Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD Walkthrough

5. Trevor Walkthrough

Act III: Trevor's Walkthrough

As you would probably guess, the third and final act is the most difficult of the group. I have good news and bad new to go with that. The good news is out of all the bosses in the game Trevor has the easiest group by far (Simon’s were not that hard either but it was the first act and when you learn their patterns they are also simple). The bad news is that many of the regular enemies you are faced with in Trevor’s act are almost like mini bosses. They all hit hard and take a lot of damage to destroy. You really need to master dodging and blocking here as these regular guys will pack a nasty punch. Don’t forget you can use all grapple points already with Trevor, you still have your shadow claws, AND you keep your double jump ability (you just can’t glide cry).

Castle Entrance

Trevor Castle Entrance

The first part of the map is a straight line. Head right and you will face off against some skeleton warriors and a newer larger skeleton warrior with a big spiky shield. They as you could guess like to block your attacks so use your shadow claw punch to break this block (while holding cn_LT hold cn_X) allowing you to put a hurt on these guys. Watch out for the throwing axes in the thick of battle. Towards the end of the map on the right, a large red armored demon will come out holding a nasty looking ball and chain. This is possessed armor and they are one of the more difficult regular enemies to fight. You need to learn to spot their attacks (which are not hard if you pay attention) and avoid getting hit so you can chip away at them. First, if they raise the base of their chain above their head really high, they are about to slam on the ground and create a small shockwave moving out in a circle that will hurt you if you get hit by the slam move or the shockwave. If it winds the chain up behind it and it glows that means the ball and chain is being thrown at you in a straight line across the ground. Jump over this but wait a second and then jump again as when the ball is retracted it can damage you as well. Pretend it’s a boomerang and act accordingly. If it hunches down and its shoulder glows it will do a small shoulder charge at you, but just doing back will avoid this. Finally, it can wind the chain up while glowing beforehand and will swing the ball and chain at you. This is the one attack that can be blocked and countered. Do enough damage to it so that you can grab the enemy with cn_RT and that will finally destroy the armor. Proceed again to the right and grab the first dead knight scroll in plain sight.

Dead Knight Scroll 1/23

Use the health font if necessary and head on to the…

Unholy Church

Trevor Unholy Church

Head to the far right of the church to acquire your first special attack item, the boomerang. Sadly I do not think I ever used this item during my entire run with Trevor but feel free to experiment with it if you like using the cn_B attacks. Right after you will be attacked by some giant bats. These can attack you from the ground or sky but nothing they do is too devastating. Attack as you see fit and dispose of them. I prefer the cn_Y attacks as it can hit the ones in the air while there are enemies on the ground. At the end of the fight the game will show you a point you can jump up to over the entrance you came in. Head on up and swing across the upper portion of the church until you reach your next dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 2/23

Keep working you way to the right across the chandeliers until you reach the far right wall. Now work your way up the small platforms to reach a lever at the very top that will cause the chandelier to crash to the ground and create your next exit. Carefully work your way back down (using the swing grapple point to lower yourself down a bit) and exit to the…


Trevor Crypt

Head down to the left into the crypt and follow the passage and you will reach the next dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 3/23

Keep running to the right now until the game stops you with a small vision behind the gate that bars your way. We are going to make a detour for the moment and head straight up using the double jump and climb all the way until we reach the exit to the…


Trevor Cemetery

Head to the left right away, past the health font and do a double jump to grab your first bestiary scroll for act III.

Bestiary Scroll 1/11 (Armored Skeleton)

Now head to the right of the cemetery to get in a large fight with an armored skeleton and a bunch of skeleton warriors. Don’t forget if the fight starts going south there is a health font on the far left of the screen. When you finally defeat them all keep going right to get an upgrade to your special ammo for your cn_B attacks.

Special Ammo Chest 1/5

The map I have provided shows that you can exit to the right here but that actually won’t be possible until later on in the act. For now backtrack back down into the crypt. Drop down the path you took up to the gate again and start going back to the left. Deal with the armored skeleton and skeleton warrior along the way and then drop down a level at the first opening in the ground. You will face a few more skeleton warriors and if you go to the far left you will see a symbol on the wall in front of a gate that blocks the path to a magic upgrade chest. You will need to earn a magic ability later to be able to open this door. Drop down another left and proceed all the way down to find yet another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 4/23

Now head left again, dealing with more skeleton warriors, and jump up to the ledge on the right to swing over to find a lever on the left ledge. Pulling this lever will open the gate where you saw the strange creature right before we entered the cemetery. Once you pull the lever you will have a short amount of time to backtrack to that gate and get through it. The game will add a ticking sound that will speed up as it gets closer to closing. Make your way back up there as quick as you can and get through that gate before it closes otherwise you will have to repeat this process. There will be a skeleton warrior that will try to block your path right before the gate but just ignore him and run/jump past him to make sure the gate does not close. Once on the other side, pull the lever and you never have to do this timed gate thing again. You will see a creepy lady in a magic barrier in this room that you have to jump up and over to pass. Rappel up the left wall to get up high enough to jump over and then pull the lever on the far side to exit to the next area.

Entrance Bridge

Trevor Entrance Bridge

Head up the path ahead and use your shadow claw wall jumps to reach to top of the entrance bridge. Use the health font provided if you are lacking any health from the previous fights and start making your way to the right. After a short distance, a hunchback will take a pendant that we need and throw it in the flowing water making it disappear below us. Chase the naughty hunchback until you are trapped by a gate behind you as some more hunchbacks introduce you to…

Boss Battle: Executioner

Well your first boss battle in act III starts pretty early. The Executioner is big and does a lot of damage whenever any of his attacks make contact with you. On the plus side he is mostly slow and all of his moves are easy to spot/predict.

First off the Executioner will attempt to grab you. If you fail to dodge this don’t panic as the move will not hurt you unless you fail to hit a button in a QTE. The button to press is ALWAYS be cn_Y so just be ready to hit and press when the prompt appears. No harm done. The Executioner will at times bring his axe back to the side meaning he is going to do a large horizontal swipe at you. Back dodge and it should always miss you. There are times when it should have hit me but still missed so I believe as long as you start the dodge back in time you will be safe. If he raises his axe in the air and the bottom of the axe shines he will slam it on the ground creating a shockwave effect on the ground. Just jump over and hold cn_X after you jump to hit him with a guillotine attack as this move is a great follow up. After you take off about a quarter of the Executioner’s health he will lean forward and his face will flash meaning he is about to charge at you. You have to time a double jump just right to clear him and make sure he smashes into the far wall. Use this as a good opportunity to do a nice follow up combo as it takes him a bit to recover and turn around once he hits the wall. After about half of the Executioner’s health is gone he will get angrier and unleash another new attack (and his final one) where he puts both arms to the side of him and bends forward with his face flashing. He will then jump up and at you to belly flop on top of Trevor. You need to dodge roll under him to avoid this and again it is a good time to do some follow up attacks.

Those really are the only moves the Executioner can do. If you chip away at his health and dodge each attack accordingly it is very possible he may never hit or do any damage to you at all. Just take the time to learn each of his moves and this guy will go down like a sack of potatoes…or a bad habit…I am not good with analogies right now. At the very end you need to grab him to start a scene that finishes the fight.

Sadly we don’t get any achievements for beating this guy to a pulp.

Move forward to the door and you will be greeted by now the no-so-silent specter from Simon and Alucards act. Being able to go no further, we need to go back and find that little trinket that the hunchback threw in the water. Head back a bit and, thanks to an armored skeleton, a trap door will open in the ground that you can go down to descend under the bridge. Be careful as you head down as there is a statue head spewing fire below. When you reach the bottom two armored skeletons will attack you from both sides. Since there is a very low ceiling here it can be difficult to jump over them to put them on one side of you so make sure you are using your blocks and take one out as quickly as you can. Once they are defeated drop down the side of the wall to the left to find another symbol and a gate. You will need another type of magic to open this later to get another upgrade. Make a note on your map if you wish (I will guide you back here later) and then go up the wall and swing across the gap to the left. Once you land on the far side, if you double jump on the edge of the platform, you will see a bestiary scroll floating high in the air. Use double jump to grab it and then grab the swing point before you fall to your death and swing back to the left so we can continue on.

Bestiary Scroll 2/11 (Executioner)

Head to the left following the path and you will see another dead knight scroll to pick up along the way.

Dead Knight Scroll 5/23

Continue down and to the left until you reach a rope that you will have to climb across to the left passing some statues shooting fireballs. Count the fireballs each statue shoots before it pauses to move across them safely (first shoots three in a row, second shoots two in a row, and the last shoots three in a row). Continue on up dodging more fire along the way and then rappel down another wall until you come face to face with another armored skeleton. Once you have dealt with him keep going a little more to the left and the game will show you the pendant you are searching for. Jump to the far wall on the left and drop down before swinging to the right and grabbing the Light Magic Medallion (double jump when you let go of the grapple to make the jump). Magic for Trevor is quite different from Simon and Alucard (however exactly like Gabriel from the first Lord of Shadows game). When light magic is activated any attack you do replenishes your life a little bit. It does drain fast but this is an extremely useful magic ability in any fight. On top of that some of the symbols you have passed along the way can be lit when the magic is activated opening new doors or dispelling barriers for you. I have marked these doors on your map to help you out a little bit with ones requiring light magic being highlighted blue. Swing back to the left and take out another armored skeleton. Then try out your magic ability on the symbol here, opening the gate leading back to the exit for the Crypt. Exit back to the crypt since for now we still cannot access the castle. When you enter the crypt again you will notice the praying creature surrounded by the magic force field is gone. Climb up the wall and on top of the force field and use your new light magic to activate the seal and dispel the barrier. Drop down this hole to enter the…

Crypt’s Labyrinth

Trevor Crypt's Labyrinth

Right after you drop down head right and drop down again to find yet another dead knight scroll

Dead Knight Scroll 6/23

Go right from the scroll, work your way back up and now head left. Carefully make your way down until you see some spikes on the far left wall right after some breakable barrels. Use your shadow claws on the walls below these spikes and slide down the walls. At the very bottom is a bestiary scroll right before you hit the spikes on the bottom of this pit. You should aim to get to the left wall and slide into in and then jump off to the right at the last second avoiding the spikes at the bottom.

Bestiary Scroll 3/11 (Rotten Zombie)

Head to the right here to find yet another dead knight scroll by some barrels.

Dead Knight Scroll 7/23

Start making your way back now and you will notice zombies have made their way under the spikes on the ceiling above. Take them out being careful not to jump (again I recommend cn_Y attacks for their range) and make your way back up the shadow claw wall. You will have to time your jumps right here and also slide down a bit close to the top to avoid hitting the spikes on the far wall. If you time it right you should be able to grab the wall just below the spikes to jump off of it and grab the ledge to be able to go to the right again. Deal with some more zombies until you reach another gap. If you jump across the gap you will notice a door you currently cannot open and if you want or have been doing so you should mark it on your mini map. Go up above the door and work your way carefully down the far right side with more shadow claw walls and rappel points until you reach the ledge all the way at the very bottom left (both pits have spikes at the bottom so be careful going down). After another zombie fight you will see a health font you should use if you are missing any health at the moment and then jump down the hole here to start a battle with…

Boss Battle: Lady of the Crypt

Remember that crying creepy thing in the force field earlier? Yeah, you probably knew you were going to have to fight that some time. Here is the good news…this is probably the easiest boss in the entire game (at least on the fighting part. More on part 2 later). The Lady of the Crypt only has three attacks in total which she keeps adding as the fight goes on. When the fight first beings all she does is flail her arms at you while rushing forward to you. If you block this at ANY TIME at all you will counter it making this a laughable move that you can follow up on with your favorite combo of choice. After every bit of damage you dish out at her she sinks back into the ground and then pops back and to repeat the arm flail attack. After you knock off about a quarter of her health she will add an un-blockable rush attack. This is easy to anticipate as she will glow on her head and then zip across the screen at you. Just jump over her as she zooms by and she will stand there all confused and you can again use your favorite combo on her while she stands there for a moment. At about half health she will now attempt to grab you along with the other two moves. The best way to avoid this is to stay airborne when she is in the ground and just keep jumping until she appears again so you can react to whatever attack she chooses to do accordingly.

That is really the whole fight. Once you deplete her health and perform a grapple move however, you will see there is a bit more to her than meets the eye. This will start a scene with QTE to be able to succeed in the battle. Just press the correct button prompt on the screen when it appears and you will be victorious. If you want the order of buttons you have to press for the QTE events here they are…

cn_A, cn_A, hold cn_RT, cn_A, hold cn_RT, hold cn_LT, cn_A, cn_A, hold cn_RT, cn_A, mash cn_X, and finally again mash cn_X

This will truly finish the fight while opening the door to the castle, destroying a large section of the entrance bridge making it impossible to backtrack for now (don’t worry we will be able to do so later. I know I freaked out the first time it happened cause I thought I missed collectables that I couldn’t go back to get), and also opening the gate that leads from the entrance bridge to the cemetery. For winning this battle you will also earn the following achievement.


Defeat the Lady of the Crypt


Well we are now back on the entrance bridge in front of the castle entrance. Head on in the now busted door to enter the…

Castle Hall

Trevor Castle Hall

Make your way into the long hall passing another health font until you have to fight another possessed armor. Chip away at him until you are victorious and a little bit afurther on you will get another cut scene that will explain quite a bit about the specter that has been stalking you for the whole game. Keep heading to the right and some giant bats will show up to fight you. After disposing of them as well you will reach a door that you cannot pass yet. Note the grapple point the game shows you and start heading up and to the left. Along the way up here you will reach a life upgrade chest behind a large crate you can push. Make sure you push the crate to reveal this chest.

Life Chest 1/5

Now push the crate to the far left and use it to proceed to the next grapple point. Floating in the air you will see the next bestiary scroll. To snag it you need to stop swinging and hang from the point and just raise yourself up to it.

Bestiary Scroll 4/11 (Lady of the Crypt)

Now, still holding onto the grapple, lower yourself down and swing left again until you reach the next platform and another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 8/23

All the way to the left is a lever that when pulled, will open the door on the far right end. As you head back you will fall through the floor and face the knight vampires again. Oh goody, bet you missed them. Deal with them as usual along the way to the door on the far right and pass into the next area.

Games Room

Trevor Games Room

Run to the far right in the games room until you find a gate blocking your path. Backtrack from here to the statues to start a large battle with giant bats and werewolves. Use your block and dodge techniques accordingly and take out all the enemies. A section of the floor will open up for you letting you proceed down. Grab the wall and time your drop onto a moving platform below. Head to the right first using the rope on the right avoiding the steam vent and drop down the far right wall (you can see it has shadow claw markings on it) to find another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 9/23

Shadow claw your way back up and head on to the left now using the moving platform and grapple points. When you reach the far left wall you will see a bestiary scroll close to two steam vents. The easiest way to grab this is to get to the small wooden ledge on the right side under the bestiary scroll and time a double jump up to grab it. Doing it this way will decrease your chances of being hit by the steam vents quite a bit.

Bestiary Scroll 5/11 (Giant Bat)

Keep heading down from the scroll and drop to the platform below with the health font on it. Head to the right from here across quite a few moving platforms to the far right side to find a lever. Pulling this lever opens the gate on the far left (by the health font you were just at) but will only keep it open for a limited amount of time. Hurry back across the moving platforms before the time expires and exit to the next area on the far left.

Guards Room

Trevor Guards Room

Head down and left until you spot a grapple point on the wall midway down the stairs. Use this point to pull yourself up to a magic upgrade chest.

Magic Chest 1/5

This will cause an armored skeleton to join you blocking your path back. Take care of him, then head back to the right and all the way down to the bottom of this area. Head to the left dealing with some more armored skeletons until you reach another lever on the far left which will open the path to continue on the far right. A hunchback troop will join you after you pull the lever and you will also notice a possessed armor lurking in the background. It is extremely important during this fight to take out the hunchback troop ASAP because if you don’t the possessed armor will hang in the back of the screen and keep throwing his ball in chain at you. This is extremely hard to avoid and you can do no damage to the possessed armor while he is doing this attack. If you defeat the hunchback troop and the other small hunchback first, the possessed armor will just join the fight when he reaches the middle of the screen instead of trying to hit you with the ball and chain. I would recommend using a boomerang on the hunchback troop holding cn_B to charge it up to kill them quickly to avoid problems during this encounter. Then just beat down the smaller hunchback quickly. Once the possessed armor joins the battle everything is pretty straight forward during the fight and you can use your normal tactics that work on the possessed armor. The way to the right will now be open again so head that direction past the magic font keeping an eye out for another bestiary scroll above the exit on the right. Make sure to grab it before running into the next section.

Bestiary Scroll 6/11 (Possessed Armor)


Trevor Cells

As soon as you enter the cells you will have to jump in another mine cart and roll yourself to the right in it. This section is quite a pain since you will have to avoid a few different fire traps, stop the cart on a dime, and rotating the cn_LS is super annoying. Dodge the first fire breathing statue, then stop the mine cart and let go at the end of the first part of the track. Time your jump to avoid the two fireball statues and land in the next mine cart on the right and then carefully make your way past another fire breathing statue. Chances are you will take some damage here, I know I did. Once on the far side of the rail keep heading left until you have to fight some mermen enemies that now spit acid at you. Head up the far right side and then back left until you reach your other special attack weapon the electric bomb. Feel free to experiment with these bombs right away if you like and deal with the mermen before heading to the gate that just opened above and to the right of where you grabbed the bomb. Take the elevator there down and once it stops jump on top of the elevator. Make your way up to another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 10/23

Drop back down and head left and use another elevator to go down again. If you run left when this elevator stops you will see a symbol you cannot activate yet guarding a chest. Make a note on the map if you like and then jump up above this symbol and climb up using a metal cage crate along the way to find yet another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 11/23

Backtrack to the left and down all the way to the elevator and pass now to the right side of it. There will be another elevator in the middle of the screen but just run through it and jump to a high ledge on the right. Up here is another metal cage crate you can move to expose another lever to open a hole in the floor. Drop down and take care of the merman down here and then head to the right and start carefully making your way down the wall here with the grapple point. Push off the wall and jump to a ledge on the far side to get another upgrade to your special attacks ammo.

Special Ammo Chest 2/5

Grab the grapple point again on the far wall and make your way down a bit farther until you see an cn_A prompt appear on the screen allowing you to bust through a wooden wall. Once inside exit to the left and drop down to find a light magic emblem you can light up to grab another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 12/23

Now head left and through the elevator here and grab another ledge high up on the left side past it. Drop down the open elevator shaft here to get yet another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 13/23

Here, you’ll notice another door we cannot open yet so again, if you like to do so, make a note to come back to it on your mini map. Double jump back up the elevator shaft and now use the elevator in the middle to descend another level. Down here and to the left are a few giant bats and some mermen to the right. Once you defeat all the enemies head all the way to the right to enter the…

Vertical Prison

Trevor Vertical Prison

It can be a bit difficult to navigate through this map during the underwater segments but I will try my best to describe it here. You do have limited breath under water again with Trevor, so you need to look for air bubbles while swimming to replenish your air at times. Drop into the water and swim straight down and look for an opening in the ground down here. There should be some air bubbles to the right of this opening so refill your air first and then head down the opening all the way to the end to find a dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 14/23

Head back up to the air bubbles you saw before going down and return to them to refill your air. Now swim to the right, attempting to stay low, and when you hit the wall go straight up until you can surface out of the water. If you are in the right place there will be a magic upgrade chest waiting for you.

Magic Chest 2/5

Drop back in the water and swim back down. Head to the left back to the air bubbles to refill your air again. Now go right again and look for the first opening in the ground and start swimming down and heading right. Some of the nasty tadpoles will be down this way and can attack you when you’re under the water. Avoid them as best as you can. Stay as close to the ground as possible while heading right until you find more air bubbles to refill your air. Go up from these bubbles and while swimming up, try to keep left to find an opening a bit above that heads down a small alcove (again to your left) which will loop up and then right. You will find a bestiary scroll and more air bubbles.

Bestiary Scroll 7/11 (Hunter Merman)

Refill your air again here and then head back left, down, and then right. Keep heading right and up whenever you can until you surface again to exit this water area. On the far left side of the water there is an opening you can use to jump up to the next platform with a lever on it. Pull the lever to open a door above you to jump up into the vertical prison. Head left if you need any health or magic refills since there are fonts for both that direction and then head to the right until you reach a skeleton that has a red glow coming from him. This is not the normal dead knight scroll but a hint scroll (the ones we avoided like the plague during Alucard’s walkthrough) and are needed to be collected to progress out of the vertical prison. Since they are important to find I have also marked them on the map provided above. Grab the first one which will describe a puzzle you will need to solve to progress further on. Backtrack from this dead knight and look for a grapple point above the gate you crawled under to get here. Rappel up the point and then head left across some platforms and you will see the next dead knight scroll. Make sure to run over there and grab it.

Dead Knight Scroll 15/23

Keep heading left from the scroll you just found and get to the far wall to drop down to another alcove. In here is an emblem you can light up with light magic so go ahead and do so and then start climbing up the new chamber here. At the top you will find another hint scroll. You should notice that now the scroll shows one of the symbols on the scroll lighting up. I will explain this later (and odds are you will have figured out what it means by then too) as it relates to the puzzle to open the exit to this area. Drop back down and back past the symbol you lit up to enter this room. Scale the wall right after the symbol, avoiding steam vents, and then grab the magnetic rail and head to the right dodging fire along the way until you reach the far side and another hint scroll. There is another door here we cannot open so make a note of it if you wish and then head up the shadow claw walls right above you. Head left and look for some swing grapple points. Swing to the far left now to find another symbol on the wall that we can’t light up just yet. Instead climb up the wall here avoiding more steam vents to find a rope you can use to go right. Pass by the fire breathing statues and drop to the red dot on the map to finally acquire the shadow magic medallion allowing you to use shadow magic. This will allow you to light up the other emblems that we couldn’t before and if you are fighting with shadow magic enabled you will do extra damage to enemies. Grab the rope to the left and head back to the left again. Drop to the alcove to the emblem we just saw and use your new shadow magic to open it up and grab another hint scroll. We only need one more now to solve the puzzle at the bottom. Climb up the wall and return to the rope one more time. Go all the way to the right and past a magic font to find the final hint scroll. With that it is time to start making your way down the wall on the right side, all the way to the bottom of the vertical prison again. When you do you will engage in a large fight with mermen and giant bats. Once victorious head to the far right where you obtained the first hint scroll and just past the dead knight, are four magic emblems to light up on the wall. The solution is in the scrolls you collected to this puzzle and all you have to do is light up the four emblems with the correct color, matching the scrolls of course, in the order the scrolls show them to you. For example the one that lights up first has to be lit first, the one that lights up second has to be lit second, and so forth so you cannot just light them from left to right and be done. The order should be (starting from the left)…

Third emblem shadow magic

Second emblem light magic

First emblem shadow magic

Fourth emblem light magic

Once they are all lit in the proper order the gates will open and you can now exit into the…

Abandoned Mine

Trevor Abandoned Mine

When looking at the mini map above keep in mind that for now it is impossible to visit the upper left section of this map, so don’t panic that we will be skipping a lot of the collectables. Head to the right on the main path and you will run into another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 16/23

Jump into the water for another fun swimming section and keep an eye out for air bubbles to refill your air meter. Attempt to keep to the bottom the whole time, following the rocks to find a bestiary scroll close to the bottom of the water.

Bestiary Scroll 8/11 (Dracula)

From here, keep heading as far right as you can go, refilling your air as needed along the way, until you can surface on the far right side. You may notice to the left is another door we still cannot open so mark it on your map for now if you want and then proceed to the right. Some mermen will attack you along the way so take care of them with the moves you are most comfortable with and keep going until you reach a large lava pit you are not able to pass. Climb the wooden boards just behind you avoiding the fire as you go up. Once you reach the top, double jump to the right to find a platform with another dead knight scroll on it.

Dead Knight Scroll 17/23

Double jump back and then hop on the mine cart and carefully make your way past the fireball breathing statues along the way. A few gargoyles will attack you on the far platform. Once they are defeated, start climbing up the wooden platforms above you until you find a magic font, and then jump down to the right to find a lever that you will need to pull multiple times. As you start pulling the lever you will realize what is about to happen very shortly…

Boss Battle: Executioner Part 2

Yup, he is back. However if you read the achievement description for him you probably already knew this was coming. The second battle with the Executioner is almost identical to the first, with one small but very annoying and dangerous exception. All of the Executioner’s moves are the same. He still swings the axe, slams the axe, runs at you, attempts to grab you, and tries to belly flop you. No changes there. Even the amount of space you have to fight him in is similar. The difference is in the background. Hunchbacks will be riding mine carts in the background throughout the whole battle and throwing oil flasks at you during the entire fight. As you know these create a burning area effect when they hit, so now not only do you have to read and dodge the Executioner’s attacks but you have to keep an eye on the oil flasks coming at you too.

The best way to deal with this fight is to attempt to guide the oil flasks to spots that will not mess with your ability to attack or dodge all of the Executioner’s attacks. The hunchbacks will make sounds when they are throwing them and each cart when it shows up in the background will only throw two oil flasks each time before zooming off. So, try to keep some distance between you and the Executioner when you know a flask is about to be thrown, dodge forward (still giving yourself a bit of room to dodge a grab or axe swing) and then continue to press the attack. Another trick is the hunchbacks tend to stop on the right and left of the screen alternating each time they show up. If they are not visible on screen they will not actually throw the flasks. This means if you can shift where you and the Executioner are fighting to make the hunchbacks not be on screen and get a small breather from their attacks. This can be tough to do and really it is more important you dodge the Executioner’s attacks then try to manipulate his position. This is again a very annoying fight but it is doable. Don’t forget you have light magic to use if you get hit a time or two to regain health mid-fight if you need it. Just keep chipping away at him and you will be victorious. For beating the Executioner a second time you will also earn the following achievement.

The bigger they are...

Defeat the Executioner... twice!

The bigger they are...
1 guide

Now that the big boy is down, use the lever again and proceed through to get another upgrade for your battle cross. You can finally open all those concrete doors we passed along the way to get here and the game will demonstrate that for you right away after you get the upgrade. Open the door to your right, use your shadow claws to climb up above, and then hop on the elevator to enter the next area.

Clock Tower

Trevor Clock Tower

What would Castlevania be without a clock tower somewhere in it? This section of the map will be very heavy on the platforming so great ready to do a lot of tricky timed jumps. Also as a side note, you should be VERY close to earning max level by now with all the dead knight scrolls we have been grabbing all game and enemies we have been fighting. If you have been fighting every enemy along the way then this will pop shortly. For the sake of the guide showing when you should get it though, I will add it to the end of this acts achievements that you should gain.

Once the elevator reaches the top use the health font if you need it and then head left. Grab the wind block on the left and pull it out so you can ride the wind up to the ledge above. There will be two steam vents to the left here with a grapple point in the middle. You will need to time your grapple swing right to avoid both vents and reach the far platform unharmed. The next platform will have six steam vents in a row that you cannot pass unless you walk under the moving minecart (or whatever than thing is supposed to be) so it blocks the vents for you. Proceed to the next elevator and use it to bring you up again to another wind block just to the right. Pull the wind block out a bit but don’t jump on it just yet. Next avoid the steam and head right until you reach another block that is stopping a red laser from hitting you. Push the block towards the laser to reveal a lever and pull the lever to start moving some platforms above you (near the wind block). Now ride the wind up and grab the side of one of the platforms. Just hang from it as it takes you to the right so you can drop off on the upper platform up here. To the right above the electricity some more moving platforms will be moving in and out of the wall. Time your movements and jumps to make your way up (it really isn’t too difficult) until you reach another health font on the platform above. To the left of the font is another set of moving platforms with electricity underneath and a steam vent above. Grab onto one of the platforms and climb up and then watch the steam vent timing. If it looks like the steam will hit you, jump back to the right to the next platform and repeat until you have the timing where the platform with miss the steam when it turns off. Past the steam you will come to another set of moving platforms, but these are moving down vertically instead of horizontally. Quickly jump on one of the platforms and then staying to the right side of them, jump up to the one above it and grab on to pull yourself up again. Keep doing this to work your way up the platforms as they are moving down until you are at the top. On the right there is a grapple point near the top so jump out and grab it to swing to a small platform with an electric beam on it. Avoid the beam by timing your swing (you may have to stop the swing cold to get the timing right) and then jump again to the right to another platform with steam vents on the ceiling. Before proceeding past the steam, look down the gap you just crossed over and you will see a red laser beam that hits another small platform below you. Get on this small platform and use the rope attached to the right to slide down and find a dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 18/23

Double jump to reach the small platform with the rope again and double jump again to reach the steam platform. Now wait for the moving carts to move past the steam vents and activate another elevator. Once you get off the elevator a vent will be working like the wind blocks to the left. Jump over the vent to let it push you up so you can grab one of the moving platforms just to the left of it. You will not be riding these long as they will run you right into a red laser beam so, keep going to the right as they move and the next one appears. Just above you and to the right there is another set of platforms moving in a clockwise circle fashion. Jump up to one of these and make your way to the right (counter clockwise) to find another ledge with a dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 19/23

Now get back on the clockwise moving platforms and ride them until you reach a magnetic track that goes to the left. Grab the track and ride it to another set of moving platforms going up in a vertical path and, using the left sides of the platforms, make your way down them until you see another steam vent. Time your jump to the far left past the steam vent (you will have to double jump and possibly air dash to make it) to reach the platform on the far side. There will be a metal cage block you can pull out from the wall here to reach another lever which will deactivate a laser above you but activate alternating electric beams. Using the rappel points work your way up avoiding the electric beams carefully until you reach the top right and head right to find another dead knight scroll out in the open.

Dead Knight Scroll 20/23

On the far right side use your new hook upgrade to bust open the wall where you will find two magic emblems you can light up. Depending on the combination you use, certain platforms in this large room will descend and allow you to specific areas. Start by lighting both with shadow magic (red) which will deactivate a laser beam above and lower and platform on the left allowing you head up to where the beam was. Head on up there to find another life upgrade chest.

Life Chest 2/5

Head back down to the emblems but this time use shadow (red) on the left one and light (blue) on the right one to open the full path up to the right side of this room. Make your way up the platforms to a ledge where you will gain the final upgrade for Trevor, the Speed Boots. The game will make you use them right away and teach you how they work. Just tap cn_LS twice in any direction you want to run and then hit cn_A to jump very large gaps (which will now allow us to fully backtrack to get all collectables and proceed in the story). You can also just sprint and not jump to run faster in areas if you wish. Jump the large gap to the left and exit to reach the last map area.


Trevor Belfry

Even though this is the last section of the map the act is not quite over yet. Also do not fret if you do not see all of the bestiary scrolls here just yet either as they will show up in their marked locations later on along the way.

Make your way to the left and you will run into a possessed armor enemy as well as a few gargoyles. Personally I focus on the gargoyles first to get the fire attacks away from me so I can focus on dodging and taking care of the possessed armor without fear of being attacked from behind. After the enemies are defeated and the seal is broken, keep heading left dealing with some more gargoyles along the way and passing the elevator (do NOT use it yet). Whenl you reach the far left side of the map, you will find another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 21/23

On your way back you will be surrounded by two possessed armors, one on each side of you. The goal is to move back and jump over the one behind you that way all the attacks are going straight at you rather than you having to keep one eye behind you while fighting the other possessed armor. When they are both dealt with and the seal is broken, head all the way right to the elevator we passed and activate it to head up. At the top you will get a cut scene when you head out to the right which will put Trevor in peril right away. You will be in a section of map that does not exist so don’t worry about collectables. You have one goal here and one goal only, and that is to outrun the bell following you while staying alive. Use the shadow claws on the wall to your right immediately and slide down enough to grab the grapple point to the left and swing to the shadow claw wall on the far left. Once you grab that wall, jump off the wall to the wall on the right to avoid the gear which will kill you if you touch it (clearly gears are dangerous). Keep alternating walls as you slide down to avoid more gears (you will have to use a double jump or two in here too). Once you have jumped a few walls you will see more grapple points to the right so grab on and swing to the far right shadow claw wall. Slide down this wall just a little way and then jump to the left to grab the magnetic track to head to the far left again. Here you will slide down to a solid platform finally with some hunchbacks along the way. Ignore the hunchbacks and start running to the right. Head down the stairs until you reach some barrels you need to smash to proceed. Break the barrels and keep running down to you see another shadow claw wall on the right. Slide down avoiding the gears like before until you reach another magnetic track. Once you get on the track head left but stop before the saw like gear that blocks your path. We need to wait for the bell to dislodge the gear in order to proceed so wait a bit and once the gear is broken off by the bell, continue to the shadow claw wall and slide down to grab the next couple of grapple points to head right again. Dodge the gears again on the way down using a well timed double jump to the left and you will finally get a cut scene to play that finishes this escape sequence. Take a deep breath as you will not have to do that again…until you play the game on the hardest difficulty later cry.

After the cut scene you will get up and be in the upper portion of the abandoned mine (the section you couldn’t reach earlier). It is now finally time to start mopping up the last few sections of the game and finish up all the collectables along with the story. If you have followed everything so far you should already have 6 areas at 100% and 8 more to clean up. Head left right away from your new start point and collect another dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 22/23

Now head right and use the elevator here to head down. There will be a lever down here to the left that, once you flip it, will cause the wooden floor to go down. Head down with the platform and then make your way left to reach another platform that is heading up to a shadow claw wall. Ride the platform up until you can start jumping off the shadow claw walls and make your way to the top to find the final dead knight scroll.

Dead Knight Scroll 23/23

Slide back down the far shadow claw wall and jump back to the middle section that we passed when we jumped all the way up. Avoid the steam vents, make your way to the left and then all the way down to a hook upgrade door. Smash the door and a merman will attack you right away so take care of him. Make your way down the wall on the right to find another magnetic track that takes you past some statue heads shooting fireballs. Do NOT go to the far side of this track yet. Instead make your way past the first statue head and stop where the track dips to its lowest point. If you wait a few seconds the camera should pan down and show you a mine cart below. Drop into the mine cart and head to the left to find a platform with a special ammo upgrade chest.

Special Ammo Chest 3/5

Get back into the mine cart and wheel back out to the mid point of the magnetic track we dropped from. Then do a double jump straight up to connect back to the track. Ride to the far right to find a teleport curtain. Instead of teleporting jump down to find another lever that opens a gate right in front of you and you will see a bestiary scroll just to your right in the air as a magnetic track lights up. Grab the track and hover over the bestiary scroll, then drop to grab it and then fall all the way down back into the water below.

Bestiary Scroll 9/11 (Witches)

Swim to the left in the water and climb on the platform on the far side to return to a hook door we were unable to open earlier. Smash the door now to find another life upgrade chest.

Life Chest 3/5

Some gargoyles will attack you right after you open the chest so be prepared to deal with them. This should clear the abandoned mine of all collectables so now head to the right across the water again to face some more mermen. Keep heading all the way to the far right until you reach the lava river. Head up the wooden wall instead of jumping the river (which is where we will be going to finish up the story) and use the mine cart to head to the left. At the top, head to the far left of the upper wooden platforms to find the magnetic track that we activated before dropping below. Ride the track back up to the section the falling bell led us to and use the teleport curtain here to return us to the games room. Flip the lever to your left in the games room and then climb up the shadow claw walls above you. At the top, use your new speed boots to jump the gap to the left to find another magic upgrade chest.

Magic Chest 3/5

This finishes off the game room 100% so, drop down and head to the left, and exit back into the castle hall. Deal with the knight vampires and possessed armor. Cross the castle hall all the way to the left and exit back to the entrance bridge. Here we need to jump across the huge gap with the speed boots after fighting the armored skeletons and then drop down the shadow claw gap. Head right past the magic font and make your way to the far right side on the bottom level again. Once on the far right, drop down the wall to reach an emblem you can light up with light magic to open the gate and grab another life upgrade chest.

Life Chest 4/5

Backtrack and make your way back left one final time, then exit to the crypt again. Drop down the entrance right away to enter the crypts labyrinth shortly after entering the crypt. Head left and then drop down a bit until you see the spikes on the cave walls here. Head to the right now past some zombies and jump across the gap to reach another hook upgrade door. Break down the door and make your way carefully down past the spikes to receive another upgrade to your special ammo on the bottom right of this section.

Special Ammo Chest 4/5

Climb back up and out using the shadow claw walls, defeating more zombies along the way, until you climb back into the crypt. Head left into the crypt and drop down the next opening in the floor, fighting some more armored skeletons and skeleton warriors as you go. Once you drop down the opening, head left to find another magic emblem that requires shadow magic. Light it up and grab another upgrade to your magic.

Magic Chest 4/5

Once you have this chest all but three areas in the game should be 100% (the belfry, cells, and vertical prison). Start making the long journey back to the abandoned mine now without using the teleport curtain, dealing with all the armored skeletons, possessed armor, and vampire knights along the way (remember you need all the kills you can get for one achievement). Climb back up, head right out of the crypt and back to the entrance bridge. Re-jump the gap on the upper portion of the map here and pass through the castle hall and back into the games room. This time drop down the opening in the floor in the games room and make your way to the bottom left exit into the guards room instead of back to the curtain. Pass down the stairs and you will finally be back in the cells. Once here use the mine carts again to head to the right and face some mermen on the far platform. Once you pass the mermen, make your way up here to fight a few more. Then climb on the ledge to the upper right of this small area (this is the same place you got the electric bomb) to find the elevator again to the right and make your way down. Run to the left and activate the next elevator going down again, then run to the far left to find another emblem to light up with your shadow magic. This will open the gate to the final magic upgrade chest so you will finally have max magic!

Magic Chest 5/5

Exit this room and pass both elevators to the right, instead, jumping to the higher ledge on the far side and making your way down the far right walls avoiding the spikes on the bottom (this is the same route we took the first time through here). Make your way to the left and drop down passing the elevator, then jump up to the ledge on the left. You can again drop down the empty elevator shaft (which would be blocked if we took the previous elevator down, that is why we keep skipping it) and smash open the hook upgrade door. Use the speed boots dash jump to reach a ledge on the far left to encounter a giant bat and the final health upgrade chest. You now also have max health! clap

Life Chest 5/5

Feel free to drop to the water area so you are on the bottom section of the cells to make your way to the exit into the vertical prison. Ride the magnetic rail at the vertical prison entrance and head to the right to fight another giant bat. Climb up the wall with the grapple point above the archway that leads to the exit and make your way up and then to the left side of the vertical prison to the grapple points on the left wall. Climb up the left side until you reach the magnetic rails up here and ride them to the right to find another hook upgrade door we had to skip earlier. Carefully slide down the shadow claw walls, jumping to alternate walls along the way to avoid the spikes coming out from each side, then push off to the left just before the bottom to get the final special ammo upgrade chest.

Special Ammo Chest 5/5

If you have followed all the directions thus far all areas of the game are now 100% with the exception of the belfry (which we will be finishing very shortly). There is a lever just to the left of this chest so pull it to create a shortcut to work your way back down to the main section of the vertical prison. Head to the right and go back to the abandoned mine. We are now going to head back to the lava river (yes unfortunately you have to swim through that annoying underwater section to get there) so work your way across the map until you reach the health font and the river. Refill your health, and then take a speed boots running leap to reach the far side of the river and use the gift that you received in the last cut scene to open the door here. This will start a “boss battle” of sorts with…

Boss Battle: Daemon Lord

Yup, this guy again. Good news is this isn’t a boss battle but a cut scene with quick time events. Don’t stress and just press the corresponding buttons on screen when they show up. For those that want the order of what to press here they are below…

cn_A, hold cn_RT, cn_X, rotate cn_LS counter clockwise, cn_B, cn_X, and finally mash on cn_X

This will finish the fight and conveniently we are back in the belfry. Head to the left once you gain control of Trevor again and you will find a bestiary scroll in the large open area of the belfry where you just faced the Daemon Lord, again.

Bestiary Scroll 10/11 (Toy Maker)

Now head to the right and use the elevator that started the whole bell mess the first time we were here. Use your speed boots to jump the gap and make your way to the health font. Just above the health font you should see the final bestiary scroll. Jump up and grab it to finally get 100% of all the items in act III!

Bestiary Scroll 11/11 (Daemon Lord)

Refill your health but don’t worry about the magic as you won’t really need it. Head all the way to the right to finally confront…

Boss Battle: Dracula

This is it, the big showdown with Dracula and it is in no way like our encounter with him when we were playing as Alucard. Actually the good news is the fight is actually so much easier than the other Dracula fight. First off, you have infinite magic for this fight so both light and shadow magic will be used the whole time. That also means you have infinite access to healing yourself during this fight as well since you have unlimited light magic!

For those who have played Castlevania Lords of Shadow this in a lot of ways resembles the final boss battle from that game in that you must use magic opposite to your opponent to be able to do any damage to them, and not take damage yourself. Dracula will also be using light and shadow magic throughout the whole fight here so here is the trick. If Dracula is currently using light magic, only shadow attacks will hurt him and if you are using light magic his attacks will barely scratch you (but still heal you as you attack him even though he takes no damage). If Dracula is using shadow magic, only light magic attacks will hurt him (and heal you) and if you are using shadow magic his attacks will barely scratch you. This means for this fight you want to be playing a defensive style and react to countering Dracula. Let’s start by going over his many, many attacks.

In his light form (using the sword) Dracula will use a three slash combo on the ground The first two slashes are able to be countered but the last one is unblockable. This is the primary attack we are going to focus on the whole fight as it is pretty much the only one you can actually counter to create a brief and safe opening for attacking him. In addition to this attack, Dracula will crouch down and do an upward spin attack with his sword that will take him high into the air. He will also raise high in the air and slam the sword down causing a blue shockwave to go out from both sides of his body across the ground. Time your jump to avoid this. Dracula canalso slash his sword in the air, creating small slash looking shockwaves and send them at you alternating them being high and low about four times in a row (very similar to the Necromancers attack towards the end of that battle). Guage the height and either jump over or roll under these attacks.

In his shadow form (using the gauntlets) he has a three punch ground combo move that works like the one with the sword. The first two punches can be countered and the third cannot. Again, this is the attack you want to watch for to create the safe opening needed to hurt Dracula. Dracula will also start pounding the ground with his gauntlets a few times in succession. This will cause pillars of orange light to shoot from the ground where you are standing which can hurt you quite a bit. Dodge back and forth after each punch to avoid these. He will also jump up in the air and hesitate before smashing the ground causing a fire shockwave to push out from his body along the ground in both directions. Simply time your jump to avoid this. He also has the ability to levitate a bit off the ground and send out a large circular shockwave from his body that is unavoidable. This happens more in the later stage of the battle and usually when he is switching between light and shadow magic. This attack cannot be dodged and you must switch to the same magic as the barrier to avoid damage. Dracula also can do a rising uppercut to start a nasty aerial combo if he catches you in it.

So again, the trick here is start any section of the fight in the same magic as he is, and then watch for his one attack that can be countered. Counter the attack and then immediately switch to the opposite magic to him after the counter and go nuts on him for a little bit. Keep in mind that if you ever need health you can attack him in his light form with light magic and still heal yourself even though you are not hurting him so heal up whenever you need to. This might be cheap and the fight could take a little while, but it is by far the safest and surest way to defeat Dracula. For the first part of the fight he will always be in light form until you hurt him a little bit. For the next part of the fight he will only be in shadow form and that will last until Dracula has lost about a quarter of health. From here on, he will switch forms at will during the fight so you just have to pay attention. All in all if you use the strategy I mentioned this is a really easy battle.

Once you deplete his health bar there is a small dodging event that will occur during a cut scene that is probably the most annoying part of the whole fight. You and Dracula will be falling through the sky with you getting closer to him as he shoots fireballs at you. They move in a random direction and you need to dodge them until you are close enough to Dracula to be able to hit cn_RT to finish the fight. You will need to dodge about 11 fireballs in total before you are able to reach him, and only need to use cn_LS to move Trevor around to dodge. With that enjoy the final portion of the story as we have just completed the main story of the game! You will also unlock the following achievements.

Sealed Fate

Be defeated by Dracula

Sealed Fate
1 guide

Trevor's Destiny

Complete Trevor (100%)

Trevor's Destiny
1 guide

As long as you listened to my advice and played your first run on Hard you will also earn this achievement…

I'm a Belmont!

Finish the game on Hard without lowering the difficulty or enabling navigation aids from the map

I'm a Belmont!

And chances are with all the enemies you defeated and collecting all the dead knight scrolls before the end of this act you also earned the following achievement…

Combat master

Obtain all the skills (reach the MAX level)

Combat master
1 guide

Time to move onto playing the game on Hardcore difficulty…

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