4. Child of Light Story walkthrough - Act 2

Act 2 - The Queen of Light

Act 2 starts with a really brief pan to show you some of the surrounding environment.

Head to the right and eventually you will see a specter - from now on I will mention an enemy and I will assume you killed it but it really is up to you. Use the center of the fountain to jump up and then over to the tree. Jump higher in the tree to get to a chest with Rough Ruby. Fall of the right edge and once on the ground continue in that direction until you enter a dark cave.

Inside the cave there will be a path that you can jump up to. Instead, take the lower path and you will come to a stone enemy and past it is a chest with Firefly Elixir. Go back and jump up to the higher path to continue right. Deal with the specter you come to and leave the cave. To the right, near a door, is a box that needs to be moved left. Use the box to get to the ledge to the left. Keep going left, past a specter and then followed by a door that you need to go in.

Once inside, go to the right and there will be a scene that explains the basics of this puzzle. Jump up to the blue switch and use Igniculus to light it - cn_LT. With the switch lit the platform on your left will move down. Get on and then use Igniculus again to take it up. At the top, go to the box, push it onto the platform, and use Igniculus to bring it down. Move the box all the way to the right and use it to jump over to another box. Move this second box right enough to be able to jump up right to the bush. Jump a little higher and head left to a switch.

When you use the switch, it will make a platform move up and down. Drop down to the first box and when the platform is down push the box onto it. When the platform gets to the top, pull the box to the right and place it on a switch in the floor. With the box on the switch the door will stay open. Go right and exit the area.

Once outside, go right until you see an enemy guarding a switch. Use this switch to open the floor and the door below. Drop down and go right through the door until you find a path that takes you up and left. At the end of the path is a color wheel and across the way is a switch. This puzzle works kind of like the tree door. Use Igniculus to light the top most color wheel and move him to cast the color on the right piece of glass. The pieces of glass you need to illuminate are not in the window but to either side of it - they are teardrop shaped. Use the switch to the left to switch the colors. Now, prepare yourself for a boss - use the bush to get health if you need it. When you light the last circle, removing the last glass, the fight will start.

This boss fight is against two guardian statues. Being that this is your first boss fight, it can be kind of tough. Starting the fight with full health helps a lot. If you do die, the game will take you back a little and you will need to redo part of the glass puzzle. Keep in mind that if you make Igniculus light up over an enemy it will slow their movement through the timeline. When your health gets low, be sure to use Igniculus to get the bushes because the first time they release HP, MP, and refill Igniculus's meter. If you are getting really low on health and cant use Igniculus, then use a Health Tonic by selecting Potions from the Action Wheel. The best tactic is to use Igniculus to slow one of the statue just enough that it is in that Cast period while you attack. Successfully doing this will cause an Interruption forcing the enemy to fall back in the timeline. If you can't get this to work, then you can try to slow one enemy all the time while you focus your attacks on the other. Watch your health and keep attacking until both statues are defeated.

After the fight, watch all of the cutscenes and you will be rewarded with:


Recover the stars.

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Now Aurora has Faery wings so she can fly. Push cn_A to start flying up. To the left, on a platform, is a chest containing Magic Potion x2. Head to the left until you can see a MP Stardust. Move Igniculus to retrieve it. Use cn_start to open the menu and the Stardust will be in your inventory which you can give it to Aurora. Straight across to the right is another chest which has a Potent Healing Tonic hidden inside.

Fly higher and you will see your first gem. To open these, make Igniculus light up on it until it opens - this one contains Firefly Elixir x2. To the left is an opening in the roof that you want to go through. Once through the opening, the game will take you to a sign post and you will be in Act 3.

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