4. Child of Eden Matrix ArchiveUpdate notes

This is a fairly straightforward archive that is deceptively difficult to 100%, mainly due to the abundance of missable enemies. This guide will be written for the normal playthrough with additional notes pertaining to hard in bold. Items to pick up are underlined.

Tunnel Intro

These fish take four hits to octalock, so you can get a perfect octalock after aiming for two of them. When a group of five shows up, you can octalock twice and spam the last guy. You'll need to do this fast, as the next enemies won't show up if you take too long. Once you've defeated this next group and the background goes black, you should have 37% purification.

These fish coming in now take one hit, but for the first few, they can be spammed, as they only come in waves of four. There's one wave of eight at the end for another octalock. That wave marks 51% purification, at which point Health Orb #1 appears. (01/10) The fish appear again, and this time you can octalock every group. Following these waves is Euphoria Orb #1. (02/10)

Two more waves of fish, then the octopi show up. Each octopus takes three octalocks to purify. You can start locking on well before they're visible, and it's best to do so while you don't have to aim around wildly to hit each spot.

Ideal score: 75k


While you have larger enemies like the snakes and purple jellyfish, the real enemies are the smaller fish. If you leave them alone, they will swim off, never to reappear and your 100% will be ruined. Octalock everything else, but spam these guys, and remember they take two hits. The schools of tiny fish do not count towards completion, so don't waste your time.

The purple jellyfish need to be shot with the tracer before octalocking, and the first one drops Health Orb #2 (03/10). At the end, it'll be tempting to octalock the small fish, but just keep spamming them. They'll drop Health Orb #3. (04/10)

Ideal score: 175k

Music Box

You have two enemies here - the ever present and completion reducing fish and the red boxes on the music box. While these fish take one hit, it is imperative to let the boxes finish spawning the fish first; destroy the box, the fish don't show up, no completion. The first group of fish drops Euphoria Orb #2. (05/10) On Hard, all enemies will start shooting at you if you take too long to destroy them.

Additionally, shoot the fish first, as destroying the boxes on the last wave first will cause the fish to disappear. The miniboss breaks through for the first time at 23%. You get no points off of this miniboss, so spam away.

In the second wave, leaving certain fish for too long will cause them to fire at you. The third group drops Health Orb #4. (06/10)

The miniboss breaks through again at 53% and 84%.

Ideal score: 250k.


Do not worry about perfect octalocks here; the beat keeps speeding up and losing your multiplier is the big concern. The first group of enemies drop Health Orb #5. (07/10) In addition to the enemies, this section will generate walls in front of you with more spots to shoot as the walls go on. Fail to hit these and lose the 100% and some health, to rub salt in the wound.

The large jellyfish in the third section drops Euphoria Orb #3(08/10) The fifth segment is a serpent that needs to be shot with the tracer first before spammed.

Ideal score: 300k

Matrix Cores

Octalock as much as you can on the serpents, but the smaller enemies aren't really worth it. Speed is of the essence for the end of the core section. A group of jellyfish will pass beside you, they're holding Health Orb #6. (09/10) Don't worry too much about the cores, they don't give you any points. If there's nothing else on screen, you can spam them or use them to repair your multiplier if it gets broken.

When the second and third cores open, they reveal another few enemies who will fire on you. Spam them and keep going. After the third opens, another group will pass beside you, carrying Health Orb #7. (10/10)

If you've cleared everything fast enough, when the fourth core opens, it will reveal two purple jellyfish. Trace them first, as each one takes three octalocks.

Ideal score: 400k

Saving Lumi

I hope you brought your perfect multiplier, because doing well on this section is worth over 300k points. Keep calm, keep the beat, keep octalocking. The first section is shooting orange blocks, and they always come in multiples of eight.

Following this is a core surrounded by purple blocks. You'll have to alternate between shooting them away with the tracer and octalocking the core. I kept the reticule going in a circle to clear away, lock on once or twice, clear away. After this section is a hide and seek game of orange blocks, shoot them all and move on.

Finally, there's worms of corruption surrounding Lumi. Once these are cleared out of the way, the core needs to be cleared. You can rack up the points if you're just short at this point, or if you know the euphoria bonus will take you over, spam away.

  • Genius Play

    Clear the Matrix Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode and achieve 100% purification.

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