Chime Achievements

Here is the full list of all 12 Chime achievements worth 200 gamerscore. It takes around 12-15 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox 360.

  • Fairy Godmother

    You've done a great thing and made the world a better place. Here's a little gift!

  • Explorer

    Play all the levels in both Time Mode and Free Mode.

    3 guides
  • Composer

    Completely fill the grid in Free Mode.

    2 guides
  • The Juggler

    Have 3 active quads onscreen at once.

    2 guides
  • Quick Off the Blocks

    Create a quad before the beatline has made its first pass of the level.

    2 guides
  • The Beast

    Create a quad containing 80 cells or more.

    3 guides
  • Big Bucks

    Score a total of 50 million points.

  • The Musician

    Find 6 different quad sounds on a level. Quads can be square, wide or tall, and either small or big.

    2 guides
  • Fast Mover

    Create 7 quads on the grid in one pass of the beatline.

    4 guides
  • Juggle Master

    Build up a score multiplier of 25 or more.

    4 guides
  • The Snake

    Create a single quad that covers the entire width of the grid on every level.

    5 guides
  • Ultimate Champion

    Get 100% coverage or more on every level in 3 minute mode.

    7 guides
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Chime Achievements FAQ
  • How many achievements are there in Chime?
    There are 12 achievements in Chime, worth a total of 200 Gamerscore.
    You can view the full list of Chime achievements here.
  • Is Chime on Game Pass?
    No, Chime is not currently available on either Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass.
  • When did Chime release on Xbox?
    Chime was released on February 3rd, 2010.
  • How long does it take to complete all the achievements in Chime?
    It takes between 12 and 15 hours to complete the achievements in Chime. You can find a full guide to unlocking all of the achievements in the Chime walkthrough.