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This is where the game starts getting a bit difficult, especially on Hard. This is tied for the hardest archive to gold star in the game on Hard. This guide will be written for the normal playthrough with additional notes pertaining to hard in bold. Items to pick up are underlined.

Lake Area

The first enemy is a grouping of seeds that will shoot out pollen enemies. The pollen will take one hit, but the seeds take two - one to open, one to purify. On Hard, early seeds shoot out twice as much pollen and some fire projectiles instead. I tend to use the tracer on the seeds, but to each their own. For a while, there will be no chance to get octalocks; this will change once two seeds shoot out three pollen each. Octalock all of them and finish off the seeds. Once you get your first octalock opportunity, some fliers will come by and hang around on the screen. Leave them too long and they'll fire on you, so destroy them quickly. The second group of fliers drops Health Orb #1. (01/10)

Your next opponents are the butterflies. When their wings are folded and they're spinning, they are invulnerable; once they stop and spread, open fire. One of the extra bonuses is associated with destroying all butterflies in a single octalock, so you'll have practice doing just that. When two butterflies appear, the one on the right is carrying Health Orb #2. (02/10)

The seeds make an appearance, but DO NOT TARGET THEM IMMEDIATELY! These ones behave differently in that they let out a stream of pollen; if they're destroyed during the stream, not all enemies will come out and you'll ruin your 100%. Aim above them and go for the octalock. Some will shoot projectiles again, but the order is always the same. There are six seeds - pollen, pollen, projectiles, pollen, projectiles, projectiles.

While you're dealing with the last seed, four more fliers will show up. Purify them immediately or they'll fire even more projectiles at you. The group on the left will fly by, but the camera will spin around if you don't get them in time. This group is carrying Health Orb #3. (03/10)

The last section of this area combines the original seeds and butterflies. For the most part, save your octalocks for the butterflies, but if your score is high enough, you can get away with spamming them. The second group of seeds shoots projectiles. The next is a group of fliers who cross in front of you which make the last enemies of this section. Open the gate with your tracer and move on.

Ideal Score: 150k.

Plant Life

The biggest enemy here is time; a lot of the enemies will whip by you if you aren't careful. A snake appears with a few smaller fliers. The music starts softly in the beginning, so rather than ruin your multiplier by guessing, just spam until you reach the second snake. This first snake is holding Health Orb #4. (04/10)

My strategy for the snakes is to get two perfect octalocks, then spam. Trying to go for a third generally results in the snake absconding and ruining the 100% purification. Whenever you see the fliers in this area, spam away.

The second area introduce a purple jellyfish. Shoot with the tracer to open him up, then use either weapon to purify him for Euphoria Orb #1. (05/10) The next snake appears shortly thereafter; two octalocks and spam, you don't spend a lot of time here.

Two snakes are in this next area and the strategy shifts slightly: octalock until the fliers show up, purify them, then spam. This should give you enough time for three altogether.

Take out the fliers first, then octalock twice. Another purple jellyfish will show up while the snake absconds; don't worry about this! He'll be back. Once he shows up, you can get one more octalock before another jellyfish. Spam when he comes back for Health Orb #5. (06/10) Another instance of taking out the fliers first, then octalock the snake. A second snake and some fliers will pop by, continue as normal. Once you purify the second snake, you'll find he had Health Orb #6. (07/10) You can octalock the last group of fliers, but I'd rather spam. Take out the gate and move on.

Ideal score: 225k.


The strategy here changes on difficulty. Normal, you want to focus on octalocks, but on Hard, focus on surviving, so spam if you must.

Creatures will pop up and fly away from you. On Hard these take two hits and will fire projectiles back. When all eight appear in a stream, you may want to consider spamming instead of octalocking. Don't consider it on Hard, spam on this one, but octalock the one before it with only four. The second stream is fine to octalock, though. This group has Euphoria Orb #2. (08/10)

The next enemy is a larger version that takes a full octalock to purify and drops a stream of projectiles back. It can be difficult to keep up with the projectiles, so if you're getting overwhelmed, consider spamming and taking a hit or two in the name of 100%. The last one holds Health Orb #7. (09/10)

For the last group, octalocks come easier, but you'll eventually get turned around. The last two groups will be a stream that comes at you. The first is fine, but the second will speed right past and around you. Take them out quickly before the gate. You may need to resort to Euphoria here, but it's entirely possible to get them via spamming. This group has the last item, Health Orb #8. (10/10)

Ideal Normal score: 375k

Ideal Hard score: 300k


For the first section, you'll want to focus on survival first. Unless you're confident in your skills, you don't want to charge an octalock with incoming projectiles. The boss will fire four patterns before stopping, this is where you'll want to get in an octalock or two. If you're quick, you can sneak an octalock in between patterns occasionally.

In the second form, miniature petals open up to be shot down. DO NOT USE YOUR OCTALOCK HERE. These give you no points, the only thing you can accomplish is losing your streak. The flower is gathering energy at this point, signified by energy lines behind it. If you don't shoot them all in time and the lines converge, they will all close and the flower will fire on you. If this happens, a quick arc around the screen should get them. For an example, see 08:30 on the Hard video. On Hard, you have less time before the firing squad starts. Once it opens up, use the octalock. (Fun fact: It was this section that made me turn down the sound effects to keep the beat. Try it, you'll be amazed at the difference.) Don't worry about letting go of the octalock and hitting nothing, you won't be penalized.

After dealing enough damage, the patterns change, the energy lines disappear and the flower will fire projectiles at you at the same time. While survival is key, if you finish shooting the petals, the projectiles disappear. Two patterns are easier if you focus on them and ignore the projectiles: one starts with a leaf of five petals before opening another one and then another one, and the other is when they spread out to three fronds and eight petals per frond.

Form three flies around and occasionally stops to shoot at you. Take the time to shoot down each projectile and octalock the rest of the way. Once it hits 80%, it's onto the final form.

The final form is a repeat of the first in spirit. Take care of the projectiles, sneak in some octalocks. It fires a lot more projectiles on Hard, be careful with sneaking in an octalock at an inopportune time.

Ideal Normal score: 600k

Ideal Hard score: 700k


This is the final stretch. All that's left is to open up the flower. A series of perfect octalocks will net you around 150k here, and the Euphoria bonus should lift you into gold star territory from there. There is a time limit, so don't take too long lining up your octalocks. If you haven't used Euphoria and you're sitting around 700k, just spam it, you've got it anyway.

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    Cleared the Beauty Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode and achieved 100% purification.

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