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Posted on 14 March 17 at 15:13
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Get ready to get carpal tunnel and mash that x button multiple times as we dive into the world of Clicker Heroes!

For starters let me start off by saying I play the mobile version of this game every day for the last 2 years.....Now onto the review.

Clicker hero's is a free to play game with little to no pay to win mechanics. Rubies can be obtained in game by little fish that pop up and have a chance to drop a ruby. In your first world you will prolly get 40 rubies, 50 is needed for the big buys, it's different than most free to play games as most of them will never give you the in game currency.

The ability to ascend is the only way to get further and further in this game, so the beginning grind is the worst, there's no way to make it better. Between the ancients you can get and Hero souls that increase your dps. The game just gets easier to climb those levels. Eventually you will get to the point where you fly through the first 100 levels in minutes. Sadly the downfall to this game is the early grind and prolly your first 10 ascensions, Therefore it's going to turn away a lot of people as the game get's better the more you play.

Gilded heroes is another thing you can buy with rubies but you also get 1 free one every 10 levels after level 00 ( you also get one for beating level 100) so once again you can earn those "pay to win" elements fore free.

Also I know the first 100 levels suck having to hit RT every time you wanna move to the next level but after you beat level 100 for the first time you get an auto progress button that will move you to higher levels by itself and this will be extremely useful when you begin flying through levels in seconds.

To get all the achievements is going to be a long haul due to the fact that this version of the game is not the current mobile version, hence why I gave it a lower score.

I love this game and I hope they update to the current mobile version, because then we could climb to the 10,000 level with clan bonuses and minion bonuses, since these make farming hero souls and rubies so much easier. I understand it starts slow but it is truly a fantastic game for free.
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Posted on 12 March 17 at 20:36, Edited on 12 March 17 at 20:39
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If you've ever played the free WP or Win 8 game "Make It Rain: The Love of Money (WP) " then you know exactly what to expect from this game. Rather than swiping your finger across a stack of money and purchasing businesses to increase your wealth, you repeatedly press "X" in order to defeat monsters and loot them for gold. The gold is spent to Hire mercenary sidekicks to raid and loot for you, even when the game is off, and to upgrade those minions.

You can, of course, spend real money for Gems to get upgrades, in true "Free to Play" fashion.

While the concept is amusing, it's just another really long grind in the hopes of getting you to separate yourself from your hard earned cash under the guise of a free game. Just like Make it Rain.
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