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TA Top Five: Main Menu Themes

Have you ever loaded up a game just to be mesmerized by what played on the menu? I have. In this Top Five we take a look at those themes that had us not wanting to press any button to continue.

Posted 1 year ago by Marc Hollinshead, 151 comments

TA Top Five: Female Protagonists

For decades, video games have been dominated by male protagonists. Damsels in distress and the brave men who rescued them were popular when games told simpler tales. Both Super Mario and Link built t

Posted 1 year ago by Mark Delaney, 147 comments

TA Top Five: Short Games

Apologies for the absence of the Top Five last week and the delay this week. However, we're now back on track! Life can be incredibly busy at times. Whether it's work, family, school or just things t

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 96 comments

April Games With Gold Announced

After arguably one of Games With Gold's best months since its inception, just how would Microsoft follow it up? Well this April, to celebrate 100 million Games With Gold downloads, six games will be

Posted 2 years ago by Andy Mills, 270 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: December 24th, 2014

Today's daily deal in the Countdown to 2015 sales sees a recent, well received (and easy completion) RPG on offer on both consoles. Yesterday's Dragon Age: Inquisition discounts are also carried over

Posted 2 years ago by Chewie, 50 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: September 2nd, 2014

In this week's Deals with Gold we get a handful of titles on offer, with no apparent theme. However, the Resident Evil titles are probably related to the recent news of an upcoming Resident Evil Reve

Posted 2 years ago by Chewie, 101 comments

XBL Content Roundup: April 30th, 2014

Xbox One Games Unlike yesterday's release, this game has arrived on the Xbox One as scheduled. To all those wandering lost in the dark, may you be visited by a spark. Child of Light Size: 2.31 GB Pri

Posted 3 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 14 comments

Making-of Child of Light Part 3

Previous episodes in the making of series for Child of Light have shed light on the basics of the game and the work of Cœur de Pirate and Huge Bastien to create the music and sounds of the game. This

Posted 3 years ago by Lexley Ford, 5 comments

Child of Light Introduces the World of Lemuria

Child of Light has already taken us on a journey of discovery for the crafting, combat, skills, co-op play, artwork and music and sounds. That journey continues with a glimpse into the world of Lemur

Posted 3 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 9 comments

The Music and Sounds of Child of Light

Earlier this week, we highlighted the incredible talent of Yoshitaka Amano as he creates the artwork for upcoming RPG title, Child of Light. Prior to that impressive footage, Ubisoft had released the

Posted 3 years ago by Keith Gray, 6 comments