2. Chaos;Head: Love Chu*Chu! General hints and tipsUpdate notes

This game consists of dialogues that will be interrupted by trigger points (pink whirl with a blurry background) where you can answer:

  • positive cn_LT
  • negative cn_RT
  • not at all cn_LB

By holding cn_RB, you can skip all new dialogues faster, but make sure you don't miss a trigger point!

If you miss it just go to "Load" -> "Quickload" and load the last save.

By pressing cn_LB once, you can skip all dialogue you already went through and automatically go to the next trigger point.

To save time after your 1st playtrough, you can go into "Load" -> "Quickload" and mark save file
#03 (1st Trigger)
#04 (2nd trigger)
#05 (3rd trigger)
#06 (4th trigger)
green with cn_Y and can start every time with these checkpoints without overwriting it.
Every trigger is saved before a decision.

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