6. Child of Light Story walkthrough - Act 4

Act 4 - The Deep Dark Well

Act 4 starts with Aurora standing outside of a town with lots of crows.

Near the yellow arrow sign, you can enter the town. In the town to the left is a person weeping with a !. Talk with this person for some detail about the town. This is Finn and he will join the party, but unlike Rubella, you'll have to finish his side quest before earning his corresponding achievement.

A yellow ! appears above the well so interact with it. At this time, Finn will join the party. After the scene, take a moment to assign Finn's skill point. My suggestion would be to invest in the upper path first so that Finn learns his lightning magic which comes in handy during fights later on.

Take the path down until you can go left then follow the path around until you encounter a spider. Fight this spider and during the fight, use the Action Wheel to swap Aurora for Finn. A little lower to the right is a gem with a Rough Emerald. When the area opens up, fly to the left and follow the path up. Proceed slowly because there are spikes here. These spikes are common in Child of Light and are usually accompanied by a switch that Igniculus can use to pause them. Here you can see the switch above so use Igniculus and proceed left to find a HP Startdust.

If you have collected all of the Stardusts thus far, then you'll get:

Aurora Borealis

Collect 5 deposits of Stardust.

Aurora Borealis
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If you have missed one, don't fret because there are plenty in the game and once you do pick up your fifth you'll earn the achievement.

While you are here, fight this spider. Once the fight is over, you'll get:

Guardians of Lemuria

Win a battle without Aurora.

Guardians of Lemuria
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During your next fight, you can swap back to Aurora if you want - I did. Use the switch and return right. Continue right and pass the bucket until you see a spider followed by a gem which has a Rough Emerald. If you land on the ground under the spider and hold cn_LS down and press cn_A, Aurora will drop down off the ledge and you can continue right to a chest which has a Rough Sapphire. Left of where the spider was is a small place to fly up. You have to veer right and then there are some spikes that you have to dash past since there is not a switch for these. To dash, press cn_A while flying in a direction. Once you are past the spikes there is a chest to the left that has a Rough Ruby. Return to the bucket and fly left as far as you can.

There will be a scene about the door. This puzzle works exactly like the first tree door. However, before you complete the puzzle fly down and follow the path all the way to get a chest that has a Quicken Elixir. If you head to the right, then you can find a chest on the ground in the dark that has a Rough Ruby. On your way back, open a gem containing Rough Ruby x2 and another with Lull Elixir x2. Now you can complete the door puzzle and go inside.

On the other side, use the switch to pause the spikes and, when you get the chance, fly up to an area that has a chest with a Rough Emerald and another with a Quicken Elixir x2. If you enter the area to the right slowly, then you can fly up into an area that has a Magic Stardust. Fly down and follow the rock ceiling to the right and you will see a spider and Confession 3.

You can fly down to a stone head that has a crow which you can talk to. This is Finn's grandpa. Fly to the right and you will find a gem with Healing Tonic x2 and a little more right is a chest with Firefly Elixir x2. Fly up and you will see a boar that is blocking the way to the right. Beyond the boar is a set of spikes, but first, prepare for the boss fight that will happen when you get past the spikes.

This boss fight is against three elemental eels - one fire, one water, and one poison. The water eel has a vulnerability to lightening so you can equip Emeralds and/or switch your party to use Finn. The fire eel is vulnerable to water which would require a Sapphire to be equipped to the attack slot. The poison eel is vulnerable to fire which is Ruby. Even though each eel has a weakness that also means they have a strength. For example, the water eel is resistant to fire and water. The poison eel attacks the fastest so I would work on killing it first and using Igniculus to slow one of the eels you are not attacking. If you are having a hard time, you could equip Aurora with Ruby, Rubella with Sapphire and Finn with Emerald. Swap Aurora for Finn and use his lightning attack to deal with the water eel and once it is dead swap back to Aurora. Per the usual, watch your health and this fight should be over soon.

After the fight, watch the cutscenes.

At this point, I earned enough experience to reach level 10 - this may have already happened for you or it may be coming up shortly. Doing so, unlocks:

Tenth Birthday

Achieve level 10 with Aurora.

Tenth Birthday
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Once you are back in the village, talk to the person with the ! over their head in order to acquire the Pastoral Panic side quest. Exit the village by heading left and you will be stopped by a cutscene. Here, Finn will join the party and for that you earn:

Capilli Catch

Finn joins Aurora's party.

Capilli Catch
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Take a moment to assign all of Finn's skill points. Next, keep going left and you will see a chest with a Healing Tonic. Fly straight up and you will find a chest with a Rough Emerald x2. Fly back down to the ground and continue left until the environment changes to light brown stone.

This area has strong winds so it can be a bit frustrating to try and get to where you want. Remember that you can using cn_A to dash. You should have passed a chest that has a Magic Potion. To the left of this chest is a path that goes down to a gem with a Healing Tonic. Continue left And a hidden cave is revealed that has chest with Rough Sapphire x2. If you have opened all of the chests in the walkthrough so far, you'll earn:


Find and open 30 trunks.

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If you haven't opened them all, don't worry because Child of Light has plenty of chests so in due time you'll earn this achievement.

Fly up a little and you may see that there is wind that is blowing from inside the cave. Wait for the wind to stop for a moment so that you can dash inside to an alcove in order to wait again for the blowing to stop. The next alcove is above and it is part of a hidden area that has a Magic Defense Stardust. Use the next alcove if you need it, then the last path goes up. Take this path until you can continue left. The first path up blows wind, but you will want to take it. This blows you up and out of the rock but you will be able to get a Magic Defense Stardust and then you can catch Confession 6.

Enter the left path again and wait for the wind to stop so you can continue further. Head left and you will leave the rock area and then you will see a stone arch that leads to the Plains of Rambert. Enter the new area to start Act 5.

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