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    19 Aug 2013 19 Aug 2013
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    Charlie Murder is the latest XBLA release from Ska Studios, the same people that brought us the Dishwasher games. I never played those so had no prior expectations as to what to expect from this.

    In fact Microsoft’s imminent change to local currency instead of MSP and the crappy exchange rates they’re giving us, meant that I played this expecting nothing except maybe something to splash some points on and discovered that it’s probably one of my favourite Live Arcade games.

    The game pulls the usual XBLA trick of letting you play a little while and then offering you an achievement if you unlock the game, at 800 space dollars it hardly breaks the bank, so you don’t feel gipped by going with this standard ploy.

    You play as one of five band members from the titular band Charlie Murder in a game that’s largely a side scrolling beat-em-up with some fun mini-games thrown in (including rhythm action cut-scenes, shoot-em-up sections and a cute tribute to skateboarding games). The character classes ape MMOs by way of their cookie cutter templates, you choose either berserker, tank, shaman, mage or mesmer. Each brings different skills to the table (stabmastery, damage dealing, healing totems etc) so your path through the game depends on your initial class. Myself I went with berserker ‘cause my love for you is like a truck.

    Your character levels up by way of getting fans on the in-game Twitter-a-like and in doing so unlocks skills, some specific to your class. For example, dual wielding, consuming enemy hearts or picking up large objects. You also take pictures of game world items to unlock special ability relics and new armour items. Changing your armour as you level up is essential as you can level your character very quickly but if you’re under-geared you won’t stand a chance in higher level fights.

    You gain extra abilities by getting tattoos at the parlours throughout the game, these show up visibly on your character, adding to the already considerable charm. You can also brew beers to buff and increase the stats of your characters.

    The story of the game follows the band and a jilted former member who forms a rival band, all of whom you battle throughout the game as bosses, culminating in a battle of the bands in the final battle.

    To top it all off, the characterisation of the characters is spot-on and the enemies you’ll batter all have their own distinct charm. That’s what made me unlock the game in the first place, the general graphical style and the initial gameplay. Sound design is great and the music ( is a particular highlight.
    Plus we have online and local co-op so this game has it going on.

    If there’s one negative, it’s the sheer scope of collectible relics you’ll have to collect to get a full max on this. At the time of writing, the last relic won’t drop due to a bug, but the devs have promised a patch imminently.

    This along with the minimum of three playthroughs; good/bad ending & good ending on two extra difficulty levels; mean you’ll be playing this for a good while. But you’ll never begrudge the time spent playing this game as it’s a delight.
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    Posted by PeaceSquid on 19 Aug 13 at 13:31
    k0rruptiDNice review, i bought it instantly after playing both Dishwasher games on XBLA by the same guys, they know how to make a fighting/combat game for sure. As far as actual combat goes i think the Dishwasher games were better, but they didn't have 4 player co-op or different classes.
    Posted by k0rruptiD on 19 Aug 13 at 20:41
    FFX Brotherhood+1 from me. If anyone is playing Charlie Murder through the GwG programme, they should definitely try out the Dishwasher games as well.
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 17 Jun 14 at 13:21
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    14 Mar 2015 15 Mar 2015
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    Charlie Murder

    Charlie murder is an action role playing beat em up game. Released on the 14th of August 2013 on the XBLA.

    Ok so once you get into the game you will be given the option to play as one of the five members of the Charlie Murder band lead vocalist Charlie Murder, guitarist Lester Deth, bassist Tommy Homicide, backup vocalist Kelly "Skelekitten" Skitten, or drummer The Rexecutioner.This game can be played solo or in co-op.In co-op you and 3 others can play through the game together and fighting enemies such as zombies, witches, ninjas, giant rats, yetis, and sharks with dynamite strapped to their heads,bosses, unique and challenging enemies that have more health and are more difficult to fight than normal enemies. There are also "minibosses", enemies that are less challenging than bosses but more challenging than regular enemies. Minibosses have the ability to block and counter your attacks, which few other enemies in the game do.The game takes place across several different areas, including a construction site, a graveyard, a pirate ship, and a mall.Between levels you will be placed in this set track missions killing enemies either in car or flying or playing a song and pressing the buttons when you are prompt to do so.The game itself will offer you 10-12 hours of gameplay.

    Combat And Character Classes:
    You will be fighting with two buttons to string together combinations of light and heavy that kick the enemies ass you can also use grabs to throw the enemies into objects which are gruesome at times,use character-specific special attacks, and pick up and use weapons and also in co-op you can use these a awesome highly damaging team attacks.Each of the five band members has a unique character class, which vary from one another mainly by the special magical attacks, called Anar-chi, that they can use. Anar-chi attacks include Tommy Homicide's ability to summon acid-coated buzzsaws and The Rexecutioner's ability to summon and use a debris-spitting drum can also upgrade your powers by visiting a tattoo parlor tattoo's can give you special abilities that are character-specific to the one you are playing at the moment.You can also unlock new abilities, including additional combination attacks, group attacks, and the ability to use two weapons at once, by leveling up.

    Leveling up:
    You use a in game phone to level up in addition to leveling up you can also manage inventory, read emails that explain game mechanics, and scan QR codes that unlock items and give the character money or followers by using the phone.

    The main character of the game is Charlie Murder and he is part of a band named Charlie Murder but Charlie kicks one of the founding members of the band out who is named Paul after he does that charlie starts rising to the top with his new bandmates with Charlies success paul goes into a dark place.He changes his name to Lord Mortimer and forms his own band named Gore Quaffer and makes a deal with a demon.After that Lord Mortimer starts to raise an army of demons and undead to destroy Charlie Murder.At the start of the game u begin in hell as you and your band have been killed so you have to fight your way out of hell when u do that you will wake up you will see that the world is overrun by undead and demons lead by Lord Mortimer then you become the only person that can save the world from that evil and must become a badass to do so.While you are going through the story you will start to see flashbacks of how Charlie rose to fame and how paul became more depressed and how eventually he came to the deal with the demon.

    The achievements are pretty mixed up and what I mean by that is they are some that are straightforward and easy to do like getting certain kills with the specific characters and then they are some that are time consuming like getting all the relics which will take a while to do unless you have a friend that has all them who is willing to give them to you.

    *Great gameplay was never bored playing through the game once.
    *Great soundtrack especially if you are into that kind of music which i am.

    *I never really used the phone unless I was about to level up never really look through the messages because there was no reason to wish there was something cool in the messages about the story or something like that.
    *Also when i had alot of stuff in my inventory it was kinda of hard to manage everything.

    Final Thoughts:
    Charlie Murder was a game that i really enjoyed and would recommend to anyone as i think everyone could enjoy some aspect of the game and i am happy that i exp the game myself so if you have not picked this game yet definitely consider picking this one up.

    EDIT: If you leave a negative vote please write in the comments why so I can improve the things that are wrong with the review.
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    15 Aug 2013 18 Aug 2013
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    Pick your character as you embark on a journey to crush the crazy weird array of enemies that came from the event and rock out while doing it. It is a really crazy time filled with a beautiful and changing environment that has such a grippingly unique style. There is a great flair of RPG elements within the game from level ups to choosing skills, along with clothing or items that give you bonuses throughout your play. It is along the lines of standard RPG, though it presents it in a side scrolling (not always side to side) style of gameplay which makes it further unique and almost akin to Dust from last years Summer of Arcade. There are also some fun powerups that you acquire that will definitely assist you through the game with an assortment of pickups to help kick some more ass. The combat varies with multiple options of whichever way you want to make your progression through the game from shooting, to beating or even wailing away with the assortment of skills. The variety of levels is so vast and amazing with one second you are in Hell, where the next you are in some burnt up old bar. Each looks and feels different with new a new set of enemies and of course each are packed with a uniquely fun boss to
    take on at the end. This aspect is where things change a little and ultimately influence the end of the game if you elect not to go through all the little side areas to collect organs. To the complete side of all the intense action going on there is a variety of shops littered upon your path of which you can purchase items like clothing, food, or even tattoos to improve your powers. It really is a crazy adrenaline filled story with tons of variety that is given an extra spark of style with the unique graphics that you are presented with. Don’t forget to loot well!

    The multiplayer adds the base component of having multiple individuals together, it really makes sense since they are a band and all. The presence of teaming up for combos and using each other adds well to the experience and helps with the progression. The gameplay aspect is solid except for the occasional problem with the two-dimension plain and some enemy AI that may get stuck on objects or lower levels which is really just an advantage to you. Oh and some levels have crazy stuff going on in the aspect of lights/environment.

    The Conclusion
    Charlie Murder is most definitely the best arcade title I have played this year. It is loaded with humor, an interesting story of friendship and a crazy RPG aspect. The game is a treasure that you would be missing out on if you didn’t give it a try. Even from first completion there is the option to continue throug a couple more harder playthroughs with tougher foes/better looting. Grab some friends, get some loot and annihilate the vastly differing enemies. Don’t forget to kill all of them bosses to get all the organs for a well rounded experience and go crazy with Charlie!

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