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Catan Achievements

Most Earned

Settler of Catan
Settler of Catan10 (10)You built a settlement in Catan.
Merchant of Catan
Merchant of Catan21 (20)You acquired 100 resource cards.
Villager of Catan
Villager of Catan11 (10)You collected 25 Victory Points.
Scholar of Catan
Scholar of Catan12 (10)You beat three Moderate AIs in Catan.

Least Earned

Chancellor of Catan
Chancellor of Catan88 (20)You collected 1000 VP's.
Statesman of Catan
Statesman of Catan76 (20)You collected 500 VP's.
Knight of Catan
Knight of Catan37 (20)You won Largest Army 10 times.
Elder of Catan
Elder of Catan37 (20)You collected 250 VP's.
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