Cel Damage HD Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

As I mentioned earlier, those who have played Cel Damage back in the day will find the HD remake mostly familiar. The biggest change is the switch to a health-meter-based system as opposed to the old "most weapons kill in one hit" system. ...Frankly, I preferred the old game in this regard. Being able to survive more than a few superficial hits has really slowed the game down - but this works in your favor, my fellow achievement hunters! As a side effect, this makes the game much easier once you've got the hang of it. Sudden, unexpected, deaths were part of the fun of the original Cel Damage but this achievement list would have been much trickier back in those days.

Another change is the addition of difficulty levels, including the ability to turn off the AI cars entirely. Doing so does disable achievements however, or this list would be so easy I probably wouldn't bother writing a Walkthrough for this game. You can play the entire game on Easy, which results in the other cars being practically hesitant to attack you. Playing on Easy I won nearly every match on the first try.

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