Castlevania Puzzle (WP)

Windows Phone

Castlevania Puzzle (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Battle Qualified
Battle Qualified5 (5)You defeated 10 enemies!
Battle Tested
Battle Tested11 (10)You defeated 30 enemies!
Apprentice Explorer
Apprentice Explorer5 (5)You revealed 25% of the rooms in the entire game map!
Pair6 (5)You acquired a poker hand pair!

Least Earned

Master Collector
Master Collector30 (20)Acquire all of the 26 playing cards.
Veteran Collector
Veteran Collector22 (15)Acquire all cards of one suit of playing cards.
Master Explorer
Master Explorer29 (20)Reveal 100% of the rooms in the entire game map.
Son of Dracula
Son of Dracula29 (20)Complete the 'Son of Dracula' Equipment set.
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