1. Child of Eden Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the Child of Eden walkthrough! In this guide I hope to explain and give tips on the most efficient route to 1000gs. Child of Eden will take both practice and patience to achieve 100%, but isn't the unbeatable juggernaut the ratio would otherwise suggest. Also while this game is compatible with Kinect, it is a lot more difficult to get some of the harder achievements, for which I would recommend using a controller.

There are three main goals of each archive - 800k, 100% and the gold star, which is doing both on the same run; therefore, I have created gold star videos for most archives and difficulty. If you are aiming for just the 800k or 100%, this should still be useful, as it shows you where the points are obtained and where all the enemies are.


During this stage you will want to play through the game on normal and hard, without worrying about your score or purification percentage, simply completing and learning the levels.


Once you have got to know the stages, start working on further goals. I would recommend trying for the 100% first, followed by the gold star - learn the pattern, then learn the beat. As mentioned above, gold stars are awarded for hitting 800k and 100% in the same run, and are very challenging; the Hard stages in particular can be rather frustrating.

Hope Archive

Now that you are almost done, you will want to finish the Hope archive. This is a twenty minute stage, a few minutes longer than Journey, and without trying to go for a high score, easily the most difficult stage in the game.

Lumi's Garden and Ultimate Compiler

Basic cleanup at this point--get any rewards you've yet to obtain if you've managed to gold star both difficulties in under twelve attempts, and finish up any extras you've yet to unlock.

Good luck!

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