Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Unlike some of Artifex Mundi’s other games, there are no achievements for doing things in a particular time limit. Because difficulties stack, you can complete the game in a single run as long as you do everything.

You can navigate from one location to another by directly selecting it in your map if you don’t want to walk.

When you encounter mini-games, you have the option of skipping them. Don’t do that though because there are achievements tied to solving every mini-game without skipping them.

Some of the hidden object puzzles have a random set of items to find. For these, the guide can’t provide a full list of item locations. However, there is no time limit, so just take your time and look carefully.

You do have to complete one hidden scene without making any mistakes. Be slow and careful. Some of the scenes are both simple and non-random which are ideal for this.

You have to play through once on the hardest difficulty, which really means playing through with limited assistance in the game. The actual difficulty of the puzzles is unchanged. Of course, the more you rely on this guide, the less the difficulty matters.

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