very end of the path where the plot marker is you will collect the Spirit of Belnades, a spirit that when activated, automatically deflects any and all attacks for you at cost to your magic bar, which you also now have since there is something magical in your possession...or possessing you. I'm not sure where Belnades is kept as I doubt Simon puts it in his pocket, but that's a crazy thought for another time. You can summon the Spirit of Belnades with cn_LB at any time and the game will ensure you do so right away to teach you about it. Fight off the Mermen and Harpies here using the spirit if you wish. Use cn_Y attacks here as the wide arch can hit Harpies in the sky while standing on the ground along with Mermen. Once all enemies have been dispatched, head back to the green waterfall with spirits in it. With Belnades activated you can now pass through the waterfall and proceed to the next section of the map.

Deadly Waterfalls

Simon Deadly Waterfalls

Head on through another deadly waterfall using Belnades (refill the magic first of course) and keep going right until you see another large wooden crate. Jump up to the ledge on the right to refill you magic first then push the crate to the left to access the ledge on the other side. Head through another waterfall and then drop down on the left side to find another Bestiary Scroll.

Bestiary Scroll 2/12 (Harpy)

Drop all the way down again and repeat the same path up, waiting for the magic font refill if necessary (it probably will be already after passing through the waterfalls). This time after going through the second waterfall, jump up to the ledge on the left and then immediately jump on another ledge to the right of that and pass through another waterfall. This will lead you to another magic font and dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 5/26

Head back now to the ledge on the left and pass another waterfall to scale a wall on the left side, avoiding the steam as you go. Another Merman will be waiting for you to kill it at the top. Once that deed is done, proceed until you reach another waterfall. After the first waterfall, and before the second, there is a small gap you can climb up. Do so and climb over the waterfall up here and grab the wooden crate on the far side and drag it through the waterfall, allowing it to fall below. Continue to push the crate through the next waterfall and then jump up the next ledge to refill your magic. Push the crate through one final waterfall (I am really tired of typing the word waterfall) to the far right to reach a ledge up here and start scaling the wall on the right past the steam traps until you reach the very top. You will notice another rappel point up here that you cannot access. Proceed to the left now dealing with more Mermen until you reach a wall on the far left you can climb. Climb all the way up out of the caves. Out here there will be harpies and zombies to deal with. To the left is a dead end for now without the ability to rappel, so head to the right instead. You will eventually reach another wall on the far right to climb and run into a harpy waiting to sucker shot you so watch out for it. Keep climbing and then head right until you find an elevator past a magic font. Ride the elevator up and follow the path up here as far left as you can go to reach your first Magic Upgrade Chest. This will slightly increase the max of your magic bar.

Magic Chest 1/5

Proceed back to the right and up to exit to the next area.

Castle Hall

Simon Castle Hall

Head up to the right and refill your health if needed (you want a full health bar for what is ahead) and chase off a scaven to grab another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 6/26

Keep running to the right into the dark corridor and you will be introduced to the first boss of the game…

Boss Battle: Night Watchman

This guy seems intimidating but as soon as you get used to his attacks he really isn’t all that bad. The fight starts off with him sending his scavens at you. Dispose of them quickly to lure the Watchman himself into battle.

Be careful if the Watchman is behind you when he jumps in the battle he will pin you to the ground and have you mashing cn_A to get out from his grasp. The Watchman for the first phase of this fight uses two attacks. One is a wide ranged quick spin that will hit you if you are anywhere near it. The second is a three move combo where the Watchman keeps closing the distance to you. You can counter some of these attacks but it would be safer to back up from him to ensure he misses you. Go for no more than three whip hits at a time as pushing for more than that will leave you exposed to an attack if your block reflexes aren’t super quick.

When you chop about a third of the Watchman’s health off he summons some flying scavens along with the usual scavens on the ground. Dispose of them quickly using cn_Y attacks to hit both the aerial and ground units at the same time. The Watchman will join the fray again after they are gone using his same attack patterns. Stay cautions and play it safe and you will keep knocking his health down. He may repeat this a time or two.

Once you have the Watchman down to his last third of health he will jump back and the room will turn black. All you will be able to see of the Watchman is his staff which will go back and forth across the room in an up and down zigzag motion. I found it best to wait for the staff to start an upward motion and roll-dodge under it to keep from getting hit. This was much more reliable than trying to jump over the staff. After a few passes of the staff the Watchman will jump back in the fight. The main thing here is to make sure he doesn’t pin you in a corner. He will repeat his normal attacks but will go back to the floating staff attack as well. Keep on the attack when you can and once his health is gone he will glow all over signaling to grab him with cn_RT to finish the fight. Upon your victory you will earn the following achievement.

Lights out!

Defeat the Night Watchman

Lights out!
1 guide

Right after defeating the Night Watchman there is a scroll for him right in front of you that you can’t miss.

Bestiary Scroll 3/12 (Night Watchman)

Pass through the elevator here and head to the far end of the hall to collect another dead knight scroll as well.

Dead Knight Scroll 7/26

Head back to the elevator now and take it down to the next area.

Guards Room

Simon Guards Room

Once you step out of the elevator into the room, grab the lever and start hitting cn_A to open the door. Zombies will soon start popping up to rain on your parade so, let go of the lever and deal with them accordingly. Once they are all gone proceed to open the door un-interrupted. Head through the door which is now open, and grab the first ledge you come to. Make you way up the stairs jumping back and forth (sadly that chest you see through the wall won’t be available until later) until you find a laser at the top of the stairs on the right. Use the Spirit of Belnades to get through the laser and pick up another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 8/26

Backtrack down the stairs and now head right on the lower level leading to the next area.


Simon Cells

This is another short section of the castle. Jump in the cart provided here and rotate cn_RS clockwise to start moving the cart across the tracks. On the other side you will have some more zombies to greet you and pass another rappel point you still cannot use. Instead head down the area below the point and keep heading right. Shortly after dealing with some more zombies another dead knight scroll will be sitting out in the open.

Dead Knight Scroll 9/26

Heading past the scroll will introduce you to a new enemy, the skeleton warriors, and give you a new special attack item, the Oil Flask. The oil flask burns the ground in a small area upon contact unlike the throwing axe. This can be effective with undead enemies like the ones you are currently facing. The skeleton warriors are a bit more formidable than other enemies you have seen so far as they have swords and a good reach for their attack range. On top of swords they also throw axes that can be blocked and axes on fire that cannot be blocked. Counter attacks work well on everything but the axes on fire. Another fun thing with these guys is when you destroy them and they turn into a pile of bones. If you see the bones twitching, use a wide arc attack with cn_Y right away to destroy the pile of bones otherwise they will come back together and bring the skeleton back to life. Once you defeat them all head forward out of this area.

Inner Cells

Simon Inner Cells

As soon as you enter the Inner cells, jump to the first ledge you can get to on the left if you feel like fighting some more skeleton warriors (might as well, it is more experience and you need to defeat 1,000 enemies anyway). Head to the right and you will see a small scene showing a spirit with a crossbow in the distance. Keeping heading down and to the right past a magic font and some more warrior skeletons. Down there is another dead knight scroll to pick up.

Dead Knight Scroll 10/26

From here head left on the lower section. When you reach the crawl area where Simon crouches it looks as if there is a small earthquake affecting the middle section of this small area. Make sure to dodge through this section as if you don’t zombies will reach out and grab you. Keep heading down and then right until you reach and elevator that will bring you down to the…

Vertical Prison

Simon Vertical Prison

Run across until you reach a lever that when pulled raises the water in this prison. Climb out of the water on the left hand side and make your way across the cage platforms to find another lever to raise the water once again. Swim under the cages now and all the way to the far side to a new opening. Climb up avoiding the stem vents to find a third lever to raise the water another time and open the door across from it. Now swim again underwater looking for a passage on the far right side (under the water of course) and surface in a small room with a dead knight scroll on top of a cage to collect.

Dead Knight Scroll 11/26

Once that is collected, swim back out to the platform in the middle of the prison to find another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 12/26

Now head up and over the ropes to find a fourth lever and raise the water for the final time. Head up the right wall in the middle area now avoiding the steam vents and make your way to the zipline that leads to the exit from this prison.


Simon Kitchen

Head up and right until you find another large wooden crate you can drag in the kitchen. Pull it to the left and jump up to find your first Special Attack Chest. For whatever reason they call it an ammo chest here, so I suppose I should do the same…

Special Ammo Chest 1/5

Head back down afterwards and to the elevator on the right. The elevator will start a small cut scene that ends with you in a battle with hunchbacks. These little guys don’t look intimidating but their main form of attack is to throw oil flasks at you. This attack is not able to be blocked and sets the ground on fire where it hits for a short period of time. For these reasons you need to be careful when fighting these guys. Once you have disposed of the main group head over to the left and then down the stairs watching for more hunchbacks as you go. You will see a barrel blocking a small path halfway down the stairs on the left. Break it and crawl through to find another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 13/26

Now head back up the stairs and proceed to the left until you find another lever that opens a gate right next to it. This will lead you back to the guards room (refer to the map provided above when entering that section). After beating down some zombies collect the bestiary scroll here.

Bestiary Scroll 4/12 (Flying Scaven)

Pull the lever here to open a shortcut from the guards room to the kitchen and head back into the kitchen for now. Back in the kitchen head up the walls above where you just walked in avoiding the steam pipes and run all the way up to the right exiting to the…


Simon Theatre

Continue into the theatre until a cut scene starts leading to a battle with puppets. These guys can attack twice in succession and also have some nasty moves you cannot block up their sleeve. The move depends whether they are in the air above you or on the ground. If they are above you they will hover right above your spot, glow, and then descend on you quickly to attack. This is easy to dodge out of the way of. The one on the ground is much harder to avoid as you have to jump over it. The puppet will glow and then do a cartwheel attack that covers the whole screen normally. Kill these things quickly as in groups they can make your life miserable. Defeating them all leads to another scene with our fun, chatty, specter friend and after the cut scene you can now head right in the theatre from the entrance. Head that way sticking to the upper path and dealing with more puppets along the way. After the next group of puppets you battle drop down and backtrack a little to find yet another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 14/26

Head back to the right but stay on the ground to find a passage on the far right that you can climb up to get another bestiary scroll.

Bestiary Scroll 5/12 (Macabre Puppet)

Climb all the way up and out to enter the next area off to the right.


Simon Terrace

This is probably the shortest and most straightforward area of this whole act. Fend off the harpies along the way (who now have a nasty scream attack trick) and ride the elevator up to the next segment to exit on the left side to the…


Simon Ballroom

Yet another straightforward map. Early on you will face a werewolf which is similar to their brethren in Castlevania Lords of Shadow. They can attack fast and cover a large section of ground with their glowing special attack that you cannot block. They are very weak to counter attacks though so, if you can bait them to do regular swipes at you and counter this works very well against them. You will face some more werewolves along with a harpy or two. Once you reach the far end of the ballroom jump up to the ledge above you and jump far out to grab the bestiary scroll in midair.

Bestiary Scroll 6/12 (Werewolf)

Now head out the left exiting to the courtyard. Since for the moment we are just running from right to left in that area I will skip the map until the next time we enter which is going to be very shortly. In the meantime running straight through the courtyard leads up to the…


Simon Library

This is going to be the most important area for Act I as it is the central hub to get you everywhere on the map. Think of this as your backtracking train station. It will take a little bit for us to make it function like that (or rather get to the area that allows us to backtrack quickly) but it will be worth it soon enough. Head to the left under the stairs to the large room and examine the book on the table. This magic book will then fly up and start attacking you. The books can drain your magic and explode but their primary threat is they act as buffers for other enemies if they are on screen. The can make other monsters impervious to attacks or increase their attack power. Pretty much if you see a book get rid of it as fast as you can. Werewolves will join the fight quickly and you will see the books annoying abilities in action. Defeating all of the enemies will open the gate upstairs so head back and climb the stairs through the opened gate and grab the dead knight scroll up here while you are at it. Just watch out for the hunchback on your way up.

Dead Knight Scroll 15/26

It is hard to see but right above the door that opened is an area you can climb up where the specter is waiting for you. Examine the book pillar here to open a new exit leading you back to the…


Simon Courtyard

Now I will add the map officially since we will actually do stuff in this section now. Make sure you use the health font if you are lacking any health as you will need it. Walk forward and grab the battle cross only to start a cut scene. This scene will start the next boss battle with the…

Boss Battle: Necromancer

The Necromancer is not a boss to be taken lightly. It might seem that his attacks are not that threatening or easy to dodge but he can make things difficult in a hurry. First of all he tends to summon skeleton warriors on each side of the map that will close in on you while you have to deal with him. He does a very large area swipe with his scythe that can be hard to predict and dodge as well. The Necromancer will also throw his scythe out and it will act as a boomerang going in a wide arc around the screen (the path it takes is from the top to the side, down across the whole floor, and then up and back to the Necromancer on the opposite side). The Spirit of Belnades works great…for the first third of this fight at least. Once you take away a third of the Necromancers health he will “grab” Belnades and remove her from your side as possible help.

During the next segment of the fight the Necromancer will start summoning green fireballs that will rain down slowly from above as well. Work your way through dodging these while avoiding his other attacks and skeleton minions. Once you get him down to a bit less than a quarter health the Necromancer will come to the ground and place two auras around him. You can see the breaks in them and need to time your movements to get to him with the openings in the auras and then grab him with cn_RT. This will give you Belnades back and break the Necromancers staff. He will now be on the ground and run from one side of the map to the other throwing shockwaves at you. Either jump over them if they are low or roll under them if they are high and keep smashing away at the Necromancer until his health is almost gone. The Necromancer will once again throw up auras to try and stop you. These are a lot trickier as there are now three of them and lining up the run to the Necromancer is quite a bit harder. Just be patient, roll in and grab him again with cn_RT to finish the fight off and earn another achievement.

Dust to dust

Defeat the Necromancer

Dust to dust

Hallelujah we have the Combat Cross! Remember all of those rappel points you couldn’t get to and all those gaps you couldn’t cross. Well, you can now! We will get to backtracking with this nifty item very shortly. The game will teach you to rappel right away on the outside of the library with a small scene. Use cn_RT to grab the points when you are in range of them. Once attached on a wall you can use cn_RS to go up and down the wall. If you hit cn_A you will push off the wall and if you hit cn_RT you can detach and jump the opposite direction. Go up the side of the wall and head back into the library.

I will point out right now that if you are so inclined you can begin backtracking right away and pick up some more health and magic since you have the battle cross. However there is a more convenient time to do this based on some shortcuts we will discover soon so I would suggest holding off for a little while longer. Personally my first time through I backtracked right at this point and spent A LOT of time getting from point A to B while doing this because of the lack of shortcuts. Again it is up to you, but I hope you can learn from my mistake and hold off as I realized there was a better time later. Anyways let's get back on track. Once you get to the large open area of the library (where you first fought the magic books) there will be a small scene that shows you how to proceed. Instead drop back down the wall and head to the right on the upper path. This should lead you to the chandeliers above the main entrance to the library from the courtyard. Use your new grapple swing move with cn_RT to swing across the hallway to the far side to find yet another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 16/26

Swing back or drop down and head back to fight the magic books again and now head off to the left of that fight. Here you will find a gargoyle statue you can grab and pull to the right. If you want you can head past the statue and descend to find an entrance back to the Castle Hall, but we have one thing we should do first. Instead jump on the gargoyle statue you just moved and rappel with your combat cross up the wall to reach a platform with another book on a pedestal. Examine this to open a passage higher up in the library. Now go ahead and get behind the statue and rappel down the wall (avoiding the spikes at the bottom) and the push off the wall with cn_A and then hit cn_RT to release to jump the gap and head back to the Castle Hall through this new entrance. This is a nice little shortcut you can now use later to get back and forth to other sections of the castle quickly. Descend down the wall to a small upper balcony in the Castle Hall and head left through a small passage to find yet another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 17/26

Back out on the small balcony you should see a bestiary scroll floating in the air just to the right. Grapple the chandelier here but don’t jump across. When Simon is stationary holding the battle cross in the middle, climb up just a little to line up your swing with the bestiary scroll and swing back to the balcony to grab it. Let go to land on the small balcony again.

Bestiary Scroll 7/12 (Scaven)

Head back up the wall into the entrance you used coming from the library. Avoiding the spikes, head back up the wall and backtrack all the way to where the game showed you to swing across the large main hall in the library here. Once you made it up to the top floor again swing across to the left and watch out for the hunchback throwing oil flasks at you. Jump up the small set of stairs above you to find another bestiary scroll as well.

Bestiary Scroll 8/12 (Necromancer)

Now head to the far left on another balcony and start heading up the wall above you here. You will need to rappel to a higher point to get all the way up. Once you reach to top jump on over to the left and collect the dead knight scroll you can see in plain sight.

Dead Knight Scroll 18/26

Now head into the right and find the wonderful teleport room. (Cue choir of angels). This is a great place to use to gather all the stuff you missed earlier in the castle since you didn’t have the abilities to get all the items at the time. For now head past these curtains and proceed up the stairs on the far side. Look for a rappel point on the right as you go up and grab it to head farther right. Over here you will find another book on a pedestal to open yet another area of the library (note, the first pedestal you examined opened the way to this area). Proceed to fight the magic books and werewolves that appear. Once they are dealt with head to the far right and grab another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 19/26

Now head back out and to the left to return to the stairs. Keep heading left and deal with some more magic books and hunchbacks. Once they are dealt with, a grapple point will appear above you so latch on and swing to the left (using another grapple point along the way) to find the second opening we triggered. Head outside on the balcony and instead of going up hang off the edge here. You can drop down a spot on the wall and grab the next bestiary scroll here.

Bestiary Scroll 9/12 (Magic Book)

Head back up the wall and up the outside of the castle to find yet another book on a pedestal. This will open a third passage above you that leads to a magic increase chest.

Magic Chest 2/5

Start backtracking to the large hall where you swung across to reach this area, dealing with the enemies along the way. Now swing to the far right side of the upper area dealing with a few more hunchbacks and head all the way to the right exiting to the…

Toy Maker’s Funfair

Simon Toymakers Funfair

Heading right out into this new area will start a fight with werewolves and magic books. Following this mandatory fight, keep heading to the right until a cut scene starts. This will lead to you being trapped in a fixed area with creepy heads coming at you at varying heights. Don’t panic, you simply need to dodge they heads be either running under, rolling under, or jumping over the heads to keep from being hit. The carousel will speed up at times and also change directions but the goal is the same. You should have enough time to dodge everything as long as you stay alert. The carousel will stop on its own in due time and lead to another cut scene. With that out of the way, it is finally backtracking time! Using the maps, head all the way back to the library teleport room. For short directions, head left back to the library and then to the main large room you swung across to get here. Descend the wall here until you can run to a stairwell on the right and head down and then left to find the room with the creepy curtains. You will notice on my map provided above I have already detailed which curtain goes where. Start with the one of the far left that will take you to the lower left hand of the map of the inner cells. To make life easier and scrolling easier here is the map for that area again.

Simon Inner Cells

As soon as you step out there is a dead knight scroll to your left.

Dead Knight Scroll 20/26

Now flip the lever in the room as well allowing you to exit into the main section of the inner cells. If you look on your in game map you will see your next story objective is in this area above you. Head to the right and up, making your way to a gap that has a grapple point leading to a specter that is holding a crossbow (you saw him a loooooonnnnng time ago). Go ahead and swing on over to him. This is the Spirit of Schneider and he will join you like Belnades. The only thing he does is shoot crossbows at your enemies automatically while you have him summoned and have magic. Grab the lever ahead with Schneider summoned and start opening the door. You will see how he can be helpful as he will hold off the zombies while you work the lever. Head to the right and keep an eye out for a grapple point in a small hole in the floor. Hang off the wall and rappel down and then jump to the far side where a skeleton warrior waits. Once you dispose of him keep heading right down here and you will find yet another bestiary scroll in front of a steam vent. Wait for the steam to die down then roll to grab it and roll back out.

Bestiary Scroll 10/12 (Skeleton Warrior)

Stay down in this area and head right again and down until you see another life increase chest. Work your way across the steam vents and follow the path around to it to increase your health once again.

Life Chest 2/5

Head all the way back to the small hole where you climbed down here and now head to the right. You will have a couple of harpies to deal with and then enter a very large canyon with a grapple point. Start swinging across but don’t let go. Instead stop and hang from your battle cross in the middle and lower yourself down into the canyon in the middle. Once you have gone down as far as you can, let go to find a gap between the spikes at the bottom that leads to another magic increase chest.

Magic Chest 3/5

Go left from the chest and then climb up avoid the steam vent until you reach another lever. Pulling this lever opens a trap in the floor above allowing you to climb back out of this area. Now swing all the way across the large gap to the elevator on the far side. Take the elevator down to deal with some more zombies and then drop down the next gap in the floor you see to your right. Jump to the far side of the wall and carefully make your way down with the rappel point on the way but don’t let go. You will see another dead knight scroll on the left as you descend to hop off the wall to grab it. You will need to push off the wall to make the jump.

Dead Knight Scroll 21/26

Now climb back up to the gap you dropped down and keep climbing on the path going up. You will face more harpies and skeleton warriors as you progress. When you reach the end you will find the teleport curtain that was closed in the library room and this will complete the map of the inner cells. Go ahead and teleport back to the library and then hop in the teleport on the far right of this room to get to the forgotten caves. Upon your exit you will see another dead knight scroll to your right.

Dead Knight Scroll 22/26

Another lever in here will let you back into the caves. Head all the way to the left to get back to the castle outer wall. Keep heading back to the left until you find the very first rappel point you saw in the game. Use it to head up to the ammo chest that increases your special attack amount.

Special Ammo Chest 2/5

This now completes the castle outer wall map as well. You should have 7 of all the maps completed at this point (you can tell which ones are by looking at your in game map. Gold map segments are 100% completed, blue are not). This is why the notes option in the game is quite handy so you can find items you saw on the way so much faster (although I am sure the maps here help too). Make your way back to the forgotten caves, head to the far right and then start going back up to the exit. Once you pass the rope that goes across two steam vents, fight off the mermen and look for a rappel point on the far left at the end of this bridge/platform. Grab it and head up to grab another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 23/26

Now keep heading down the normal path of this area (down from the platform, over to the left, and then climb up the far left wall) to find yet another rappel point. Grab it and push off the wall to the chest on the left side above to increase your special attack ammo amount again.

Special Ammo Chest 3/5

Now head down and to the right and you will see a grapple point to swing across the gap. Swing across and on the way you will grab another bestiary scroll and swing to the far side.

Bestiary Scroll 11/12 (Merman)

This completes everything in the forgotten caves now too. Go ahead and make your way to the deadly waterfalls which we will clear up next. Make your way up the waterfalls the same way you did before using magic fonts to refill your magic needs along the way (don’t forget the one you need the crate to reach on the right early on or the second one as you are pushing the second crate through the waterfalls). After you make you way up to the top of the far right side, turn around and look for a grapple point to swing even farther to the right than you were able to go before. There were be a long path with some mermen to fight on it but this will lead you to another life increase chest.

Life Chest 3/5

Head back to the left now and swing back to briefly get on the main path. Before you drop down again you will see another grapple point. Swing over to find another dead knight scroll on a small platform.

Dead Knight Scroll 24/26

Keep swinging across to the left and climb all the way out of the caves. Once you reach the top level head to the left now and use the rappel point to get to the wooden platform above you. Follow this path swinging across the gaps to reach another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 25/26

This finishes off the deadly waterfalls. Keep progressing until you reach the guards room again (via the elevator in the castle hall). By this point you should know the path and have a good idea where you are going. Once in the guards room again, deal with the zombies right away and then use the rappel point right above the elevator you exited. Go all the way up and then swing across the gap to find another special attack increase chest.

Special Ammo Chest 4/5

With the guards room now finished off, drop back down now and make your way to the cells via the lower exit in the guards room. Roll across the gap in the cart and then swing across the gap in the floor to get to a new area on the right. Climb up and you will see a laser guarding another magic increase chest. Use Belnades to get through the laser and claim the chest.

Magic Chest 4/5

This now finishes off the cells and you should only have 4 more parts of the map to backtrack through to 100% (this does not include the last two maps we need to get past to finish this act). Make your way back through the inner cells and take the path to get back to the upper teleport (the one that is blue on your mini-map and dark brown on mine) and keep heading past it to exit into the kitchen. This will lead you to a lever and a bestiary scroll.

Bestiary Scroll 12/12 (Hunchback)

This now finishes off the kitchen as well. Pull the lever and head straight to return to the vertical prison. Start making your way down the walls by rappelling down and heading to the far wall. You will then have to swing left again to the left wall and rappel back up to right below the entrance to this area to enter a small side cave with skeleton warriors in it. Defeat the warriors and then rappel up to the life chest above you.

Life Chest 4/5

The vertical prison is now completed so we are going to head back up and out of the vertical prison the way we came in, through the kitchen, and out the upper right exit of the kitchen to get back to the theatre. Head up the stairs and then go left to the large part of the theatre. You will see a rappel point right above the archway into the main area. Grab it and make your way up to the final magic increase chest of act I.

Magic Chest 5/5

With the theatre now completed head back down and to the right to exit to the terrace and pass on through to the ballroom. Make your way to the far left of the ballroom until you can head up the stairs and use three grapples to swing across the chandeliers to reach another special attack increase on the far side.

Special Ammo Chest 5/5

This has finally cleared every map up to the Toy Maker’s Funfair and beyond. Go ahead and pass back through the courtyard, into the library, and make you way back to the toy maker’s funfair, dealing with any enemies along the way (which you have been doing up to this point anyway since you ares still going to need to kill 1000 enemies). Once back in the toy maker’s funfair, head back to the area where you dodged all those creepy looking faces and keep going to the right until you find another wooden crate. Push it to the wall and start climbing up the far wall avoiding the steam vent as you climb. Swing to the left once you are able and keep along this upper path (swinging a second time) until you reach an elevator. Before using the elevator run to the far side and push the wooden crate here over to allow you to climb up to the final life increase chest and polish off this map.

Life Chest 5/5

Go ahead and use the elevator to go up now and exit to the final section of the map.

Main Tower Outside

Simon Main Tower Outside

We are on the home stretch of act I! Make sure before you proceed that you have every section of the map gold now except for this one and that you explored all areas of the map as well in each section. If you don’t you will have to use chapter select later to go back and get 100% for Simon. If all your maps match the shape of mine here, you are good to go. Head to the platform on the left and rotate cn_RS to head up to the next platform. You are going to want to get used to doing that a few times while getting hit later so be prepared for that. As you head left you will find another platform that you can raise. Activate the Spirit of Schneider using cn_RB and start raising the platform. Schneider should shoot the gargoyle that appears and starts shooting fire at the chain on the platform to make him go away for a bit. Jump off to the right quickly at the top as the platform tends to drop REALLY fast once you let go of the crank. Keep heading up and then left until you reach yet another platform you can raise. Once you raise it up getting across can be tricky. You want to time your jump off and land on the counter weight as it is coming back up. Jump off the counter weight to grab the wooden plank on the far side and climb down. You will now actually fight the gargoyle. His fire attacks are nasty and hurt quite a bit. Just keep any eye on his cues before he attacks and roll or jump to avoid the fire. Once you hurt him enough he will fly away. Make you way up the wall on the right until you reach another platform with a crank on it. As you crank the platform up, look for a dead knight scroll on the left and time your jump off to the right, using the counter weight again if needed to make sure you reach the far platform. Grab the final scroll and collectable for this act.

Dead Knight Scroll 26/26

Carefully jump back down to the right (you may suffer some fall damage from this) and start taking the platform up one more time. Head on up and pull the crate over to reveal a magic font and then jump to the upper platform on the left. As you cross the rope ahead the gargoyle will return and shoot fire blocking your path. Time your movement and zip past him using cn_A during the break in fire. I would recommend activating Belnades before continuing up. Once you head up the next few beams grapple the rappel point and head on up. The gargoyle will appear again and shoot some fireballs at you but Belnades will protect you from that. Once you get to the top of that platform you can finally finish off the little bugger for good and put him out of his misery. Start the final climb and use both the magic and health fonts on the left before proceeding to the final section for this act. Climb the outside of the cathedral and use cn_A at the top to smash through the window and start a showdown with…

Boss Battle: Succubus

While she has quite a few attacks, the Succubus isn’t that difficult to tackle. After you jam on the cn_A button during the cut scene she will fly up above you. Her first attacks are not able to be blocked. These are purple looking fireballs that she throws three of at you in succession. Keep moving left to right to dodge these and use cn_Y attacks when you can to hit her while standing on the ground. She also has a grab attack that is easy to dodge but can also be escaped by jamming on cn_A and a spinning attack if you get too close to her. I never saw these attacks as I tried to beat the living tar out of her with my whip (all of this sounds very wrong) and never got too close to her for her to use either of them. Once you take about a quarter of her health down she will fly back to her perch and suck the life out of one of her…erm…minions? Slaves? Mistresses? I dunno what they are. Anyway, she will suck the life out of them and now be protected by a shield and add another dangerous attack. She will rear up and shoot a shockwave of lightning at the ground which when it hits it spreads across the ground in both directions along with still using the fireballs. You will have to jump over this attack as it heads towards you while trying to break her shield and dodging the projectiles. Once you do enough damage to the shield you can grab it with cn_RT which will break it off of her completely. Now that you can damage her again she will soon go back to her perch to attempt to raise another shield. What the game doesn’t tell you is that you can prevent this by using cn_RT and then mashing on cn_X which will pull her subject away from her and not let her gain the shield again (okay, it kind of tells you by the fact that she glows when she “kisses” the girl on the pearch).

Once she has about a quarter of health left she will go back to her other girls and create two copies of her. They will surround you in a triangle fashion. Your job is to figure out which one is the real Succubus. You can tell by when you hit the shield it turns red. It has actually been pointed out that when it starts she is always at the top, then teleports to the right, and then the left going in a clockwise fashion. Once you get her shield down you can break it as you did before and the fight will continue as it always had. Chip away at her and you will finish the fight watch the cut scene at the end. Thus ends Act I and you have now earned the following two achievements.

Not my type

Defeat the Succubus

Not my type
1 guide

Simon's Quest

Complete Simon (100%)

Simon's Quest
2 guides

Time to tackle Act II on the next page…

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