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    02 Feb 2010 31 May 2010
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    Ususally I wait unti I have 100% of the achievements before i give a review but I couldn't wait on this one. The only ones i have left are 500 and 1000 VP in online ranked play.

    If you have ever played the original board game, THIS IS IT. BIG HUGE GAMES copied it perfectly. smile The basic premise of this game is to produce resources (done on each players turn for everyone by rolling 2d6 which could produce wool, wood, stone, wheat, or iron), then to use these resources to build your community. Each player starts out with two villages, on your turn you produce resorces, you may trade with other players, you may build your community, you may trade with the port (at 4 to 1, 3 to 1, or 2 to 1 ratios depending on the situation) and thats about it. It is a very balanced game, with many different strategies. The game board is randomly generated each time you play so each game is slightly different. The game is played to 10 VP(victory points) and you can earn VPs in different ways. each village you have gives you 1 VP, each city (village that has been upgraded) is worth 2 VP, if you control the longest road (done by building roads between your villages and cites) it is worth 2VP, having the largest army (played soldier cards) is 2 VP and finally sometimes you are able to get VP cards when you build development cards.

    Graphics and sounds are nothing to write home about becuase it is just a board game on the 360.

    One nice addition is the ability to see what resources are in play. by just holding down the RB you can see what is in play but NOT who has each resource.

    I personally enjoy playing against the computer almost as much as others on Xbox Live. The computer will start to refuse to trade with you if you are in the lead or if it gains a superior advantage. different AI opponents play the game differently and there are even random opponents which mix and match different personalities of the pregenerated AIs.

    I really really really hope that they produce the expantions to this game including the 5/6 player expansion and (CITIES AND KNIGHTS along with SEAFARERS)

    If you have any questions about this game please comment and i will try to keep this review current.

    Thank you for the comments, you are correct that there is NO multiplayer offline. I think one of the reasons that they decided to do this is that you would have to be able to see EVERY CARD that your oppenents had in thier hands, including development cards. Another point that I should address (as mentioned in the comments) is that there are rumors of gliches in the achievements. Although I have not experienced these one of my online friends has stated that if you unlock two achievements in one game (example: win with longest road 10 times and 100 VP) it will only unlock one of these and the other will not be able to be unlocked EVER.

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    Recurring DreamYou said the graphics are nothing to write home about, but have you tried the "living skin"? It's tucked away in the options menu so I think most people don't know about it - it turns the board into a cool-looking 3D miniature world. I usually don't play in that mode because I find it easier looking at the flat tiles, but I do think in general the graphics for this game are well done.

    Great review! I'm with you, I wish Big Huge Games would create the Cities/Seafarers expansion packs but there's little hope of that happening now. Hope to play with you some time!
    Posted by Recurring Dream on 30 Jun 11 at 01:12
    URZAS EL RONINI did not know about the "living skin" option thank you for the note.
    Posted by URZAS EL RONIN on 30 Jun 11 at 03:47
    URZAS EL RONINMastaGus: I have found out that if the game glitches like that you can delete the game from your harddrive, and then go to past downloads from the account activity menu and redownload the game and it resets the counter. Another way to get around the glitch is to import your profile to another console, These are both labor and time intensive but a way around the glitch.
    Posted by URZAS EL RONIN on 11 Apr 12 at 19:30
  • sirfaceesirfacee112,732
    03 Jun 2013 03 Jun 2013
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    Before I start my review, please get this picture in your head: You, yes you. Just you as you are. You're sitting in medieval grand hall, feasting royally on some Beef Stroganoff (I'm sure they had that back then) or some chicken wings, telling your hard-working citizens that you want to change your small development to a giant metropolis. At the blink of an eye, your small fishing town is a giant city. A sound pops off in the background, shaking the whole world. This pretty much sums up SETTLERS OF CATAN, but there is much more to it.

    SETTLERS OF CATAN started out as a German Strategy board game, known as Die Sideler von Catan. Released in 1995, SETTLERS OF CATAN has stood the test of time in popularity. It has been translated into over thirty different languages from it's original German, and as of 2009 the board game itself, as in not including any video games or it's expansion packs, has sold over fifteen million copies. Dubbed by the Washington Post as "The board game of our time", it is also one of few board games to have canon expansions. Seafarers of Catan, Cities and Knights of Catan, and Traders and Barbarians of Catan, with a fourth expansion scheduled to be released this year in 2013, Explorers and Pirates of Catan. There are some different variations of Catan, such as Oil Springs of Catan, developed to draw awareness of environmental issues and Star Trek: Catan. Catan has some video game releases besides the Xbox marketplace, as it used to be, but no longer is, on the Playstation marketplace. It is available on Apple and Android Marketplaces, and there will be a freemium version on Facebook. There are some official PC versions, however the only English version doubles with both of the expansion packs.

    It was published by Microsoft Game Studios, and developed by Big Huge games. The reason it's available on the Xbox marketplace is because it was published by Microsoft. Officially released on May 2, 2007 for ten dollars, the price has yet to change. Catan is a turn by turn strategy board game. The graphics are beautiful, and for the entirety of the game you play with a birds-eye view of the entire island, with your and other players settlements visible. The layout is simple: Press a button to do something. The buttons on screen are nicely labeled and can be easily accessed using your analog stick in game. The artificial intelligence is very intelligent, even on easier difficulties. They have a tendency to outsmart you and even if you have a very close eye on them it's easy for them to catch up to you in victory points. They will build more around you, limiting your space for expansion. There are no friendly units in Catan. You can possess resource cards which are used to build and expand your empire, and even cards that give you a bonus, but there is no magic or combat system to speak of.

    There is no plot. The game starts by putting you and two or three other people on an island, permitting you to start out with two developments, with a road stemming from each. This isn't a lot but you will have a thriving empire within thirty minutes... or you could be screaming yells of desperation, watching as the AI triumph and dance on the grave of your hopes and dreams winning. The music is brilliant and fits the mood well. The game is not funny but it is charming, as there is no humor or even dialogue (voice or text) in this game. There is no autosave or saving the game, no loading where you left off. Once you're in the game, you're in the game. You can connect to anyone else online.

    Now, for the part that everyone on here should care about: achievements. Some of the achievements are nice, fun and genuinely a challenge, meaning there are few, if none, easy achievements. Even winning against three other AI's was difficult for me. But as with any other achievements, time and dedication is key. Beware: never try to unlock two achievements at once, because should you do just that, you will have temporarily screwed yourself. You will have glitched the game out, making so that the achievement you didn't score is now forever unattainable. Unless you delete the game of catan from your hard drive and reload your gamertag. If any of the achievements come as a doozy to you, look at the solutions. Some of the people have great solutions. You could also look at my solutions, and hope for the best.

    I have my one-hundred percent in this game, but if you ever need a fourth person for your boosting lobby or have any other further questions, or if you want to play a fun, friendly game over Xbox just like it was meant to, add me. I won't deny you because you're a stranger, even though every child abduction video has told me that I should.

    Personally, this game is great and I would definitely recommend it! Please, buy it! The game is definitely worth the ten dollars! This game now holds great sentimental value to me, and I would love for someone else to get this feeling from a great game like Catan!
  • SgtDigglesworthSgtDigglesworth197,882
    19 Dec 2011
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    Fun, frustrating, fantastic...anyway you look at it this game is super addictive, or maybe I am just crazy.

    I first started playing Catan with the boardgame and when I found it on Live I had to grab it. Its not my conventional style of game that I would normally venture into, however, with its simplicity and competitiveness, the game adds hours of fun. I am not here too talk about graphics as they are super basic and Catan is a game that really doesn't require a stellar visual presence. If you have never played Catan, its very simple, build settlements, aquire commodities, build cities and roads, buy development cards, block opponents commodities, oh and roll dice. The objective aquire ten points before everyone else, and then blamo you win. The NPCs at high levels are frustrating and will do everything to stop you, where as online people generally are friendly however anger will prevail on the most passive player especially if you block them and take the lead resulting in a win. You can play single player, social Xbox Live, or Ranked matches on Xbox Live.

    If you like a simple challenge that can be competitive and fun, pick up this game, play by yourself or amongst couterparts on Xbox Live, meet people, steal sheep and earn some achievements while you are at it...Cheers!!