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  • XenvalXenval305,704
    13 Jan 2012
    9 1 3
    Developer: From Software
    Publisher: Sega
    Composer: Kota Hoshino
    Release Date: July 7, 2006

    First of all let me just say that I got into this game as a huge fan of the Armored Core series and I thought this game would make a fun filler inbetween Armored Core games since they only get released in this country once in a blue moon.


    The overall story of Chromehounds is that three nations: The Democratic Republic of Tarakia, the Republic of Morskoj and the Kingdom of Sal Kar all reside in the area known as Neroimus. (Already you can see the political instability that will erupt).

    The single player takes place just prior to the what is known as the Neroimus War, you play the role of a Mercenary named Rafzekael as the events leading up to the Neroimus War unfold.

    The multiplayer allowed people to join one of the three factions online and contribute to battles so that your faction could prove the most dominant, this took place after the events of the single player as it is during the Neroimus War.

    Rating: 4/5
    (Overall story is impressive. Single-player lacks depth)


    The game itself consists of using different parts to build a HOUND (The general name of the mechs used in the game) suitable for both your style of play and the mission. A wide variety of weapons opts for different situations,as you would expect. Examples of weapons are: Shotguns, Machine Guns, Artillery etc. Weight is the factor which determines how much can be placed on your HOUND. So in terms of customisation there is certainly alot that can be done, aswell as changing the camoflauge and colour of your HOUND.

    The controls as fairly easy to use but the main fault I find with Chromehounds is that your HOUND moves as fast as custard being propelled across the floor with a desk fan, i.e. not very fast.

    Rating: 3/5
    (Customisation is fantastic. HOUND moves exhaustingly slow)


    As I previously mentioned the Multiplayer delivered an exciting sense of contribution yet still managed to make you feel insignificant (in a good way). The only problem with the multiplayer and mind you this is a big one... is that the server closed on January 2010.

    Rating: 0/5
    (Due to server closure)


    Obviously playing the game now you would probably think the graphics are quite bad but I remember playing it back when the game was released and graphically it was fantastic.

    Rating 3/5
    (Good for the time but not impressive now)


    The music was pretty snazzy for Chromehounds, it had that techno feel that comes with any sort of Mech game. Frankly I would be dissapointed if that wasn't the case. As for sound, it was very satisfying to hear the slow-walked clunk of your HOUND as it swaggered across deserts and artic tundra. The zoom of your weapon and the 'clink' of an artillery round being fired. In terms of Audio, I could not fault it.

    Rating: 5/5
    (Couldn't find a fault)

    Recommended Price

    Prior to the multiplayer server closure I would have said anywhere between £15-£20 but for single player alone I would say around £5.


    Overall Chromehounds operates like Armored Core's slow cousin. THe multiplayer was the most appealing aspect of the game but the single-player is alright and the customisation is fairly in-depth. So it is a game that I would recommend purchasing, provided its a cheap purchase.

    Overall Rating:
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    TsubakiCalamityI've been wanting to try out Chromehounds back when I have my Xbox360 for the first time, but it started to disappointed me that the servers closed out for good, making it impossible to show a real fun. So, just a warning to all players that you'll end up only hitting 180/1000G maximum (I think that's what I've remember); it's THAT bad, plus it destroys your percentage so HARD. I feel sorry for those people who haven't played it for a long time. It's a shame it only lasted four years.

    Needless to say, thanks for posting an honest review. I'm looking forward to two new mecha themed games, Armor Core V (retail) and Strike Suit Zero (XBLA).
    Posted by TsubakiCalamity On 14 Jan 12 at 22:16
    When they introduced the party system to Xbox Live they broke how Chromehounds was supposed to work anyway.
    Posted on 15 Jan 12 at 22:40
    Yoda ManeIt is really unfortuante that they closed the servers. I played this game back in the day on my old gamertag but hasven't on my new one. Luckily I read here that the servers closed before I popped the disc in when I bought it again.

    Yeah, the single player is enjoyable but getting only 180 out of 1000 gamerscore would be a black mark.

    Thanks for the review.
    Posted by Yoda Mane On 10 Mar 12 at 20:01
  • MarineVeteran06MarineVeteran06116,379
    05 Apr 2016
    4 5 1
    Chrome hounds was way ahead of any Mech Warrior or Armored Core game. The sheer ability to customize EVERY part of the hound along with multi-role hounds being able to be created was phenomenal.

    I will agree with others that the campaign does lack depth. But in order to understand why, it is more of an extensive training simulator to prepare you for the Numerous War. With over 80% of the achievements that are required to earn online, it is highly recommended that you are supposed to be with a squad.

    It does suck the SEGA will do another reboot with the new technology that we have now. It also sucks that whomever owns the rights will not release them to people who want to see this come back from the grave.

    Xbox needs to listen to their users and make it backwards compatible.
    I still have my Xbox 360 copy and am not getting rid of it!