Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD Walkthrough

4. Alucard Walkthrough

Act II: Alucard's Walkthrough

After a long cut scene you will begin the next act of the game starting in the following small room…

Mirror of Fate

Alucard Mirror of Fate

As I mentioned earlier you keep all the abilities you learned with Simon but not the special weapons (example: you can still use the battle cross to grab ledges and swing across gaps but your throwing axe and oil flasks are now gone). All your earned combos and experience also remains the same. Head to the right first to find your first dead knight scroll out in the open.

Dead Knight Scroll 1/20

These first few sections will be devoid of enemies for a bit. Just keep heading left until you reach the…


Alucard Belfry

Continue to the left staying on the ground until you reach another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 2/20

Now head back to the right and our friend the gargoyle will return. cn_Y attacks still work well on this guy and if you have leveled up enough you can start holding cn_Y instead of tapping to start more devastating attacks. If not don’t worry you will get there soon enough. Just keep an eye out for when he rears back to shoot some fire at you and make sure you avoid it. A second gargoyle will join the fun before you can finally keep proceeding to the right and start climbing up the wall. You will face a skeleton warrior along the way, but there isn’t anything you haven’t seen or can’t handle here. Keep climbing up and reach the top. To the right at the very top is yet another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 3/20

Continue to the left now dealing with another skeleton warrior and then climb down and swing across the gap in the middle landing on a wooden wall. Rappel down this wall until you see a lower swinging point in the middle of the gap. Swing back to the left to reach the exit out to the…

Towers’ Link

Alucard Towers Link

After walking a few steps you will start a cut scene and then a “boss battle.” I put boss battle in quotes because this really isn’t a boss battle but more a squash battle. Sad to say you are the one getting squashed. There is no way to win this fight so if you want it to go fast just let the enemy bust you up to start another cut scene. When you are finally in the water the mini map for this area finally appears and you can start getting the collectables again. On a side note (and the game will point it out) you can breathe underwater as Alucard so don’t worry about drowning. Swim down and to the left and follow the bottom of this body of water up left until you reach your first bestiary scroll.

Bestiary Scroll 1/12 (Succubus)

Start to the right now and keep swimming down as far as you can go until you run into another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 4/20

This should clear the first three maps of the game now so just swim to the right until you find the exit to the next area.

Abandoned Mine

Alucard Abandoned Mine

To me the act officially begins now as everything to this point has been low on action or had a fixed outcome. Swim up and surface at a small area on your left to find a desperately needed health font since you had to have you health wiped out. Start making your way up and to the right and you will get a small scene and reward Alucard with his first special attack weapon…bats. Yes, bats. Surprisingly they can do a bit of damage against small enemies but with the exception of one part during boss rush mode they really aren’t useful. If you hit cn_B to use them they will go in a straight line and hit the first enemy in their path damaging them. Most of the bosses in this act are immune to them anyway and your other special attack earned later is much MUCH better so you really should just ignore this ability. In the end it is up to you. Keep heading to the right dealing with some harpies along the way and then take the first elevator you see down. A new type of electrical merman will be down here on the left. Go right instead and drop into the water, swimming down and zig-zagging as far down as you can go to find another dead knight scroll underwater.

Dead Knight Scroll 5/20

Staying down in the water, swim right, following a new path all the way to the next bestiary scroll.

Bestiary Scroll 2/12 (Merman Tadpole)

Backtrack all the way back to the elevator you used to go down here and head back up it and to the right again. There will be a rappel point that you can grab and work your way down the wall past the steam with. There will be a constant raising and lowering platform that you want to get on below, with another one to the right of it. Make your way across the platforms to a ledge where you can see and grab another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 6/20

Now carefully make your way all the way down to the ground to find a lever you will have to repeatedly pull to open the path ahead. Electrical mermen will attack you so let go of the lever and fend them all off first. Watch out when the glow before an attack as now along with charging headfirst at you they can send out electric shockwaves across the floor in both directions from them. The waves don’t travel super far but you still want to avoid them. When you have disposed of them all use the lever and open the door to continue on. You will find another body of water ahead. Go ahead and jump in and swim down and to the left to find another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 7/20

Start swimming to the right now and follow the path underwater (avoiding the tadpole along the way) until you can surface to climb a wall. As a new thing to avoid, there were be statue heads shooting fire out as you climb now. Treat them as you would the steam vents and just make sure that you pass them carefully. At the top you will have more harpies to deal with. Once they are gone you will see a mine cart that you can take to the left. Jump in but only move it just enough so you can jump back and grab the wall ledge where it was sitting against. If you hang on this edge you will notice a bestiary scroll sitting a ways down on the wall. Drop to grab it and fall back to the water.

Bestiary Scroll 3/12 (Harpy Leader)

Backtrack all the way back to the mine cart and start heading to the left now. There will be a harpy there waiting for you. Stop moving the cart (let go with cn_RT) and either use whip attacks while jumping to avoid the arrow the harpy will shoot, or go ahead and send some bats its way by jumping and hitting cn_B. You will deal with another harpy a few ways down so just repeat the process. Make your way to the far side and use the elevator to head on up some more. As you head to the left you will enter a furnace looking room with lots of fire streams heading up from the floor. Carefully avoid and pass them to trigger all the fire jets to rise and some harpies will attack you while you’re trapped. Deal with them as you like to make the jets die down and then carefully make your way to the left to enter the…


Alucard Kitchen

Head into the kitchen and make your way across the first gap to snag another bestiary scroll.

Bestiary Scroll 4/12 (Electric Merman)

Proceed back to the gap now, head down and then go left again eventually dealing with some more electric mermen. When you get to the next section you can climb, go up and head right at the top to find the next dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 8/20

Head back left and deal with another electric merman before you cross the gap. As you keep heading left and fighting enemies you will notice a section where the walls look like they have a glowing matrix thing happening on them. This is a special type of wall that we cannot climb just yet. I will direct you back to this spot but it might be a good time to mark this area on your map. Continue on passing another small gap until you come to a very large looking well. Start heading down the wall closest to you avoiding more steam vents and drop all the way to the bottom and then head up the other side. Once you reach the top, look to the right and you will see a wooden platform above that you can barely jump and reach. Get up there and pull the lever on this platform to raise the water in the well below. The small scene should have also showed you a chest we are going to go get. Head back into the water swimming down and to the left to reach your first special ammo upgrade chest for Alucard.

Special Ammo Chest 1/5

Head back up the wall and continue on to the left until you see a small scene with hunchback. This will introduce your first (and very important) magic ability…mist form. The ability is triggered with cn_LB and pressing dodge (cn_LT] while it is active will allows you to pass through grates and enemies. More importantly what the game doesn’t fully describe well is that if you pass through an enemy you will recover a little bit of life. This is SUPER important in boss rush mode later on in the game and in all of the boss fights for Alucard.

Along with your new ability you will notice the hunchbacks have learned a new trick and discovered teamwork. This group of hunchbacks wield a spear and shield to be able to block your attacks now and dish out more damage. Their attacks consist of swinging the spear down at you and an unblockable attack in which they charge across the screen at you. As previously mentioned they can now also hide behind their shield at you. You will need to dodge and stay agile to avoid these guys as well as their oil flask throwing brethren. If you have learned the power punch attack (while holding cn_LT/block also hold cn_X) this move works great on any enemy that blocks. It will break right through these hunchbacks shield and then you can continue you assault on them. Once you dispatch of this large group of enemies head left and refill your magic. Activate mist form and “mist” through the gate. If you head down the stairs you can refill your magic again if you want with another magic font at the bottom. Proceed up dealing with hunchbacks as you go and ignore the path to the left for now. Once you reach the top of the stairs head right into the large kitchen area to fight off more hunchback enemies. You will get the stacked group along with the single oil flask throwing hunchbacks. When the battle is over go to the far right of the room to grab another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 9/20

Backtrack to the stairs and head left on the path you skipped before. Another group of hunchbacks will be there to attack you so be prepared. Keep heading left to find another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 10/20

It is time to start heading up the wall we passed on the way to this last scroll. Climb up and keep on climbing until you reach the top. There is a platform that is hard to see when you first exit the area with the steam vent depending on your TV’s contrast settings. When you reach the top you will see an odd looking door that has a wolf head carving coming out of it with chains going to its mouth. This is yet another type of door we cannot open until later. Mark it on your map if you wish but again I will guide you back here in the guide later. You can finally head out of here into the…


Alucard Theatre

This section is kind of interesting. As you climb, the area will be teaching you some practices to solve a puzzle you will be walking into up ahead. Before we go further I want to point out the red X on my map. This represents a hint scroll in the puzzle area. Whatever you do, do NOT pick up the hint scroll when you get there. It is very deceiving looking and looks almost identical to a dead knight scroll except the glow is red instead of purple. I will remind you again when we get there.

Run ahead and grab the block on the far left. This is a wind block which if you jump over it you will be pushed way up in the air. Simple concept so go ahead and use it to get to the platform above you. Next you will see a normal weight block along with a magnetic block (I would think by the symbols you can tell which is which wink). Grab the magnetic block and you will notice it “grabs” the weight above it and drags it wherever you drag the magnetic black. Drag it to the left until the weight block sits on the pressure plate above to open a path up on your right. Using the weight block as a jumping point jump up to the next platform which has a weight block held by a puppet hand and a fire block. Fire blocks hurt you of course if you try to jump over them, and they are only used to find puppet hands to burn up. Push the block to the right until it is under the puppet hand to burn it and drop the weight block. Use the weight block again to go up another platform that shows a wind bock, a blue tube, and a weight block at the top. The tubes will transfer the wind from a wind block through them so push the wind block over to the left under the tube and it will automatically push the weight block over onto the pressure plate allowing you to proceed. These are all the basics you will need to know for the puzzle ahead. Once you head through the gate you will see a cut scene and the puzzle will begin.

Again, DO NOT GRAB THE HINT SCROLL ON THE RIGHT WHEN THE PUZZLE STARTS! This will negate an achievement we can earn here. The object of the puzzle here is to get the fire block to burn the hand on the upper right. With some tinkering around you can figure this out with no hints, but I will still put a solution below for those who want one.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Once you complete the puzzle, as long as you didn’t touch the hint scroll you will earn the following achievement


Solve the Theatre puzzle without clues

2 guides

A cut scene will occur and you will now be in an upper portion of the theatre to the right of the stage. Drop down and deal with some puppets and then head all the way to the stage to grab another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 11/20

Backtrack to the area we started at after the cut scene and face some more puppets as you head to the right and out onto the…


Alucard Terrace

Make your way to the large elevator and start up only to get interrupted by…

Boss Battle: Reaver

This guy sucks, and in my humble opinion is one of the hardest bosses in the game since he is very unpredictable and his move sets can be hard to avoid in certain scenarios. I spent A LOT of time with this boss in boss rush mode to work on getting some sort of consistent strategy for him. I will do my best to break down what to expect from the Reaver here but, don’t be surprised if you struggle with him for a bit as I did.

As with every other boss we have faced so far, Reaver “evolves” as the fight goes on by adding new tricks to his bag. Your bat special attack is useless on him as well as he eats the bats and then will spit bones at you which damage you. On top of that frustration, he is very good at always staying just out of your reach and punishes you quickly for getting too close, in multiple ways. For the first section of the fight he has five direct attacks. His first main one is his tail swipe, which can be frustrating. You can’t block it and you can’t jump over him plus, it has a VERY long reach. To make matters worse, while it is shown with the usual glow on the enemy, he delays it a bit meaning you need to time the jump right. If you jump as soon you see it, you will get hit on landing. Best way to use this move against him is hesitate, start the jump after a second of hesitation, and then hold cn_X while in midair to hopefully catch him with a slamming whip move.

The second attack he does is a bit varied. He will rear back a bit with his mouth open and then snap his jaws at you while lunging just a little bit forward. This can be countered but is tough to time. On top of that he can follow it up with a second bite where he goes even farther forward, and even finish both with a third unblockable bite that covers a lot of ground. Keep in mind, there is no way to tell if he will do one, two, or three bites. You just have to react accordingly. Again, you can’t jump over him so best move if you are not comfortable countering his bite, is to dodge back and pray he doesn’t push you into a corner before a third unblockable bite. If you can counter him use it to your advantage and put a little hurt on him.

His third way of hurting you is just by you trying to jump over him. Reaver is made up of many Scravens so if you attempt to jump over Reaver a bunch of Scravens will lunge out of his back and bite you knocking you back in front of him. This can be especially dangerous as Reaver has a nasty habit if he knocks you down, of doing his tail swipe, and you will be unable to dodge it before you get up. Ouch. Long story short is don’t try to jump over Reaver. If you need to get past him (you’re backed into a corner and he is about to super bite you) active mist mode and dodge through him. More on this later.

The fourth attack of Reaver’s is he will shoot Scravens out at you, up to two at a time. This just adds another enemy on screen (usually behind you) that you now have to turn your attention to and worry about. Kill the Scravens ASAP unless you need to dodge away from a Reaver attack to stay alive. The bat special attack DOES work well on the Scravens so feel free to use it on them.

His final attack for now, is that he throws out these maggot looking bugs that swell up red and then create a large blood explosion. This attack knocks Alucard down and can again make you vulnerable to a follow up attack while you are down that you can’t dodge. You will need to time your jump or find an open spot of ground to make sure these things don’t hurt you.

So yeah, Reaver is no fun to fight. If he catches you in a corner and throws his maggots or starts his bite attacks you better pray you have enough magic for mist ability because otherwise you are getting hit. If have tried jumping in the corner only to get bitten by his scravens hiding in his back and then got stuck on top of him floating in the corner as he proceeded to tear me apart. He is a typical "you need to be on offense and defense all at once" kind of boss. If I took the cautious approach with Reaver, I would take too long to get his health down and didn't hurt him enough so the fight dragged out, giving him more opportunities to trap me and really mess me up. If I was too aggressive I would open myself up to nasty attacks and lost a third of my health in the blink of an eye. You really just need to use every opening you can get and knock as much health off him as you can. If you can block his bite attack, great, counter the crap out of him. The best consistent counter you can do is the slamming cn_X attack when you jump to dodge his tail swipe.

Once you knock about a quarter of his health off Reaver will go to the middle of the screen and be stunned. Use cn_RT to grab the fixture above him to drop some acid on Reaver by mashing cn_X after you grab it. As soon as you do this Reaver will swallow you. There is no way to avoid it. You have to mash on cn_A to escape him and continue the battle. He now does all the same attack, but adds yet another move. Every now and then he will back all the way to a corner and then roar and charge with his mouth wide open. If you let him swallow you then you have to mash cn_A again to get out. The only way to avoid this attack is to stand on the opposite side and trap yourself with him when he stops or mist dodge through him. On the plus side you can charge a strong attack if you time when he is going to stop and hit him hard once he stops. Most of the time, if you hit him a lot when he stops, he will back up a bit and give you a bit more breathing room. Don’t forget you can mist through him when he gets you in the corner AND it will recover a little bit of your health if you do. Keep chipping at his health and being a good mix of offensive and defensive. The sooner you get his health down the sooner the fight will end.

At around half health he will be stunned in the middle again for another acid bath. Following the acid, he will run away from the screen and go to an upper ledge where you cannot touch him. His main attack now is that he will attempt to line up with you and then throw out as many as 7 maggots at a time covering a wide area below. These maggots explode just like before, so time your jumps well or run out of the way. After a few moves or throws, Reaver will start coming back down from the ledge in the distance and then charge the front of the screen, damaging you in the process if you happen to be in the way. This attack really hurts, so when Reaver is on the ledge you want to get to a corner and make him shimmy his way down to you. Let him throw the first set of maggots, run out just enough so he will throw another set and then get away from the maggots about to explode. Make him do this about 2-3 times before you run to the far side of the room again. As soon as he gets down to where you are on the far side start sprint across the screen to the opposite side again as he should be getting ready to come back down at this point. If you follow this pattern he should hopefully never hit you with the maggot or hurt you charging back into the fight.

Once he gets back from the platform he will continue his bite attacks, tail swipe, and charging/swallow-you-whole attacks. Chip away at his health, and bear in mind he may retreat to the ledge to repeat that attack a few more times. Once you manage to get his health down to a quarter health he will be stunned for a final acid shower and victory will be yours. Well done, as this guy is no pushover! For defeating Reaver you will also earn the following achievement.

Curiosity killed the cat

Defeat the Reaver

Curiosity killed the cat
1 guide

Also for defeating Reaver you earn the Shadow Claws. These allow you to jump-climb up the shiny walls you have seen once or twice by now. Head back to the left and put them to use right away to climb to the upper area of the terrace. Make sure as you climb up you grab the bestiary scroll suspended in the air at the top of this broken elevator shaft.

Bestiary Scroll 5/12 (Reaver)

This finishes off the terrace so proceed to the left to enter the…

Clock Room

Alucard Clock Room

Head on in and pull the lever right away to open the door in your path. A small scene will play showing you another upgrade of some sort in the middle of the clock room. Proceed over to interact with it and another scene will play taking the upgrade away from you along with adding another ability to your repertoire, your wolf form. This is your other magic ability and is activated with cn_RB. The only thing it does is allow you to do some excess damage to enemies and open special doors. Besides opening doors I never used it, but feel free to experiment with it if you like. You may find more of a use for it than I did. The game will immediately show you the door with the wolf head carving in it that you can now open with the wolf form. You probably remember these from a while back in our travels also. Pull open the door to obtain another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 12/20

Swing across the gap here to the far side and exit to the next area.

Toys Assembly Line

Alucard Toy Assembly  Line

Right away in this room you will have a fairly large battle with puppets and magic books. Dispose of all of these enemies and then use the elevator on the right side of the room. This will lead us to the first real platforming section of this game, something we haven’t had a whole lot of to deal with up to this point. You will encounter a platform that is slowly going up and down a bit, ahead to the right. Pass over this platform while it is down to get to the health font and then approach another gap to the right here. Make a gutsy jump and dodge/dash in midair to make this gap and reach another platform to collect the next dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 13/20

Jump and dash back to the health font and now ride the platform up to the level above you. Here is where you need some good timing. As you head right the floor sections between the main platforms will fall away a few seconds after you step on them. You will also notice electric currents turning on and off entering and exiting the next platform. You need to time your run onto the platform just about when the electric current is going to turn off, jump almost immediately after you get on the platform that collapses and then dash in midair to pass the current before it starts again. This will get easier the more times you practice it. Time your run through the next electrical current onto another platform moving up and down, and then time a jump or dash through one of the two electrical currents before the next platform. Now you are going to have to use your shadow claws to jump off and up the wall here while also avoiding electric currents blocking your path. Alucard will hold onto the wall but slide down a bit if you don’t hit cn_A right after attaching to it, so time your jumps well and avoid all the electricity until you get up to the next small alcove on the right. Repeat this to climb up higher and then find a door that you can open with your wolf form on the right. Head on in avoiding the steam as you go to find a life chest.

Life Chest 1/5

Head on back to another rising and lowering platform. Instead of progressing to the left, let the platform lower and then jump off onto the small platform to the right. Pull the cage block to the left to reveal a magic chest.

Magic Chest 1/5

Now get back on the moving platform and watch the ground of the next section. Wait until the electrical current just stopped and jump and dash your way across. Keep dashing across another platform that will drop until you have two electric currents side by side in the middle of a platform in front of you. You will need to time this just as the current closest to you is about to stop and dash as fast as you can through the currents onto another moving platform. Once on the far side, shadow claw jump up the wall avoiding the steam like you did the electricity last time, and head to the left at the top so you can drop down and collect another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 14/20

Now head back up and right to cross another collapsing platform leading to a bit more solid ground and a final collapsing platform. On this last one you need to dash and then jump and grab a rappel point on the far right before you fall below. Move up the wall and then hit cn_A when the prompt appears to crash through the glass on the wall allowing you to enter the…

Toy Maker’s Workshop

Alucard Toymakers Workshop

Go to the far right on the ground of this room and collect another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 15/20

Now backtrack and you will see another rappel point from a dangling section of floor close to two statue heads in the background. Rappel up and then grab another point to the right and start climbing up the wall avoiding the electricity on the way. Keep following the path all the way up and to the right, and once you reach the top go to the far right to collect the stopwatch. This nifty device is your other special attack and is one of the most useful in the game as it will slow down time for enemies, bosses, and traps! Drop back down the hole in the floor you used to come up and then keep heading straight down using another rappel point here to get to a platform on the right. Use mist form and keep heading right until you will see two sets up lasers in the air. Jump and mist dash through the first one to the far wall to avoid the laser and then drop down to find another life chest.

Life Chest 2/5

Shadow claw jump you way back up the wall and then carefully work your way down the other side of the wall here to drop to where you first entered. You will be stuck in a fight with magic books and hunchbacks with the spear and shield, so go ahead and take care of all of them. Leave back into the Toy Assembly Line and work your way carefully back down to the exit into the clock room. On the way you will have to fight some puppets and magic books again. Once back in the clock room this is a good time to test out your new stopwatch. Head to the middle of the clock (where you first saw the whip upgrade. You will either have to swing back across the gap or drop down and use the lever again to enter) and hold cn_B to slow down time. Use this time to climb up the first two platforms on the left waiting for the electricity to die down. When you get to the second platform jump off to the left to grab a bestiary scroll sitting in the air.

Bestiary Scroll 6/12 (Hunchback Troop)

Now head to the clock and use another stopwatch and head up the platforms again until you reach the top platform where the whip upgrade is. Use the upgrade spot to enable your whip to grab the magnetic rail system. To use it you only need to jump towards the rail and then hit cn_RT to grab and use the cn_LS to head left or right. Hitting cn_RT again will allow you to detach from the rail. You will see in the scene the rails light up to show you what they look like. Jump on the rail to the left first and ride it over to the far side to find another magic upgrade chest.

Magic Chest 2/5

Ride back now to the upgrade point and ride the other magnetic rail to the right, bringing you to a new exit into the Toy Maker’s Workshop. From here things get a little tricky to get another upgrade as the platforming required can be a bit challenging. Ride the magnetic rail up and then get on the moving platform at the end of it. Ride the platform all the way down until you can jump on a small section to the right. Climb down the wall here too where you can now see all the electricity at the bottom. Wait for a platform moving from side to side to come under you and drop onto it. Ride it to another magnetic rail but watch out for the electric beam in the middle and drop on another platform to the right. As the platform reaches the far wall, use the rappel point, and carefully climb up past the first small electric beam until you are hanging from the point on the wall with your hands. This next part is the super tricky part. Activate your mist form while still on the wall. Wait until the electric beam that is at a diagonal angle just shuts off, jump off the wall to the left and then before Alucard starts to descend dash to the left again to reach the platform. The timing is difficult so don’t fret if you fall. Once on the platform mist through the gate and collect another special weapon upgrade.

Special Ammo Chest 2/5

Refill your magic and head on back through the gate. You will have to time your jump in mist form again when the electricity is about to shut off and then jump using the same method you use to get here in the first place to grab the point on the far wall. Now start making your way back down, across the magnetic rail, and back up to the section where you first climbed down to this area (there should be some candles on the ground when you get back there). If you are REALLY struggling to make that jump to the special ammo chest, wait until after the next boss. You will gain the double jump/glide ability after that fight and it can make that jump a lot easier. It’s up to you if you would just prefer to get it now to avoid more backtracking later, although I will point out a good time to get it.

Now start heading up and to the right again using the shadow claws to make your way to some small hanging platforms. At the top you will face some more puppets and magic books. Past this fight there will be another very small rising and lowering platform. Jump on it and ride up until you see a magnetic rail to your right. Hop on and ride it all the way past two electric currents and then drop off to bring you all the way back to where we started the first time in the toymakers workshop. There is another magnetic rail here to help you skip some of the climbing section and bring you all the way back to where you grabbed the stopwatch. This time head left from where you got your watch past a teleport curtain (we will use that later) and over another magnetic rail to exit to the…

Carousel’s Engine

Alucard Carousels Engine

Right away a hunchback troop will greet you. After dealing with them climb up the left side and open the wolf door with your wolf form to get another magic upgrade.

Magic Chest 3/5

Now hop on the magnetic rail to the right and keep running until you hit another cut scene. This is the start of the carousel puzzle. As with the theatre puzzle, DO NOT GRAB the hint scroll on the bottom far left of the screen. This will void your ability to get an achievement here. The goal of the puzzle is to make the light beam hit the top circular section above using the orb mirrors to reflect it up there. You can figure it out through trial and error, but if you would like a step by step instruction of how to solve it, I will put that in the spoiler below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Once the puzzle is solved you will get another cut scene and earn the following achievement as long as you did not touch the hint scroll.

Light guide

Solve the Carousel puzzle without clues

Light guide
2 guides

A cut scene will follow this and when it is finished you will come up an elevator into the Resurrection Room automatically. I am going to hold off on the official map for just a little bit as we are going to backtrack just for a minute. Activate the elevator as soon as it stops to go back down instead of proceeding into this new room. This elevator will return you to the carousels engine. As soon as you exit the elevator you will already see another dead knight scroll right to your left.

Dead Knight Scroll 16/20

Once you have the scroll go back up the elevator and return to the…

Resurrection Room

Alucard Resurrection Room

Use all the health and magic fonts close by and then proceed to the right to grab yet another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 17/20

Keep heading to the right and drop down below as the magnetic rail above you is currently not active. After you move a bit into this area you will have to face…

Boss Battle: Daemon Lord

So that big ugly demon we let kick us around way at the beginning of this act is back for round two. This fight can seem very difficult at first but there are a lot of tricks to getting around this battle that once learned, make this fight significantly easier. First off equip your stopwatch as you will need it during the fight. The second bit of advice is that for the main part of this entire fight you cannot use mist form and mist through the Daemon Lord. If you try to do this you will be pushed back and damaged so don’t even try it. The magnetic rail above you is now active and you can use it during this fight (in fact you HAVE to use it at times so you don’t get killed). Even though you seemingly can’t jump high enough to reach it if you jump up and hold cn_RT right away you should be able to attach to it.

As usual let’s focus on his attacks for the first part of the fight. The Daemon Lord gives away his intended attacks really well so it should be simple to get used to what he is about to do each time. All of his attacks cannot be blocked for now, so don’t even try to do that. His first main attack is that he will raise his left arm high up to smash the ground signaling a three part attack. The three parts are smashing the ground in front of him followed by a quick swipe up and across with his left arm and ending with a good reaching lunge at you to bite you. You need to dodge back from the first two attacks and then run away in the opposite direction to avoid the bite. If you are too close to the corner, dodge the first two and then jump and attach yourself to the magnetic rail above and pass over him and then drop down behind him so you will have more room to fight him and dodge back. The Daemon Lord will also arch his head back and his eye will glow signaling an air roll attack. For this move he will jump up in the air and then do a somersault-like move forward and hit the ground. You will need to dodge under him as he jumps to avoid this attack so you can follow it up with some attacks for good measure. DO NOT use the magnetic rail here to avoid him since his jump will go high enough to hit you up there. This will normally lead to his other attack which is when you are behind him and his “tail” is close to you. It turns out that his tail bites as well, and it will glow before he snaps forward at you to do this attack. A quick dodge backwards should avoid this no problem. The last move the Daemon Lord can do is that he will move to his back and point his tail at you while he is still facing you as well. This signals he is going to shoot a laser at you from his tail and the only way to dodge this is to grab the magnetic rail above and get behind him. Be quick about this though as he can move the laser as he is shooting it and point it straight up in the air to hit you on the rail if you hover above him. For this part of the fight just don’t get greedy with your attacks on him. Hit him two to four times whenever you dodge one of his moves and then anticipate to dodge the next one. Repeat this and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to the next part of the fight.

This is the main portion of the fight. Once you knock off about a third of his health he ,will retreat to the background and start using the big machine back there to start a brand new attack. You will be shown two mechanisms on the left and the right side of the screen opening up before he does this as well. Two laser beams will appear on the screen and rotate constantly in a circle. If the beam hits you it hurts quite a bit. The goal here is to avoid the beam and destroy one of the two mechanisms the far sides of the screen. This is where your stopwatch comes in really handy. Dodge the beam and head to one side or the other and when you are close and the laser has a while before it will hit you, throw the stopwatch down allowing you to get a lot of hits in on the machine. Repeat as necessary until you destroy the one you are focusing on to get the Daemon Lord to return to the fight. When the Daemon Lord flies back in, he will smash the ground and create a shockwave from his body that pushes out towards you. This is one of his only moves that can be blocked so hold cn_LT to make sure you do not take damage from this. The fight will return to the same attacks he had when you first began so keep anticipating his moves by watching his tells, and dodge and attack accordingly.

Once you chip his health down to a third remaining, he will fly to the background a second time and activate the rotating lasers again. This time though, there is only one super long beam that covers the whole area instead of two. Avoid it and get to the other mechanism that you left alone the first time and use the stopwatch again to slow down time giving you more time to destroy the mechanism. You will probably have to use the rail again to dodge the beam at least once before you destroy it. Once the mechanism is destroyed it causes the Daemon Lord's electric barrier on him to disappear which means you can mist through him now, and he gets pretty angry with you. He will grab you and bring you to the upper platform with him while shoving you in one of the electric beams up there. Mash the cn_X button to escape this grab.

This is the only section of the fight that can be difficult as you now have less than half of the space you did below to fight and dodge the Daemon Lord. To make matters worse, the electrical fields on the left and right will damage you quite a bit if you dodge into them or get pushed into them. The magnetic rail is also gone so you cannot rely on that to get past the Daemon Lords attacks anymore and will have to remember to mist through him if he traps you instead . His attack pattern also changes a little bit and he adds one new move. The new move is a tail/butt slam that throws out shockwaves like you dealt with when he first jumped down from this platform. They can be blocked but he will do them constantly until you hit him to make him stop. It is important you don’t just sit there and keep blocking as each block pushes you back and will eventually push you into the electric field at one end or the other. The other change is in his three move combo attack but in a good way as he now only does the two claw swipes and will no longer lunge at you for the third attack. The best way to fight him here is block his tail ground shockwaves and then dash in and hit him. If he is going to swipe his claw at you and you have a very small space behind you mist through him right away avoid getting trapped or smashed into the electric field on either end. The stopwatch is a GREAT tool here too, which will allow you a lot of extra hits on him and time to dodge his attacks so use it as much as you want. Beat his health down until you can grab him with cn_RT to end this fight once and for all and gain the following achievement.

System shock

Defeat the Daemon Lord

System shock
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Victory here grants you the Demonic Wings. This is like a double jump in the game so now you can hit cn_A twice to go even higher than before. On top of that you can also hold cn_A while in the air to glide down. Remember that tough to get Special Ammo Increase Chest I said would be a bit easier with a soon to be learned ability? This would be the ability I was talking about. You can use it to make that jump through the electric field there much easier, jump even higher in the process, and then glide over to the far platform. If you want to backtrack to that section now and get it (if you skipped the midair timed dash move earlier) you could do it now, or wait until I point out a good time later when we are backtracking anyway. Assuming you have gotten that chest already (or you are going to wait) let’s move on. Run to the right now and use your new double jump to escape this area (sadly the magnetic rail is broken now) and run through the elevator to grab another life increase chest.

Life Chest 3/5

Go ahead and activate the elevator now taking you to the…

Vampires’ Tower

Alucard Vampires Tower

As you can see from the mini map this is a pretty big area. Head left out of the elevator and run until you need to double jump through a small opening in the wall. Start climbing up the wall on the far side and when you see a small platform to the right. Head over there and mist through the gate. Use your new double jump and glide ability to get across the chandelier and to the far side to find a bestiary scroll in the middle of some contraptions shooting fireballs. Be careful as you work to grab it and time your jump well to avoid getting hit.

Bestiary Scroll 7/12 (Gargoyle)

Keep heading right from here and swing across the gap to find a wolf door to open with your wolf form. Swing again to reach the far wall, then climb up and grab the small platform up here to get another upgrade to your special attack.

Special Ammo Chest 3/5

Backtrack all the way to the far left wall and continue climbing up until you reach the health font and a lever. Pull the lever and head through to face a new and annoying enemy, the Knight Vampire. As you no doubt have already noticed, while progressing through the game the regular enemies are starting to get a bit harder and pose more of a threat than usual. The knight vampires wield large purple swords and can either hover above you and attack in a few ways or stay on the ground and attack in a few ways. While in the air, the knight vampire will start a glowing attack and throw a purple dagger at you, but don’t fret as this is easily dodged. The knight vampire can also do large sword swipes and even do two very long swings with its sword covering a good bit of ground while not being blockable. If the knight vampire is in the air, the best tactic is to stay on the ground and use cn_Y attacks to hit it without jumping and just dodge the daggers. Things are a bit more complicated on the ground. You can block and counter a few of the sword swipes done by the knight vampire, but many of it's moves are still not able to be blocked. The knight vampire can go back and then dash across the screen trying to stab you with its swords in a straight line. Another attack that cannot be blocked, is a two sword swipe attack that covers a good bit of ground. Also if the knight vampire does two regular sword attacks that can be blocked and is un-interrupted, it will ALWAYS finish with an unblockable finishing sword swipe. On top of all this the knight vampire can also block your attacks with its sword.

So yeah, these things are no fun to fight and take a lot of damage before falling. The best tactic is, as mentioned before, if they are in the air, pummel them with cn_Y while dodging only daggers. If they are on the ground it is best to block their regular sword swipes and then counter with a nice combo of your own. If they block hold cn_LT and then cn_X to use your shadow claw punch attack to break their block and then keep attacking (you should have learned this move by now as it is the best breaking an enemy block attack there is). You will often fight knight vampires in groups of two or three at a time so get used to keeping an eye on both of them while you attempt to take one out quickly.

Alright. Enough about knight vampires as you probably didn’t need that much information to know how to kill them. Once this first one appears they are going to start showing up all over the vampire’s tower now. As you keep heading right, more knight vampires will keep appearing that you can deal with. Once you reach the far wall climb up and work your way to a suspended rope that goes across three statue heads shooting fireballs. Carefully make your way across the rope and then rappel and climb up the wall until you reach the very top section, then head left. This will lead you to the exit and into the final section of the map.

Throne Entrance

Alucard Throne Entrance

We have officially visited every area of the map now. Head left and deal with more knight vampires and then rappel up the closed gate ahead and jump back to the right to reach the next level of this section. Along the way you will face a gargoyle, so deal with him and then proceed to the far right. You will notice a section here you can drop down with the shadow claws so do so and claim another special ammo upgrade.

Special Ammo Chest 4/5

Shadow claw your way back out and then keep heading up the stairs until you find yourself blocked by two barriers and forced into another fight with a knight vampire. You will now be at the final part of this act, but notice you need two blood orbs to proceed. Unfortunately (and fortunately for collectables we have yet to acquire) you need to backtrack to get the two blood orbs needed to confront the last boss. It is now officially backtracking time to get all the collectables and ensure you are at 100% before we finish off this act. The blood orbs location were marked on the maps I provided so you can see where they both will be as you head back through the maps. Start off by going to the left of the throne entrance and rappel up the wall smashing through the window here. Don’t jump down, instead do a double jump and glide all the way left to find another bestiary scroll.

Bestiary Scroll 8/12 (Shadow Crawler)

There is a knight vampire below to deal with once you drop down. After that, keep heading down and to the left. On a broken platform on the far left wall you will see another dead knight scroll. Double jump up to this platform and make sure to collect it.

Dead Knight Scroll 18/20

This should complete the throne entrance to 100%, and if you check you mini map in the game you should have 8 of the 14 sections completed to 100% now. Keep making your way down and then head right until you reach a lever you can pull to connect the two sides of this map, making it easier to get around the throne entrance. Drop down to the left and deal with some more knight vampires, then take the second exit from this area on the left side (behind a wolf door you have to break open) to go back to the vampires’ tower.

Swing across the gap here and make your way down the wall until you see a platform you can jump off to on the right. Get to that platform and break the barrels there to find a crawlspace leading to another magic upgrade.

Magic Chest 4/5

Head back now to the far left wall and work your way down another shadow claw section. Drop down again to face a gargoyle. Once the gargoyle is defeated, head right and a section of the floor will collapse at an angle, giving you a new way to climb up here from the floor below. Make your way across this upper section with double jumps, glides, and grapple swinging, to reach a lever on the far side. Pick up another bestiary card up here along the way at the first platform you jump across to.

Bestiary Scroll 9/12 (Knight Vampire)

If you happen to fall, be prepared to deal with some more knight vampires. The lever will turn on a magnetic rail that you can use to go up and reach another lever changing the activated magnetic rail again. Instead of jumping on the rail in front of you, go left and jump to find another magnetic rail heading down leading to another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 19/20

Grabbing this scroll finishes this section at 100%, but we still need the blood orb. Ride this rail up to find a magic font and another lever. Pulling this lever opens two gates on the right side of the castle that we need to get through for the blood orb. Make your way back down the magnetic rail and head right to the second magnetic rail we skipped the first time. Ride this one to find a wolf door you can break open leading you back to the far right side. Head over to the wall and climb up until you see a grapple point you can use to swing over to the left with. Make sure you avoid the steam before swinging, and follow this path with another double jump to snag the first blood orb. The lever in here will open the gates on the far side, completing all the shortcuts in this section of the map. Make your way all the way back down this map using the section of floor that fell down as a shortcut, and start heading back to the resurrection room dealing with the knight vampires and gargoyles along the way (the path heads down the broken section of floor, to the left, from there past the health font, down the wall on the left, to the right past the small opening in the wall leading all the way to the exit). Once back in the resurrection room head left across the scene of the boss battle and up the other side. Right after you climb back up look up after the small tunnel here to see another bestiary scroll floating up in the air. Use your double jump ability from where the ground is highest to jump up and grab it.

Bestiary Scroll 10/12 (Deamon Lord)

Grabbing this scroll puts the resurrection room at 100% now as well. Return to the elevator and pass through the carousel’s engine room returning to the toy maker’s workshop. Make your way across the magnetic rail and to the teleport curtain to teleport to the theatre. The sole purpose of doing this is to open the gate for the teleport there for later. Teleport back to the toy maker’s workshop, heading down the opening near the stopwatch, and then riding the magnetic rail here down to where the health font is. Continue to the left on another magnetic rail and keep going left and down dealing with some puppets along the way. Keep making your way down the shadow claw wall area, and keep in mind if you skipped the special ammo upgrade chest from earlier that was difficult to get (special chest 2 in the guide) you are passing the path to get there again. Take the detour there only if you skipped it earlier.

From the shadow claw wall, ride the moving platform going up and down to your left all the way up, and take a long double jump and glide to the far left wall to latch onto a wall grip point. Climb up past the electric beam to find another magnetic rail by the ceiling and ride over to another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 20/20

Make your way back down now to the rail below you and head to the exit leading into the clock room. Move through the clock room and get to the exit to proceed to the toys assembly line (head down the wall and head right after you drop down one level). The exit you want is the top of the two lower exits). Once in the toys assembly line, ride the magnetic rail at the entrance upwards until you see the steam coming out of a pipe. On the lower right of the screen you should see a bestiary scroll in the air. Ride the rail over top of the scroll and drop down to grab it.

Bestiary Scroll 11/12 (Macabre Puppet Unleashed)

Be prepared to take some damage as you hit the ground as it is a long way down. Once you drop to the ground, more puppets and magic books will attack you. By this point you should have all but two points on the map at 100%. Head back into the clock room by going left and then drop down a level and go back to the terrace. Run through the terrace to the theatre and go to the lower right exit of the theatre into the kitchen. Right away as you run in you will see another bestiary scroll to grab.

Bestiary Scroll 12/12 (Wraith)

Head to the left and up the left hand side like you were going to take the other exit to the theatre. When you climb back up there is another wolf door there to open in wolf form guarding your final magic upgrade chest.

Magic Chest 5/5

Go back down into the kitchen. Keep heading down until you reach the gate you need to mist through (there will be a magic font on the other side). Deal with the hunchbacks in this room and then use double jump to reach the large wooden platform on the right. Once on top, grab the metal cage and drag it to the left so you can double jump off of it and reach the magnetic rail on the top portion of this room. Riding the rail you will find a deceased hunchback clutching the second blood orb. All that is left now, is to grab a few last collectables and then get back to the throne entrance. Ride the magnetic rail back across, jump down to the ground floor, and then keep heading to the right until you reach the section that looks like your moving through big sewer pipes. A little way in you should come across a place where the pipes go up and you can use the shadow claws to climb up. Make your way to the top and on the left you will find yet another health upgrade chest.

Life Chest 4/5

The kitchen should now be at 100% as well. Keep backtracking to the right until you reach the abandoned mine. Above you when entering the mine there are platforms moving to the right of the screen. Double jump up to grab the side of one of the platforms and then hang there for a little bit until you are past the fire jet coming from the ceiling. Once you are past the first one climb on the platform to pass the fire jet on the lower section and then hang off the right side of the platform to pass the final fire jet before double jumping to the right to collect the final health upgrade chest.

Life Chest 5/5

Drop back down, head right to the elevator and take it down to the mine cart. Drop down from the mine cart and keep heading left until you reach the wooden platforms rising up and down. Ride the platform on the right up as far as it can go and jump up to a ledge to find a wolf door. Open it and snag the final special ammo upgrade and final collectable of this act.

Special Ammo Chest 5/5

Double check your mini map and make sure all the areas are gold now to ensure you do not miss the 100% completion for Alucard’s act. Make your way all the way back to the theatre to use the warp curtain bringing you to the toymakers workshop. You really shouldn’t need directions at this point and if you get lost refer to the maps above. Make your way all the way back to the throne entrance and use the two blood orbs on each side of the door now. Doing this will open the large door and start a scene leading to the showdown with…

Boss Battle: Dracula

All right, finally a big-time showdown. Dracula, as you can expect, is not a simple boss to beat and things are a little more complicated (and in some ways easier) since Simon is also present for the battle. There are a few things to note before we get into Dracula’s attacks. First, is that your special attacks are utterly useless. The stopwatch does not slow down Dracula at all and the bats are also not effective. Second, is that mist form can be used against Dracula and is encouraged if you find yourself in desperate need of healing. Finally, use Simon to your advantage when he is present. There are times were Simon can take a hit for you saving your precious health or even better, hit Dracula to disrupt one of his attacks. If at all possible, try to keep Simon between you and Dracula for a good bit of the fight.

So on to Dracula’s attacks. First of all he has a three move combo whip attack where the first two moves are blockable but the last is not. This is extremely hard to time a counter to, so it is better if you back up, dodge, and avoid it completely. Dracula will also jump in the air, or stay on the ground and throw red fireballs out in a arching angle. The farther back you are the more of a gap there will be between the fireballs to allow you to dodge between them. While also in the air Dracula will drop directly to the ground throwing a large red shockwave out from both sides of him covering the ground. The only way to avoid that is with a well-timed jump. If Dracula rears his cape up and flashes he is about to do a superman like punch across the screen at you. Dodge this by jumping over him. Dracula also does a jump attack and while jumping through the air will use his whip to try and hit you. He also uses a rise-up attack that will pull you up in the air and the will attempt to do a follow up combo while you are airborne. These, of course, you want to avoid at all costs. Finally Dracula can also block you with his cape so if he does this do not forget that you can use your shadow punch (hold cn_LT and then hold cn_X at the same time] to break his block.

For the first part of the fight you and Simon will be working together. Keep Simon between you and Dracula to avoid a lot of his attacks and keep watching for his clues for which attack he will use. Keep your whip attacks hitting him at a distance and make sure you don’t get too cocky and leave yourself wide open to one of his devastating moves.

Once you get Dracula’s health down about a quarter, he will smack Simon pretty hard and knocks him out of the fight. Now that it is one on one you have to really pay attention to Dracula’s clues for his attacks as they are all going to be focused on you. Keep playing it safe and pick your shots to get his health down. The best time to put a hurt on him is when you catch him blocking with his cape and break his block with the shadow punch, and then follow up with a nice cn_X combo by either holding the button down or hitting it five times.

At around half health, Dracula will retreat after a cut scene and you will have Simon start attacking you. Clearly he is not himself and you DO NOT want to attack Simon. You need to counter his whip attack with a block to stun him and then press cn_RT to grab him attempting to get rid of whatever is got a hold of him by mashing the cn_A button. When you successfully do this the first time he will use his throwing axe and then try the whip attack again. Dodge the throwing axe, then counter his whip attack and grab him again. Once you have successfully grabbed him twice he now adds his oil flask attack along with the throwing axe. Dodge any special attack he uses and once again wait for him to use the whip attack so you can counter it and grab him one final time to release him from the spell that caused him to attack you.

Once Simon is free Dracula rejoins the fray and grabs you. Mash on cn_A to escape and the battle will proceed like it did when it first started with you and Simon working together. Dracula may grab you again and can also grab Simon with his whip. If he grabs you just keep hitting cn_A again and if he grabs Simon just attack him to free him from Dracula’s grasp. Keep being aggressive while avoiding his attacks and chip his health down to finally finish the fight. Once you do enjoy the cut scene that follows and you will earn the following two achievements.

Alucard's Redemption

Complete Alucard (100%)

Alucard's Redemption
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On to Act III we go!

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