5. Child of Eden Evolution Archive

This guide will be written for the normal playthrough with additional notes pertaining to hard in bold. Items to pick up are underlined.


Before we can worry about score, there are a few single cells that need to be purifed. Spam all of these. Eventually you'll have four show up in a diamond formation: the one on the right holds Health Orb #1. (01/10)

This is an interesting area since even with getting a fair amount of perfect combos there is a lot score that can be milked from this area. The key to getting a high score in this area is to set up as many octalocks as possible. For example shoot 3 cells, then target those 5 and and shoot the other stem with 3 cells for an octalock. Be careful when you are shooting down projectiles that you dont burst any cells. On Hard, it's a bit more important to build your multiplier here.

Once the cells start shooting back at you, there will be one aggressive cell and two single cells. The one on the right holds Health Orb #2. (02/10)

Once you get a hang on knowing how to set up a good amount of octalocks it is possible to score upwards of 50k on this section alone. If you don't have the patience for it though, don't worry, it isn't pivotal to success. You should have enough time to kill the enemies as long as you don't dawdle. When the camera begins to pan upwards the section will end.

Ideal Score: 30k

Sea Creatures

The first thing you need to be aware of is the mini golden mantas that are slightly see-through and are easy to miss. Don't move the camera around too much and you shouldn't miss them. Once you've killed the 2 sets of mantas you will see jellyfish rising. Each one takes two hits, so get four with an octalock. One near the end of the second group holds Health Orb #3. (03/10)

There are also some fish swimming around in this section. This can mess up your octalocks, for instance I had to keep going back over jellyfish because I caught some fish, but the good news is that they don't count for purification. If there's nothing else on screen, try to get a perfect octalock or two.

After the swarm of smaller jellyfish comes the larger jellyfish, accompanied by another 8 mini mantas. The mantas behave exactly as normal, and the large jellyfish takes a full octalock to purify. On Hard, the jellyfish takes two octalocks. If you don't purify the jellyfish fast enough, it will fire on you, and good luck avoiding bullets on Hard.

Eels are the next enemy, and each one takes two octalocks to purify, or three on Hard. If you leave them for too long, some of them will fire. The second snake, or the lower one, holds Euphoria #1. (04/10) There are five eels before you end up face-first in a school of fish, so try to take them out before you get there. The fish can either make them hard to target or give you a nice chunk of points.

Next are some small jellyfish accompanied by a larger one. The first large jellyfish holds Health Orb #4. (05/10) Finally, two schools of fish will appear, and either try to clear them out or octalock them for points; an eel shows up behind them and essentially uses them as a shield. Unless you're really quick, it will fire on you.

Ideal Score: 300k

Seafloor Corridor

First up are some mini mantas, and if you can octalock them, great; I tend to miss one, so I spam the first group at a minimum. The ammonites that come up next must be taken down with the tracer. If there's a glowing appendage, focus on that one briefly so it won't fire on you. In the second group, the one on the right carries Health Orb #5. (06/10)

There's another wave of mini mantas, followed by a large one. It takes three octalocks to purify, but you may want to do two and spam the rest; if he completes his roll, he sends out manta projectiles, which would be nice to avoid. Add one to each number for Hard: Four octalocks to purify, so three and spam. He's also carrying Euphoria #2. (07/10)

After this is another grouping of ammonites, two waves of mini mantas, the last to appear holds Health Orb #7, (08/10) followed by another large manta. Some more ammonites and this section is done.

Ideal Score: 400k


Each gem you have to purify on the whale has a circle spiraling around it, and when it reaches the gem, it fires a bullet at you. If it fires a single bullet at you, you've missed 100%. In the background, there are mantas that take 12 hits, so one perfect octalock followed by spam. The first drops Health Orb #7 (09/10) and the last ones drops Health Orb #8. (10/10) and it doesn't matter which order you do it in.

Evolution Pack Rat

Obtain all items in the Evolution Archive.

Evolution Pack Rat
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

There's a few times on the whale you can get a perfect octalock, and you should probably take those . If you're above the ideal score coming in, spamming should give you enough points to hit the 470k mark coming in. Surprisingly, spamming is slightly better advice for Hard, as the extra hits on everything result in more points, which means more wiggle room. Anything under 470k is going to be very difficult to hit gold stars. The phoenix isn't too difficult as the beat is fairly strong and the projectile patterns aren't very complex. Just remember that your octalock takes precedence over taking damage, so if you need a few more seconds to get the beat, just take that hit. Think twice about that on Hard; in the video, you'll see that I take a few hits coming in, and double damage adds up quickly. Once Lumi shows up with purification, it's nothing but points. I entered just below 470k and came out with 720k, so a near perfect run will net you 250k here.

Phoenix Rising

Clear the Evolution Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode.

Phoenix Rising
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

Magnificent Aura

Obtain more than 800,000 points in the Evolution Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode.

Magnificent Aura
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty Specific


Clear the Evolution Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode and achieve 100% purification.

3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty Specific

The Great Evolution Round-Up

Clear the Evolution Archive on Hard Difficulty Mode.

The Great Evolution Round-Up
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty SpecificMultiple Playthroughs Required

The Calculator

Obtain more than 800,000 points in the Evolution Archive on Hard Difficulty Mode.

The Calculator
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty SpecificMultiple Playthroughs Required

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