Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD Walkthrough

8. Cleanup/Bestiary

Cleanup/Beast Hunter

If you have not already earned Beast Hunter (kill 1,000 enemies) the chances are if you check the leaderboard for your kills, you are REALLY close to it. The fastest way to rack up the rest is just replay the prologue on any difficulty over and over again and you will gain about 20 or so kills each time. Just keep repeating this until you hit 1,000 and you will earn your last achievement of the game! Congrats!

Beast Hunter

Kill 1000 enemies

Beast Hunter
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Below is now the full bestiary for all enemies and bosses of the game. Feel free to reference this page if at any point a particular baddie is giving you headaches and you want to know ways to kill them efficiently. Most of this is covered in the guide but I like having a one stop shop on how to kill bad guys smile

Full Bestiary

Shadow Crawler

You face these little guys in the prologue only in the game. Since it is the prologue they cannot hurt you and only have two attacks. They swipe at you where you can block or they swipe at you where you can’t block. You can defeat them anyway you see fit since it is the prologue and you take no damage.


These guys are pushovers. They are slow and their normal attacks can only hurt you up close. They do have one special attack to be on the lookout for which is where the zombie removes its head and throws it at you. Any attack should be able to dispatch of these guys quickly and easily.


These nasty looking creatures appear early on and for an early enemy can take a bit of a beating before they go down. Mermen can attack you at close range twice in succession (so start learning to block and counter attacks) and also have an unblockable attack that they can do from a distance where they dash at you. It covers a good bit of ground so if you see them start glowing signaling this attack start dodging backwards to make sure you avoid it as you cannot block it. Be careful to not get surrounded by these guys as they can be a handful to deal with. Overall they are not too difficult and can be dispatched of with basic attacks. Powerful hold cn_X or hold cn_Y attacks work well against them and make short work of them.


These flying pests are quite annoying as they can throw projectiles at you and swipe down to hit you. They do not take a lot to get rid of but you must hit them in the air. cn_Y attacks work well on them for this reason since they cover a larger range and any cn_B attack that can be done in the air works well also (throwing axe, bats, or boomerangs).

Skeleton Warrior

The skeleton warriors are a bit more formidable than other enemies in the early acts as they have swords and a good reach for their attack range. On top of swords they also throw axes that can be blocked and axes on fire that cannot be blocked. Counter attacks work well on the move they use that can be blocked. Another fun part of these guys is after you destroy them and they turn into a pile of bones you may notice the bones start twitching. If you see this, use a wide arc attack with cn_Y right away to destroy the pile of bones otherwise they will come back together and bring the skeleton back to life. The main thing to keep in mind is once they are down make sure they stay down with a follow up attack.


These small dog like creatures first show up with the Night Watchman. All the really do is bite and they are quite easy to dispose of. Use your favorite combo to deal with them and you can either block or jump over almost all of their attacks.

Flying Scraven

These are like the Scravens on the ground but just more like birds instead. Also easy to deal with, use cn_Y attacks instead of cn_X attacks on the ground to deal with them and make sure you roll under their dive attacks.


These small odd looking fellas show up in the kitchens in act I, and really only pose a threat if you stay away from them. They only throw burning oil flasks at you so close distance to them quickly and smack them around with your whip to deal with them fast.

Macabre Puppet

These guys can attack twice in succession and also have some nasty moves that you cannot block up their sleeve. The move depends whether they are in the air above you or on the ground. If they are above you they will hover right above your spot glow and then descend on you quickly to attack. This is easy to dodge out of the way of. The one on the ground is much harder to avoid as you have to jump over it. The puppet will glow and then do a cartwheel attack that covers the whole screen normally. Kill these things quickly as in groups they can make your life miserable. Powerful combos make short work of them most of the time.


These famous creatures look more intimidating then they actually are. They can attack fast and cover a large section of ground with their glowing special attack that you cannot block. They are very weak to counter attacks though so if you can bait them to do regular swipes at you and counter this works very well against them. Most powerful combos wipe them out very quickly.

Magic Book

These books can drain your magic and explode but their primary threat is that they act as buffers for other enemies if they are on screen. The can make other monsters impervious to attacks or increase their attack power. Pretty much if you see a book get rid of it as fast as you can. cn_Y attacks tend to work best on them due to their high arching range.


This is the hardest regular enemy you will face in act I. His fire attacks are nasty, hurt quite a bit and range from covering the ground to shooting them in an arc. If you also wait too long to defeat him the gargoyle is known to kamikaze you by flying above you and then diving and exploding into the ground. Keep any eye on his cues before he attacks and roll or jump to avoid the fire as necessary. Strong cn_Y combos work best on these creatures but they require more dodging than the other average enemies.

Night Watchman

This is the first boss of act I. This guy seems intimidating but as soon as you get used to his attacks he really isn’t all that bad. The fight starts off with him sending his scavens at you. Dispose of them quickly to lure the Watchman himself into battle.

Be careful if the Watchman is behind you when he jumps in the battle as he will pin you to the ground and have you mashing cn_A to get out from his grasp. The Watchman for the first phase of this fight uses two attacks. One is a wide ranged quick spin that will hit you if you are anywhere near it. The second is a three move combo where the Watchman keeps closing the distance to you. You can counter some of these attacks but it would be safer to back up from him to ensure he misses you. Go for no more than three whip hits at a time as pushing for more than that will leave you exposed to an attack if your block reflexes aren’t super quick.

When you chop about a third of the Watchman’s health off he summons some flying scavens along with the usual scavens on the ground. Dispose of them quickly using cn_Y attacks to hit both the aerial and ground units at the same time. The Watchman will join the fray again after they are gone using his same attack patterns. Stay cautions and play it safe and you will keep knocking his health down. He may repeat this a time or two.

Once you have the Watchman down to his last third of health he will jump back and the room will turn black. All you will be able to see of the Watchman is his staff which will go back and forth across the room in an up and down zigzag motion. I found it best to wait for the staff to start an upward motion and roll dodge under it to keep from getting hit. This was much more reliable than trying to jump over the staff. After a few passes of the staff the Watchman will jump back in the fight. The main thing here is to make sure he doesn’t pin you in a corner. He will repeat his normal attacks but will go back to the floating staff attack as well. Keep on the attack when you can and once his health is gone he will glow all over signaling to grab him with cn_RT to finish the fight.


This is the second boss of the act I. The Necromancer is not a boss to be taken lightly. It might seem that his attacks are not that threatening or easy to dodge but he can make things difficult in a hurry. First of all he tends to summon skeleton warriors on each side of the map that will close in on you while you have to deal with him. He does a very large area swipe with his scythe that can be hard to predict and dodge as well. The Necromancer will also throw his scythe out and it will act as a boomerang going in a wide arc around the screen (the path goes upper to the side, down across the whole floor, and then up and back to the Necromancer on the opposite side). The Spirit of Belnades works great…for the first third of this fight at least. Once you take away a third of the Necromancers health he will “grab” Belnades and remove her from your side as possible help.

During the next segment of the fight the Necromancer will start summoning green fireballs that will rain down slowly from above as well. Work your way through dodging these while avoiding his other attacks and skeleton minions. Once you get him down to a bit less than a quarter health the Necromancer will come to the ground and place two auras around him. You can see the breaks in them and need to time your movements to get to him with the openings in the auras, then grab him with cn_RT. This will give you Belnades back and break the Necromancers staff. He will now be on the ground and run from one side of the map to the other throwing shockwaves at you. Either jump over them if they are low or roll under them if they are high, and keep smashing away at the Necromancer till his health is almost gone. The Necromancer will once again throw up auras to try and stop you. These are a lot trickier as there are now three of them and lining up the run to the Necromancer is quite a bit harder. Just be patient, roll in and grab him again with cn_RT to finish the fight.


This is the final boss of the first act. While she has quite a few attacks, the Succubus isn’t that difficult to tackle. After you jam on the cn_A button during the cut scene she will fly up above you. Her first attacks are not blockable. These are three purple looking fireballs that she throws at you in succession. Keep moving left to right to dodge these and use cn_Y attacks when you can to hit her while standing on the ground. She also has a grab attack that is easy to dodge but can also be escaped by jamming on cn_A and a spinning attack if you get to close to her. I never saw these attacks as I tried to beat the living tar out of her with my whip (all of this sounds very wrong) and never got too close to her for her to use either of them. Once you take about a quarter of her health down she will fly back to her perch and suck the life out of one of her…erm…minions? Slaves? Mistresses? I dunno what they are. Anyway, she will suck the life out of them and now be protected by a shield and add another dangerous attack. She will rear up and shoot a shockwave of lightning at the ground which when it hits it spreads across the ground in both directions along with still using the fireballs. You will have to jump over this attack as it heads towards you while trying to break her shield and dodging the projectiles. Once you do enough damage to the shield you can grab it with cn_RT which will break it off of her completely. Now that you can damage her again she will soon go back to her perch to attempt to raise another shield. What the game doesn’t tell you is that you can prevent this (okay, it kind of tells you by the fact that she glows when she “kisses” the girl on the pearch) by using cn_RT and then mashing on cn_X which will pull her subject away from her and not let her gain the shield again.

Once she has about a quarter of health left she will go back to her other girls and create two copies of her. They will surround you in a triangle fashion. Your job is to figure out which one is the real Succubus. You can tell by when you hit the shield it turns red. It has actually been pointed out that when it starts she is always at the top, then teleports to the right, and then the left going in a clockwise fashion. Once you get her shield down you can break it as you did before and the fight will continue as it always had. Chip away at her and you will finish the fight.

Merman Tadpole

These annoying little creatures are only found underwater and cannot be blocked, attacked, or killed in any way. You just need to avoid them when swimming in the water as best as you can. Try to steer clear of them if at all possible.

Harpy Leader

These harpies take a bit more damage than the regular ones in act I and can still shoot you with arrows, and swipe down to hurt you. Fight them like you would regular harpies with cn_Y attack combos or use projectiles like the bats from Alucard to take them out quickly.

Electric Merman

Just like the regular merman but with an added electric attack that covers a part of the ground start from the merman working out and able to take a bit more damage. Strong cn_X combos work well on them as do the claw attacks that can break their blocks.

Knight Vampire

These are the most annoying enemies to fight in act II in my opinion. The knight vampires wield large purple swords and can either hover above you and attack in a few ways or stay on the ground and attack in a few ways. While in the air the knight vampire will start a glowing attack and throw a purple dagger at you but don’t fret as this is easily dodged. The knight vampire can also do large sword swipes and even do two very long swings with its sword covering a good bit of ground while not being able to be blocked. If the knight vampire is in the air the best tactic is to stay on the ground and use cn_Y attacks to hit it without jumping and just dodge the daggers. Things are a bit more complicated on the ground. You can block and counter a few of the sword swipes done by the knight vampire here but many of its moves are still not blockable. The knight vampire can go back and then dash across the screen trying to stab you with its swords in a straight line. Another attack that cannot be blocked is a two sword swipe attack that covers a good bit of ground. Also if the knight vampire does two regular sword attacks that can be blocked and is un-interrupted it will ALWAYS finish with an unblockable finishing sword swipe. On top of all this the knight vampire can also block your attacks with its sword.

So yeah, these things are no fun to fight and take a lot of damage before falling. The best tactic is as mentioned before if they are in the air pummel them with cn_Y while dodging only daggers. If they are on the ground it is best to block their regular sword swipes and then counter with a nice combo of your own. If they block hold cn_LT and then cn_X to use your shadow claw punch attack to break their block and then keep attacking. They are especially dangerous in groups so focus on one at a time and try to keep them from surrounding you from both sides.

Hunchback Troop

The hunchbacks have learned a new trick in act II and discovered teamwork. The group of hunchbacks wield a spear and shield which is able to block your attacks, and dish out more damage now. Their attacks consist of swinging the spear down at you and an unblockable attack in which they charge across the screen at you. They can now also hide behind their shield. You will need to dodge and stay agile to avoid these guys as well as their oil flask throwing brethren. Use the shadow claw punch attack (while holding cn_LT/block also hold cn_X) to break their block so you can continue you assault on them. They are not all that hard to fight as long as you dodge and smash their defense.

Macabre Puppet Unleashed

Personally I found these puppets no different than the macabre puppets, only that the took more damage. Strong cn_Y combos work well on them like the regular macabre puppets.


This is the first boss of the second act. This guy sucks, and in my humble opinion, is one of the hardest bosses in the game since he is very unpredictable and his move sets can be hard to avoid in certain scenarios. I spent A LOT of time with this boss in boss rush mode to work on getting some sort of consistent strategy for him. I will do my best to break down what to expect from the Reaver but don’t be surprised if you struggle with him for a bit as I did.

As with every other boss we have faced so far Reaver “evolves” as the fight goes on by adding new tricks to his bag. Your bat special attack is useless on him as well as he eats the bats and then will spit bones at you which damage you. On top of that frustration he is very good at always staying just out of your reach and punishes you quickly for getting too close in multiple ways. For the first section of the fight he has five direct attacks. His first main one that can be frustrating is his tail swipe. You can’t block it and you can’t jump over him plus it has a VERY long reach. To make matters worse while it is shown with the usual glow on the enemy he delays it a bit meaning you need to time the jump right. If you jump right away as soon as you see it you will get hit on landing. Tne best way to use this move against him is hesitate, start the jump after a second of hesitation, and then hold cn_X while in midair to hopefully catch him with a slamming whip move.

The second attack he does is a bit varied. He will rear back a bit with his mouth open and then snap his jaws at you while lunging just a little bit forward. This can be countered but is tough to time. On top of that he can follow it up with a second bite where he goes even farther forward, and even finish both with a third unblockable bit that covers a lot of ground. Keep in mind there is no way to tell if he will do 1, 2, or 3 bites, you just have to react accordingly. Again you can’t jump over him so best move if you are not comfortable countering his bite is to dodge back and pray he doesn’t push you into a corner before a third unblockable bite. If you can counter him use it to your advantage and put a little hurt on him.

His third way of hurting you is just by you trying to jump over him. Reaver is made up of many Scravens so if you attempt to jump over Reaver a bunch of Scravens will lunge out of his back and bite you knocking you back in front of him. This can be especially dangerous as Reaver has a nasty habit if he knocks you down of doing his tail swipe and you will be unable to dodge it before you get up. Ouch. Long story short is don’t try to jump over Reaver. If you need to get past him (you’re backed into a corner and he is about to super bite you) active mist mode and dodge through him. More on this later.

The fourth attack of Reaver’s is that he will shoot Scravens out at you up to two at a time. This just adds another enemy on screen (usually behind you) that you now have to turn your attention to and worry about. Kill the Scravens asap if he sends any out unless you need to dodge away from a Reaver attack to stay alive. The bat special attack DOES work well on the Scravens so feel free to use it on them.

His final attack for now is that he throws out these maggot looking bugs that swell up red and then create a large blood explosion. This attack knocks Alucard down and can again make you vulnerable to a follow up attack while you are down that you can’t dodge. You will need to time your jump or find an open spot of ground to make sure these things don’t hurt you.

So yeah, Reaver is no fun to fight. If he catches you in a corner and throws his maggots or starts his bite attacks you better pray you have magic for mist ability because otherwise you are getting hit. If have tried jumping in the corner only to get bit by his scravens hiding in his back and then got stuck on top of him floating in the corner as he proceeded to tear me apart. He is a typical 'you need to be on offense and defense all at once' kind of boss. If I took the cautious approach with Reaver I found he eventually would get me caught somewhere I didn’t want to be. If I was too aggressive I would open myself up to nasty attacks and lost a third of my health in the blink of an eye. You really just need to use every opening you can get, and knock as much health off his as you can. If you can block his bite attack great, counter the crap out of him. The best consistent counter you can do is the slamming cn_X attack when you jump to dodge his tail swipe.

Once you knock about a quarter of his health off, Reaver will go to the middle of the screen and be stunned. Use cn_RT to grab the figure above him to drop some acid on Reaver by mashing cn_X after you grab it. As soon as you do this Reaver will swallow you, there is no way to avoid it. You have to mash on cn_A to escape him and continue the battle. He now does all the same attacks but adds yet another move. Every now and then he will back all the way to a corner and then roar and charge with his mouth wide open. If you let him swallow you then you have to mash cn_A again to get out. The only ways to avoid this attack are to stand on the opposite side and trap yourself with him when he stops, or mist dodge through him. On the plus side you can charge a strong attack if you time when he is going to stop and hit him hard once he stops. Most of the time if you hit him a lot when he stops he will back up a bit and give you a bit more breathing room. Don’t forget you can mist through him when he gets you in the corner AND it will recover a little bit of your health if you do. Keep chipping at his health and being a good mix of offensive and defensive. The sooner you get his health down the sooner the fight will end.

At around half health he will be stunned in the middle again for another acid bath. Following the acid he will run away from the screen and go to an upper ledge where you cannot touch him. His main attack now is that he will attempt to line up with you and then throw out up to seven maggots at a time covering a wide area below. These maggots explode just like before so time your jumps well or run out of the way. After a few move or throws Reaver will start coming back down from the ledge in the distance and then charge the front of the screen, damaging you in the process if you happen to be in the way. This attack really hurts. So when Reaver is on the ledge you want to get to a corner and make him shimmy his way down to you. Let him throw the first set of maggots, run out just enough so he will throw another set and then get away from the maggots about to explode. Make him do this about two or three times before you run to the far side of the room again. As soon as he gets down to where you are on the far side start sprint across the screen to the opposite side again as he should be getting ready to come back down at this point. If you follow this pattern he should hopefully never hit you with the maggot or hurt you charging back into the fight.

Once he gets back from the platform he will continue his bite attacks, tail swipe, and charging/swallow you whole attacks. Chip away at his health and bear in mind he may retreat to the ledge to repeat that attack a few more times. Once you manage to get his health down to a quarter health he will be stunned for a final acid shower and victory will be yours.

Deamon Lord

This is the second boss of the second act. This fight can seem very difficult at first but there are a lot of tricks to getting around this battle that, once learned, make this fight significantly easier. First off equip your stopwatch as you will need it during the fight. The second bit of advice is for the main part of this entire fight you cannot use mist form and mist through the Daemon Lord. If you try to do this you will be pushed back and damaged so don’t even try it. The magnetic rail above you is now active and you can use it during this fight (in fact you HAVE to use it at times so you don’t get killed). Even though you seemingly can’t jump high enough to reach it if you jump up and hold cn_RT right away you should be able to attach to it.

As usual let’s focus on his attacks for the first part of the fight. The Daemon Lord gives away his attacks really well so it should be simple to get used to what he is about to do each time. None of his attacks can be blocked for now so don’t even try to do that. His first main attack is that he will raise his left arm high up to smash the ground signaling a three part attack with this. The three parts are smashing the ground in front of him followed by a quick swipe up and across with his left arm and ending with a good reaching lunge at you to bite you. You need to dodge back from the first two attacks and then run away in the opposite direction to avoid this. If you are too close to the corner dodge the first two and then jump and attach yourself to the magnetic rail above and pass over him and then drop down behind him so you will have more room to fight him and dodge back. The Daemon Lord will also arch his head back and his eye will glow signaling an air roll attack. For this move he will jump up in the air and then do a somersault like move forward and hit the ground. You will need to dodge under him as he jumps to avoid this attack so you can follow it up with some attacks for good measure. DO NOT use the magnetic rail here to avoid him since his jump will go high enough to hit you up there. This will normally lead to his other attack which is when you are behind him and his “tail” is close to you. It turns out his tail bites as well and it will glow before he snaps forward at you to do this attack. A quick dodge backwards should avoid this no problem. The last move the Daemon Lord can do is that he will move to his back and point his tail at you while he is still facing you as well. This signals he is going to shoot a laser at you from his tail and the only way to dodge this is to grab the magnetic rail above and get behind him. Be quick about this though as he can move the laser as he is shooting it and point it straight up in the air to hit you on the rail if you hover above him. For this part of the fight just don’t get greedy with your attacks on him. Hit him two to four times whenever you dodge one of his moves and then anticipate to dodge the next one. Repeat this and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to the next part of the fight.

These are all his attacks for the main portion of this fight. Once you knock off about a third of his health he will retreat to the background and start using the big machine back there to start a brand new attack. You will be shown two mechanisms on the left and the right side of the screen opening up before he does this as well. Two laser beams will appear on the screen and rotate constantly in a circle. If the beam hits you it hurts quite a bit. The goal here is to avoid the beam and destroy one of the two mechanisms on the far sides of the screen. This is where your stopwatch comes in really handy. Dodge the beam and head to one side or the other and when you are close and the laser has a while before it will hit you, throw the stopwatch down allowing you to get a lot of hits in on the machine. Repeat as necessary until you destroy the one you are focusing on to get the Daemon Lord to return to the fight. When the Daemon Lord flies back in he will smash the ground and create a shockwave from his body that pushes out towards you. This is one of his only moves that can be blocked so hold cn_LT to make sure you do not take damage from this. The fight will return to the same attacks he had when you first began so keep anticipating his moves by his tells and dodge and attack accordingly.

Once you chip his health down to a third left he will fly back and second time and activate the rotating lasers again. This time though there is only one super long beam that covers the whole area instead of two. Avoid it and get to the other mechanism that you left alone the first time and use the stopwatch again to slow down time giving you more time to destroy the mechanism. You will probably have to use the rail again to dodge the beam at least once before you destroy it. Once the mechanism is destroyed it causes the Daemon Lords electric barrier on him to disappear (this means you can mist through him now) and he gets pretty angry at you. He will grab you and bring you to the upper platform with him while shoving you in one of the electric beams up there. Mash the cn_X button to escape this grab.

This is the only section of the fight that can be difficult as you now have less than half of the space you did below to fight and dodge the Daemon Lord. To make matters worse the electrical fields on the left and right will damage you quite a bit if you dodge into them or get pushed into them. The magnetic rail is also gone so you cannot rely on that to get past the Daemon Lords attacks anymore and will have to remember to mist through him instead if he traps you. His attack pattern also changes a little bit and he adds one new move. The new move is a tail/butt slam that throws out shockwaves like you dealt with when he first jumped down from this platform. They can be blocked but he will do them constantly until you hit him to make him stop. It is important you don’t just sit there and keep blocking as each block pushes you back and will eventually push you into the electric field at one end or the other. The other change is in his three move combo attack, but in a good way, as he now only does the two claw swipes and will no longer lunge at you for the third attack. The best way to fight him here is block his tail ground shockwaves and then dash in and hit him. If he is going to swipe his claw at you and you have a very small space behind you mist through him right away avoid getting trapped or smashed into the electric field on either end. The stopwatch is a GREAT tool here too and will allow you a lot of extra hits on him and time to dodge his attacks so use it as much as you want. Beat his health down until you can grab him with cn_RT to end this fight.

Dracula Act II

This is the final boss for act II. Dracula as you can expect is not a simple boss to beat and things are a little more complicated (and in some ways easier) since Simon is also present for the battle. There are a few things to note before we get into Dracula’s attacks. One is that your special attacks are utterly useless. The stopwatch does not slow down Dracula at all and the bats are also not effective. Two, is that mist form can be used against Dracula and is encouraged if you find yourself in desperate need of healing. Finally, use Simon to your advantage when he is present. There are times were Simon can take a hit for your saving your precious health or even better hit Dracula to disrupt one of his attacks. If at all possible try to keep Simon between you and Dracula for a good bit of the fight.

So on to Dracula’s attacks. First of all he has a three move combo whip attack where the first two moves are blockable but the last is not. This is extremely hard to time a counter to so it is better if you back up, dodge, and avoid it completely. Dracula also will jump in the air or stay on the ground and throw red fireballs out in a arching angle. The farther back you are the more of a gap there will be between the fireballs to allow you to dodge between them. While also in the air Dracula will stop directly to the ground throwing a large red shockwave out from both sides of him covering the ground. The only way to avoid that is with a well-timed jump. If Dracula rears his cape up and flashes he is about to do a superman like punch across the screen at you. Dodge this by jumping over him. Dracula also does a jump attack and while jumping through the air will use his whip to try and hit you. He also uses a rise up attack that will pull you up in the air and the will attempt to do a follow up combo while you are airborne. These of course you want to avoid at all costs. Finally Dracula can also block you with his cape so if he does this do not forget that you can use your shadow punch (hold cn_LT and then hold cn_X at the same time] to break his block.

For the first part of the fight you and Simon will be working together. Keep Simon between you and Dracula to avoid a lot of his attacks and keep watching for his clues as to which attack he will use. Keep your whip attacks hitting him at a distance and make sure you don’t get too confident and leave yourself wide open to one of his devastating moves.

Once you get Dracula’s health down about a quarter he smack Simon pretty hard and knocks him out of the fight. Now that it is one on one you have to really pay attention to Dracula’s cues for his attacks as they are all going to be focused on you. Keep playing it safe and pick your shots to get his health down. The best time to put a hurt on him is if you catch him blocking with his cape and you can break his block with the shadow punch and follow up with a nice cn_X combo by either holding the button down or hitting it five times.

At around half health Dracula will retreat after a cut scene and you will have Simon start attacking you. Clearly he is not himself and you do NOT want to attack Simon. You need to counter his whip attack with a block to stun him and then press cn_RT to grab him attempting to get rid of whatever is got a hold of him by mashing the cn_A button. When you successfully do this the first time he will then use his throwing axe and then try the whip attack again. Dodge the throwing axe and then counter his whip attack again and grab him another time. Once you have successfully grabbed him twice he now adds in the oil flask attack along with the throwing axe. Dodge any special attack he uses and once again wait for him to use the whip attack so you can counter it and grab him one final time to release him from the spell that caused him to attack you.

Once Simon is free Dracula rejoins the fray and grabs you. Mash on cn_A to escape and the battle will proceed like it did when it first started with you and Simon working together. Dracula my grab you again and can also grab Simon with his whip. If he grabs you just keep hitting cn_A again and if he grabs Simon just attack him to free him from Dracula’s grasp. Keep being aggressive while avoiding his attacks and chip his health down to finally finish the fight.

Possessed Armor

The possessed armor is one of the more difficult regular enemies to fight in the game. You need to learn to anticipate its attacks (which are not hard if you pay attention) and avoid getting hit so you can chip away at them. First if it raises the base of its chain above its head really high, it is about to slam on the ground and create a small shockwave moving out in a circle that will hurt you if you get him by the slam move or the shockwave. If the possessed armor winds the chain up behind him and it glows that means the ball and chain is being thrown at you in a straight line across the ground. Jump over this but wait a second and then jump again as when the ball is retracted it can damage you also. Pretty much for that attack pretend it’s a boomerang and act accordingly. If the possessed armor hunches down and its shoulder glows it will do a small shoulder charge at you, but just going back will avoid this. Finally it can do a normal chain windup with glowing beforehand and swing the ball and chain at you. This is the one attack that can be blocked and countered. Strong combos with either cn_X or cn_Y work very well against him and you can generally get a lot of damage in between attacks. Do enough damage to it so you can grab the possessed armor with cn_RT and that will finally destroy the armor.

Armored Skeleton

These skeletons are more the upgraded version of the skeleton warriors, but with bigger shields. They as you could guess like to block your attacks, so use your shadow claw punch to break their shield block (while holding cn_LT hold cn_X) so you can put a hurt on these guys. Once they stagger, strong combos with cn_X work great against them. They are only semi dangerous when paired in large fights with skeleton warriors or other armored skeletons.

Giant Bat

These big bats mainly just swoop down at you but give you a fair warning before doing their attack. As far as enemies in act III go they are quite simple to defeat and can be take care of with good strong cn_Y attacks. They are really only a threat when in large groups or mixed with werewolves.

Rotten Zombie

Just like the regular zombie but sometimes when you defeat them they will split in half and their top torso will crawl towards you and attempt to latch on for some last second damage. Use cn_Y attacks when they split to take care of them when they are on the ground like this. Other than that, same old zombie, still easy to defeat.

Hunter Merman

This is the strongest of all the mermen. Along with taking more damage these guys spit acid at you which can be very annoying to deal with along with the usual dash moves and attacks. Strong cn_X combos are good against them and electric bombs work very well on them also.

Executioner Part 1

This is the first boss of act III. The Executioner is big and does a lot of damage whenever any of his attacks make contact with you. On the plus side he is mostly slow and all of his moves are easy to predict.

First off the Executioner will attempt to grab you. If you fail to dodge this don’t panic as the move will not hurt you unless you fail to hit a button in a QTE. The button to press is ALWAYS be cn_Y so just be ready to hit and press when the prompt appears. No harm done. The Executioner will at times bring his axe back to the side meaning he is going to do a large horizontal swipe at you. Dodge backwards and it should always miss you. There are times when it should have hit me but still missed so I believe as long as you start the dodge back in time you will be safe. If he raises his axe in the air and the bottom of the axe shines he will slam it on the ground creating a shockwave effect on the ground. Just jump over and hold cn_X after you jump to hit him with a guillotine attack as this move is a great follow up. After you take off about a quarter of the Executioner’s health he will lean forward and his face will flash meaning he is about to charge at you. You have to time a double jump just right to clear him and make sure he smashes into the far wall. Use this as a good opportunity to do a nice follow up combo on him once he runs by you, as it takes him a bit to recover and turn around once he hits the wall. After about half of the Executioner’s health is gone he will get angrier and unleash another new attack (and his final one) where he puts both arms to the side of him and bends forward with his face flashing. He will then jump up and at you to belly flop on top of Trevor. You need to dodge roll under him to avoid this and again it is a good time to do some follow up attacks.

Those really are the only moves the Executioner can do. If you chip away at his health and dodge each attack accordingly it is very possible he may never hit or do any damage to you at all. Just take the time to learn each of his moves and this guy will go down like a sack of potatoes…or a bad habit…I am not good with analogies right now. At the very end you need to grab him to start a scene that finishes the fight.

Lady of the Crypt

This is the second boss of the third act. Here is the good news…this is probably the easiest boss in the entire game (at least on the fighting part. More on part 2 later). The Lady of the Crypt only has three attacks in total which she keeps adding as the fight goes on. When the fight first beings all she does is flail her arms at you while rushing forward to you. If you block this at ANY TIME at all you will counter it making this a laughable move that you can follow up on with your favorite combo of choice. After every bit of damage you dish out at her she sinks back into the ground and then pops back and to repeat the arm flail attack. After you knock off about a quarter of her health she will add an unblockable rush attack. This is easy to predict as she will glow on her head and then zip across the screen at you. Just jump over her as she zooms by and she will stand there all confused and you can again use your favorite combo on her while she stands there for a moment. At about half health she will now attempt to grab you along with the other two moves. The best way to avoid this is when she is in the ground stay airborne and just keep jumping till she appears again so you can react to whatever attack she chooses to do accordingly.

That is really the whole fight. Once you deplete her health and perform a grapple move however, you will see there is a bit more to her than meets the eye. This will start a scene with QTE to be able to succeed in the battle. Just press the correct button prompt on the screen when it appears and you will be victorious. If you want the order of buttons you have to press for the QTE events here they are…

cn_A, cn_A, hold cn_RT, cn_A, hold cn_RT, hold cn_LT, cn_A, cn_A, hold cn_RT, cn_A, mash cn_X, and finally again mash cn_X

This will truly finish the fight for good.

Executioner Part 2

This is the third boss of the third act. The second battle with the Executioner is almost identical to the first with one small but very annoying and dangerous exception. All of the Executioner’s moves are the same. He still swings the axe, slams the axe, runs at you, attempts to grab you, and tries to belly flop you. No changes there. Even the amount of space you have to fight him in is similar. The difference is in the background. Hunchbacks will be riding mine carts in the background throughout the whole battle and throwing oil flasks at you. As you know these create a burning area effect when they hit so now not only do you have to read and dodge the Executioner’s attacks but you have to keep an eye on the oil flasks coming at you too.

The best way to deal with this fight is to attempt to guide the oil flasks to spots that will not mess with your ability to attack or dodge all of the Executioner’s attacks. The hunchbacks will make sounds when they are throwing them and each cart when it shows up in the background will only throw two oil flasks each time before zooming off. So try to keep some distance between you and the Executioner when you know a flask is about to be thrown, dodge forward (still giving yourself a bit of room to dodge a grab or axe swing) and then continue to press the attack. Another trick is the hunchbacks tend to stop on the right and left of the screen alternating each time they show up. If they are not visible on screen they will not actually throw the flasks. This means if you can shift where you and the Executioner are fighting to make the hunchbacks not be on screen and get a small breather from their attacks. This can be tough to do and really it is more important you dodge the Executioner’s attacks then try to manipulate his position. This is again a very annoying fight but doable. Don’t forget you have light magic to use if you get hit a time or two to regain health mid-fight if you need it. Just keep chipping away at him and you will be victorious.

Dracula Act III

This is the final boss of act III and the whole game. This is it, the big showdown with Dracula and it is in no way like our encounter with him when we were playing as Alucard. Actually the good news is the fight is actually so much easier than the other Dracula fight. First off, you have infinite magic for this fight so both light and shadow magic will be used the whole time. That also means you have infinite access to healing yourself during this fight as well since you have unlimited light magic!

For those who have played Castlevania Lords of Shadow this in a lot of ways resembles the final boss battle from that game in that you must use magic opposite to your opponent to be able to do any damage to them and not take damage yourself. Dracula will also be using light and shadow magic throughout the whole fight here as well so here is the trick. If Dracula is currently using light magic, only shadow attacks will hurt him and if you are using light magic his attacks will barely scratch you (but still heal you as you attack him even though he takes no damage). If Dracula is using shadow magic, only light magic attacks will hurt him (and heal you) and if you are using shadow magic his attacks will barely scratch you. This means for this fight you want to be playing a defensive style for this battle and react to countering Dracula. Let’s start by going over his many, many attacks.

In his light form (using the sword) Dracula will use a three slash combo on the ground with the first two slashes able to be countered but the last one is unblockable. This is the primary attack we are going to focus on the whole fight as it is pretty much the only one you can actually counter to create a brief and safe opening for attacking him. In addition to this attack Dracula will crouch down and do an upward spin attack with his sword that will take him high into the air. He will also raise high in the air and slam the sword down causing a blue shockwave to go out from both sides of his body across the ground. Time your jump to avoid this. Dracula can also slash his sword in the air creating small slash like shockwaves and send them at you alternating them being high and low about four times in a row (very similar to the Necromancers attack towards the end of that battle). Gage the height and either jump over or roll under these attacks.

In his shadow form (using the gauntlets) he has a three punch ground combo move that works like the one with the sword. The first two punches can be countered and the third cannot. Again this is the attack you want to watch for to create the safe opening needed to hurt Dracula. Dracula will also start pounding the ground with his gauntlets a few times in succession. This will cause pillars of orange light to shoot from the ground where you are standing which can hurt you quite a bit. Dodge back and forth after each punch to avoid these. He will also jump up in the air and hesitate before smashing the ground causing a fire shockwave to push out from his body along the ground in both directions. Simply time your jump to avoid this. He also has the ability to levitate a bit off the ground and send out a large circular shockwave from his body that is unavoidable. This happens more in the later stage of the battle and usually when he is switching between light and shadow magic. This attack cannot be dodged and you must switch to the same magic as the barrier to avoid damage. Dracula can also do a rising uppercut to start a nasty aerial combo if he catches you in it.

So again, the trick here is start any section of the fight in the same magic as he is and then watch for his one attack that can be countered. Counter the attack and then immediately switch to the opposite magic of him after the counter and go nuts on him for a little bit. Keep in mind that if you ever need health you can attack him in his light form with light magic and still heal yourself even though you are not hurting him so heal up whenever you need to. This might be cheap and the fight could take a little while, but it is by far the safest and surest way to defeat Dracula. For the first part of the fight he will always be in light form until you hurt him a little bit. For the next part of the fight he will only be in shadow form and that will last till Dracula has lost about a quarter of health. From here forward he will switch forms at will during the fight so you just have to pay attention. All in all if you use the strategy I mentioned this is a really easy battle.

Once you deplete his health bar there is a small dodging event that will occur during a cut scene that is probably the most annoying part of the whole fight. You and Dracula will be falling through the sky with you getting closer to him as he shoots fireballs at you. They move in a random direction and you need to dodge them until you are close enough to Dracula to be able to hit cn_RT to finish the fight. You will need to dodge about 11 fireballs total before you are able to reach him and beat him for good.

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