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    Civil War: Secert Missions is the third game made by the History Channel and well its not the best one.

    Story: Well the story takes place throughout the Civil War. It shows videos that you might have already seen. Nothing special but not that bad for fans of history or the Civil War. 4/10

    Graphics: They look early xbox 360 or PS2 sometimes. Not that great but something that can easily be overlooked. Not terrible but not what we expect.

    Sound: Its good. Guns sound the same but the music is good for some of the parts and the cannons and machine guns sound nice. One thing they did do good.

    Controls: If you have ever played any new FPS then you know the controls. Be ready to learn some new ones then. Aiming is done by clicking the right joystick not the LT. So the controls are kinda stiff and take some getting use to but are only kinda bad after a while. Could be better they had stuck to the usual controls. 5/10

    Gameplay: There is not alot of fun to be had. There are parts where you are on a ship and is by far some of the worst levels I have ever played in a video game. There is no aiming for a cannon and no way to tell how far it will travel. Then there are the on foot levels that are too bad. Some are kinda fun. Last there are some parts where you travel on a train which are ok but could be left out. Throughout though you gain perks as you gain ranks. How you gain ranks I think goes up by how many kills you get. By the time you beat the game which will only take a little over 2 hours you will be unstoppable. The perks give you more damage, faster health regeneration, and more health. You can add them up so you are like a super beast. 5/10

    Achievements: This list is ok. You get ones for beating the level,beating the game on all 3 difficulties, getting kills and ranking up. Then there are the bad ones. There is one for beating all levels under par time which can be kinda hard. Then there are hidden barrels which you must explode which well I hate. I dont want to run around and look for barrels. 5/10
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    Tasty PastryGood review bud. Thumbs upped!
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    Iceberg082006ill try it
    Posted by Iceberg082006 On 28 Nov 10 at 19:17
    dudecrazy108Its worth the rental or cheap buy.
    Posted by dudecrazy108 On 29 Nov 10 at 01:17
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    We all know over time there has been a large abundance of WWII games and now there tons of Modern war games on the market but there really are not that many Civil War games. We all love killing terrorists and Nazis but how is a game where you get to kill fellow Americans.

    There really is not much story to speak of, you get to go on different missions as a confederate soldier. Just the fact you get to be on the side that history has shown as the villian of the war is cool to me.

    The missions feel like they are more of the same with the exception of the mission your shooting a cannon off of a boat and a scene where your on a train. For the game being roughly 2-3 years old the graphics are not to bad. The one issue I have with the game is you cannot run more than two or three seconds at a time.

    The difficulty is not very hard, Ive played the game on normal and easy. There is a point system that ranks you up based off of your accuracy, speed and for fulfilling secret objectives. Once your finished ranking up you have a total of four upgrade points but they do not seem to do much for you.

    There is no multiplayer available which is a shame because co-op could had been fun and imagine how cool it would be to have team death matches or capture the flag with the North vs. South.

    The achievements are extremely easy but I do recommend doing three playthroughs for the full 1000. I started by playing on Normal so I could get a good feel for the game. Once I finished my playthrough I played on easy so I could beat all the par times. Now I just need to complete it on Hard and Ill be all done, with each level taking less than 10 minutes it should be quick and easy.

    At the end of the day it is one of the simpliest FPS on the market and will bring about 8-10 hours of fun, if your a completionist but they really missed the mark by not including multiplayer. I wouldnt recommend buying the game unless you get it for under $10 but it would be a nice weekend rental.