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  • CheneyHeadshotCheneyHeadshot341,906
    08 Oct 2014 08 Oct 2014
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    Chariot is the latest freebie courtesy of Games With Gold on Xbox One (unless you're reading this after the event and had to pay for it).

    It's a puzzle platformer that brings to mind Spelunky in terms of the exploration aspect and Terraria with regards the terrain you drag/push your titular chariot through. If you lose sight of your chariot for too long, you have to restart from your most recent checkpoint, so where you go, it goes. You're aided by a retractable rope and various gadgets through the levels, the latter unlocked via the store in the hub world.

    Each level has an entrance and an exit and you have to navigate the level with a chariot in tow carrying a coffin with a backchatting ghost of a king who magnetically attracts loot jewels and one of three skulls per level. Some levels also have blueprints that are either freely available in the level or contained in crates that you need to keep upright from where you find them to the buzzsaw that opens the crate and provides you with said blueprint.
    Some levels have multiple entrances & exits too.

    These blueprints might seem optional, but in the case of one pair, you need them to see your way to the alternate exit on level 1-2 and subsequently world 2.

    Completing a level unlocks it for a speed run with a strict time limit where you effectively have to flawlessly complete the level. I've tried level 1-1 a couple of times but didn't quite manage to get bronze. There is a speed upgrade available in later worlds, so I'll be revisiting speed runs once I've unlocked that!

    Each level also has a co-op jewel, although these are seemingly impossible to reach solo. There is an achievement for getting one of these jewels via solo play, but as yet I've not found one that's yielded to my meagre skills.

    Co-op is sadly local only, so you'll need a second controller and a co-op partner to assist.

    Anyway, for a free game this is ace with hours of play. It just came at slightly the wrong time of year as I'm knee deep in Destiny & Forza Horizon 2!

    If you want a nice relaxing change of pace from all the high-octane AAA titles that're currently around, you could do far worse than this.
  • Dakrkplayer2Dakrkplayer2857,351
    03 Oct 2014
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    This game is like angery birds. But unlike angery birds. This game shows it needs a second player to make it more fun. And easy to the mind to the player. They could add online multiplayer to played with other's. Because not all of us have friend's lived in the same city or town as player 1. And not all of us has a secong controller in hand if we do. By addion it. People will be less fuestrated at the game. And it could made new friends around the world. But shouldn't take away it has a okay story. Where you trying find aproved barrieal place for the dead king. If this had a online compoundit. This would get a five. But I gived it a four.