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Posted on 05 May 14 at 14:58, Edited on 05 May 14 at 15:03
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This is my first review I write, but after I played "Child of Light" for both (Xbox One and Xbox 360), I simply MUST write as my impression was about the game ...

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The presentation as a whole is incredibly well done. The 'hand-drawn', detailed style also knows how to convince the entire backdrop, the charming little, fairytale characters and the background music. The overall package is stunningly beautiful and even if one does not find graphic bomb in the game, so the look is overall quite simply exceptional.

The atmosphere that emanates from the game world, I like to just briefly praise extracting. I have rarely experienced in a medium that has a partially knitted so bright, beautiful world at the same time so oppressive to me, which I find made ??absolutely terrific.

For this I do not like to say much. It is about a playing time of 10-14 hours, which is why I think the story everyone should experience for themselves. Only so much can be said: the fairytale setting is also reflected there and even if one does not find the 'innovative' story of all time by far, thus creating Child of Light is just yet to convince consistently, which is just at the basic harmony of every (Story)elements is.

Running around , flying around and RPG elements to tricky riddles . That hits in short form and even if the RPG elements of the game rather tend towards ' casual ' , as "Child of Light" supplies but essentially a very rewarding gaming experience. That which brings something special to the game , is the small , glowing Auroras companion : he can fight in the small healing ' collect ' or slow down the attack of the enemy . Great, this feature is by ensuring that a second player can play this role. Otherwise me the combat system really liked because it has not quite taken over the narrow turn-based system, but it just looks by a bar at the bottom of the screen , who is allowed to attack next ( friend and enemy ) and you can interrupt attacks even sent by , the little glowing helper can also influence which by its slowing effect on enemies . Thus the system is to learn in the end quite simple and easy , but fun and challenging to master and manages most of all - with just a few tweaks , but to bring a little more depth in the gameplay.

It offers great characters, a fairytale environment, history and creates a doubt that you sit glued to the TV and listen full of joy this story - so how to get it done as a child. That deserves full marks and a strong buy recommendation!!!
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Posted on 06 June 14 at 15:56
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Child of light is a turn based RPG. Set in a fantasy world of a little girl. The gist of it, is you a girl that get separated from her father, and has to fight the evil dark queen. It is very impressive, and for 15.00$ worth every cent.

Graphics (3 of 3) : This game has GREAT graphics, it does take a bit to get used to them. They are much different than most games. It almost looks as though it the whole game was hand drawn. Everything flows together beautifully, smooth game play. A fantastic looking game.

Achievements (2 of 3): The achievements on this game are a bit on the easy side. Playing through the game I have 890 of 1000. The last few aren't much of a grind, but should come with a few more hours. They arent overly hard to get, which is a bummer on some instances. Though some give a small challenge to complete. Everyone should be able to get 1000 GS over 8-10 hours of game time.

Replay Value (2 of 3): After completing the game, I will get the last 4 achievements. That will be all that I will play until I want to play a great turn based style RPG. This will be one of those games that you will go to for a quick RPG fix. It wont be the last time I play it, that is for sure.

Sympathy (1 of 1): This game deserves this by far. They nailed it, very good game.

This game is one of the better RPGs that I have played. They story is good, the message is decent. The game is great. Usually RPGs loose my attention after the first 12-20 hours, this game is short enough to not even last that. It is short, but worth every penny.

Feel free to friend me on TA, G+, or over xbox. I enjoy playing with new people, and I enjoy meeting new people. My tag through all sites is VanHow10. Thanks for reading!
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Posted on 28 April 15 at 12:53
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Child Of Light takes us to the fantasy world of Lemuria with our protagonist Aurora in what feels like a dream from Sleeping Beauty's Aurora when she is in her spell induced coma.

We guide Aurora through here journey against the powers of darkness to save the inhabitants of Lemuria from the Queen Of The Night.

Graphics and Appearance = 1 Star
The game is designed in a very charming painted style as if the game is in watercolor. Before giving the game a chance I felt it was going to be a artsy game, all cute with no bite and I'm glad I was wrong. It's simple style seems to lack effort but has amazing results and give you the feel of a story.

Game-play = 1 Star
The game-play is very hands on. During nearly all sections of the game you are in control of 2 characters at the same and both have specific functions and purposes which if used during the free roam element and battle elements can change how difficult the game can be. I thought this was a very inventive idea from Ubisoft and really enjoy the gimmick and would love to see more of this on the future.

As this is an RPG there are in game battles. The battle system is similar to that of FFX-2 in which i mean this is turned based however, you have to wait a period of time between select your attack and then it being completed by a character. In this period of time you can interrupt your opponents attack and they you, in larger boss battles this is a fundamental and crucial skill to master within this game.

The game also has a rather simple leveling system. All EXP point based and earned by beating the wide variety of dark creatures found all over Lemuria. Character gain additional HP,MP, strength etc as you would expect, but my favorite part was the skill leveling. The game has a system similar to Final Fantasy X's sphere grid, it's not as complicated as needing different sphere's but you can see virtually everything your character can earn and can decide how you want to build your character.

Sound = 0.5 Star
I felt the game does let itself down a bit when we consider audio. During the actual game and its internal cut scene's there is no speech but a lot of dialogue to read. As most of the game is written in rhyme I felt some good voice actors could of given this game even more effect.

The background music does what it's meant to do and sets the mood throughout the most epic boss fights to simply walking around a forest. But nothing particularly gripping.

Story = 0.5 Star
As I stated before this game kind of feels like we have entered the world of the Disney classic "Sleeping Beauty". The story is gripping and a timeless classic, good versus evil fate of the world type deal. The recipe works and we all know what to expect every step of the way. I found myself playing this game in largely one sitting the story is really gripping and kept me wanting to play it as long as I could.

The game takes you around the world of Lemuria where we gain our typical RPG ragtag group. From Sky temples to quaint villages each character has its own little story but none too exciting to be honest. Like every RPG each character has his or her strength and weaknesses which work with each other. But again the recipe works but you know what to expect.

Achievements = 1 Star
The game is an easy 1000G. There is quite a nice mix but ultimately everything can be done in one play-through and took me around 6 hours game time to 100%. There are perhaps 2 which could be missed but if you spend time digging around the game and keeping an eye open these won't be a problem.

The game is great, stunning artwork and a timeless story. I can't say I feel in love but the story is strong and worth it's time to play. I would love to see similar games in the future from Ubisoft. Grab it while its free definitely.
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Le Schwab 117
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Le Schwab 117
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Posted on 14 March 17 at 06:03
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Child of Light is a platforming RPG made by Ubisoft Montreal. I downloaded this game for free during the Xbox Games for Gold.

Players take control of a young princess named Aurora. One night, Aurora falls asleep and doesn’t wake up. While she is asleep, the Queen of Darkness steals the moon and sun from their world. Aurora wakes up and finds herself in the magical land of Lemuria. During her travels, Aurora meets the Lady of the Forest. The Lady of the Forest tells Aurora the story of the Queen of Darkness, and gives her a firefly companion, Igniculus. Aurora travels through Lemuria with Igniculus fighting monsters and meeting new friends who wish to help her on her journey to stop the Queen of Darkness.

One of the best things about Child of Light is the game’s interesting characters. Each character who joins your party has an interesting story that goes along with them. They have their own motivations for joining your cause.

While the characters are explaining their motivations or back stories, they are doing so in rhyme. That’s right, almost all of the dialogue in the story rhymes. I thought it was a unique take on dialogue that I haven’t seen in a game for a while.

The soundtrack to this game is great as well. The ambient sounds while you are traveling through Lemuria are nice, but the battle themes are the songs that will get stuck in your head.

The combat system is another plus. The system is very basic. Attacks and spells each have a certain time rating which allows you to plan your attacks so that you can interrupt your opponent’s attacks. Stronger magic spells will take longer to cast, while physical attacks will have a short or medium cast time.

The game is a little short for a $15 game. It took me about nine hours to beat the main story and a majority of the side missions. If you get this game for free, then it’s not a big deal.

Although the characters are interesting, there are a few I found myself never using (Rubella and Robert). I usually stuck to my main three to four characters and never used anyone else.

I did not see the twist that occurs a little over half way through the game. I was a little bummed that one of the characters left your party.

Final Grade

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