Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough

Start a new game, choosing Evangeline’s Story and Expert as the difficulty level. You have to play the game on expert for an achievement. The actual puzzles are identical – the only difference is in how much assistance the game gives you.


Start out by going into the Inn. Inside, along the rafter at the very top of the screen is a Steambug (1/11). Click on it to unlock:

First of Many

Find your first steambug.

First of Many
1 guide

You’re directed to talk to Dr. Ink on the stairs, but instead, talk with everyone else in the room. Then talk to Ink and walk up the stairs.

Behind the picture frame on the left wall is Steambug (2/11). You need to recover the key from the crack. Click on the gloves on the small table to find Tweezers. Use the tweezers on the crack to get Key to Room 1. Use the key to unlock the door.

After the scene, look on the pillar that runs vertically in the middle of the room for Steambug (3/11). Click on the debris on the ground on the right side for a hidden object puzzle. Find the items indicated:

Image 1

Be careful and don’t make any mistakes. Solving this puzzle earns you a Crow Wing and unlocks:

Amongst Bugs

Finish your first FROG puzzle.

Amongst Bugs
1 guide

Solving this puzzle without making any mistakes unlocks:


Complete a HO scene without more than a single mistake.

1 guide

Return back outside. (Use cn_B to go back a screen.) Talk to the lady with the shovel. She will give you a Dollhouse Rosette.

Head straight ahead to the gate. Climbing up the wall on the right is a Steambug (4/11).

In the snow on the left is a puzzle scene. Click on the cover to reveal a box. Find the pocket watch in the snow on the upper right and unlock the lower right compartment. Get the fan. Use the fan on the bush on the left to clear the snow and get fruit. Feed the fruit to the bird which will cause it to leave. Pick up the file the bird was sitting on and use it to scrape away the mortar around the brick in the corner of the wall. Move the brick to find a match. Get twigs from the bird nest and place them below the bush on the left. Strike the match on the brick you removed and light the twigs to melt the ice. Get the inkwell symbol and use it to unlock the upper left compartment. Inside is a Dollhouse Door. That’s all you can complete here – you’ll return when you can unlock the rest of the case.

Go back one screen. Click on the debris just left of the entrance to the inn. Move the wood out of the way to find a Crow Head.

Exit to the right towards the Zeppelin Landing. On the side of the top crate is Steambug (5/11). Click on the ball of paper in the snow directly ahead for a message and a Doorknob.

Enter the inn and talk to the barmaid for a scene. Then talk to the other two customers here. If you also talked to everyone the first time around, you will unlock:

People Person

Talk to everyone at the inn.

People Person
2 guides

Go upstairs and enter room 1 and look at the bird on the bed. Pick up the Dollhouse Window on the left. Then use the crow head and crow wing on the bird. Click on the side of the bird to open it up and get a Dead Power Cube.

Exit the room and click on the dollhouse. Use the dollhouse window, dollhouse rosette, and dollhouse door to open up the dollhouse.

In each round, you have to select the items mentioned in the top and give them to the active character. The top hat is in the lower middle room and the cane is under the table in the lower left. Give both to the gentleman in the upper left room. Give the flower in the lower right and upper right (behind the bed) to the lady in the lower left. Give the scrolls behind the cabinet in the lower left and on the mantle in the upper left to the man in the lower right. Give the changing screen in the lower middle to the woman in the upper right.

Round two: Put the logs in the right corner of the lower right room and from behind the cabinet in the lower left room in the fireplace in the upper left. Put the bowls from the upper left and lower right (on the shelf) on the table in the lower left. Give the wrench from the lower left and the hammer from the upper middle (hidden behind the goal sign) to the man in the lower right. Lastly, give the pillows from the lower left (behind the table) and upper left (behind the chair) to the lady in the upper right. Get Key to Room 2.

Use the key to unlock the door to room 2, attach the doorknob and enter. On the back of the chair is Steambug (6/11). Click on the briefcase and rearrange each of the sets of tiles to form a gear. Each tile belongs only on its own side and each forms a circle, so identifying the location of each piece is very straightforward.

Click on the briefcase and click through all of the pictures. Use the dead power cube in the charger to get a Charged Power Cube.

Return to Room 1 and use the charged power cube on the clockwork bird to unlock:

Hello, Birdie

Get Matthew up and running.

Hello, Birdie

After the scene, pick up the bird (Matthew). You can use him to reach things that you can’t reach on your own. Press cn_right to use Matthew to fetch the Mechanical Lock Pick in the snow. Then jump down to the street and walk ahead to the gate.

Get the Iron Rod in the middle of the snow. Click on the box on the left in the snow. Get the digger from the opened upper left compartment. Use the digger to dig on the X on the right (where the bird’s nest used to be). Open the pipe case and get tobacco and put it in the dug hole. Pick up a match and light it against the brick and light the tobacco. Pick up the Fly Symbol and use it on the upper right compartment. Pick up the grasper inside and use it to get the crow symbol from the thorn bush on the left. Open the lower left compartment with the crow symbol and take the Wire Cutters inside.

Back up one screen to the inn entrance and look in the snow below the lamppost. Use the iron rod to build a Snow Shovel. Open a small compartment at the base of the lightpost and flip the switch. This will cause a Steambug (7/11) to fly out which will land on the light.

Return to the gate and use the snow shovel to clear a path to the small gatehouse. Use the mechanical lock picks on the lock to open the door. Inside, get the Liquor License. Use the wire cutters to cut the barbed wire and open the box to get Soldier’s Trousers.

Back up one screen and head right to the Zeppelin Landing. Zoom in on the building on the left and show the guard there the liquor license to get Inn Supplies.

Return to the inn entrance and use Matthew to move the jacket that is hanging over the inn entrance.

Go inside the inn and give the inn supplies to the barkeeper. Click on the right of the bar to mix a drink. You need to make a drink using the right ratio of the three colors of beverages, but you only get a 5 and 3 ounce measuring cup.

Measuring 5 ounces of red is easy – just pour the red into the 5 ounce cup and pour that into the flask. To measure 2 ounces of blue, fill the 5 ounce cup with blue. Then fill the 3 ounce cup from the 5 ounce cup. There are 2 ounces of blue left in the 5 ounce cup – pour that into the glass. To measure 1 ounce of yellow, fill the 3 ounce cup with yellow and then pour that into the 5 ounce cup. Fill the 3 ounce cup with more yellow and pour that into the 5 ounce cup. 1 ounce will remain in the 3 ounce cup which you can pour into the glass. Doing this correctly gives you the Steam Horse Drink and (if you haven’t skipped any puzzles) unlocks:

No Skipping

Finish 3 minigames without skipping.

No Skipping
1 guide

Talk to the man at the table with the helmet. Give him the Steam Horse to get a Helmet.

Go upstairs to Room 1. Use Matthew on the myriapod to scare him off. Look through the hole and pick up the Military Jacket.

Return back to the hallway and enter room 2. Use the helmet, jacket, and trousers on the mannequin and then click on it to put on the uniform. Exit the inn, head to the right, and click on the Zeppelin to board it.

Look on the pipe near the ceiling to find Steambug (8/11). Against the crate on the right is a Crowbar, a Map, and a Gear (1/3). Use the bird on the myriapod to chase it off the crate. Then use the crowbar on the crate to open it.

Inside the crate, there are three hooks on the top and on the bottom. Move items out of the way to reveal the hooks and click on them to release them. You can stack items on top of each other, so this is a really easy task. This lets you get a Cargo Net.

Use the net on the myriapod to capture it. Then use Matthew on the wobbling crate above the myriapod to destroy it. This unlocks:

Too Many Legs

Get rid of Barber's Myriapod.

Too Many Legs

Look at the door on the left. Take the Crank (on the lower right) off the door. Back out and then look at the door straight ahead. Attach the crank and open the door.

Click on the red scarf to open the window and go through. Sitting on the ship at the top middle of the screen is a Steambug (9/11). Look at the little compartment on the side of the ship and open it to find a Screwdriver.

Return to the cockpit. Look at the map on the right side. Sitting on the compass is a Steambug (10/11). Take the Compass that is here too.

Exit back to the entrance room. Zoom in on the myriapod to get a Gear (2/3). Use the compass to open the head and get a Camera Shutter and a Gear (3/3).

Go back into the cockpit and click on the console to the left of the great wheel. Use the screwdriver to open the case and remove the plate. Use the gears to start a puzzle. You have to make the gears turn all the way to the other side. In addition to the three gears you bring to the puzzle, you can move the gears that are already there. Move the gear on the left down one spot. Then put your small gear, medium gear, and small gear on the next three holes (to connect to the other large gear). Move the small gear on the right up one peg and move the medium gear that is touching the gear on the left to connect the two right-most gears.

Image 2

Now pull the lever.

Go outside through the window. Use Matthew on the rope to bring it within reach. Take the Rope. Use the rope on the tie hook just right of the window. Use Matthew on the rope to tie a line to the opposite side. Go forward to the next area.

On the cabinet door is a Steambug (11/11) which unlocks:


Find all Hochwald steambugs.

1 guide

Click on the desk and get the Wrench. Click on the cabinet for a hidden object scene.

Image 3

Solve it to get Barber’s Emblem.

Look at the door and use the wrench on the Bolt (1/5) to the right of the window.

Return one screen and look at the small compartment. Use the wrench on the bolt above the compartment to get Bolt (2/5). Grab the red fabric to get Textile.

Return to the cockpit and look at the map again. Use the wrench to get Bolt (3/5). Look at chest on the left and pick up the Bolt (4/5). Use the emblem on the chest to open it and get a Glider Wing Rack.

Try to exit the cockpit. You’ll see guards blocking the way, but you can use the wrench to get a Bolt (5/5) from the right side of the door.

Go back outside and return to the glider. Click on the table and use the bolts, textile, and glider wing. Now tilt each of the arms so they match the picture. Turning one arm turns others.

Nothing else moves the second arm (counting from the left) so move it into position. Nothing else moves arm 1, so now turn it into position. Move arm 3 until arm 5 is in position. Now move arm 4 all the way to the right as far as it will go. This will move arm 3 all the way left. Both will stop at their fully extended position. Now move arm 4 into position and arm 3 should also be in position.

Next, drag the belt from the bottom right onto the wing. Drag the screws onto the wing and then the cloth. Take the Repaired Glider Wing. Use the wing on the glider to reach the castle and unlock:

Gliding Over All

Get to Barber's castle.

Gliding Over All


Examine the barrel to the right of the gate and pick up a Bucket and a Metal Spike lying on the ground in front of the gate. Look at the crashed glider and pick up a Snowball and Chain. Use the bucket on the snow and then put more chunks of snow into the bucket. Pick up the bucket to get Bucket with Snow.

Look at the frozen puddle. Use the spike to break the ice to reach a hook and then use the chain on it to get Hook on a Chain.

Zoom in on the steaming vent. On the lantern is a Steambug (1/8). Use the bucket with snow on the vent to get Bucket with Water.

Return to the barrel by the gate and pour the water on the ground, where it will freeze. This lets you slide the barrel out of the way and get a Ladder.

Throw the snowball at the owl and use the ladder on the tree to let you climb up to the hole. Use the hook on the chain to reach the Garden Gate Key in the hole.

The gate lock is a puzzle – insert the key into the start. You have to visit every slot once without going to any slot a second time. This is what the path looks like:

Image 4

Try to go through the gate, but you end up captured instead.

In your dungeon cell, look at the wall in the corner to the right of the door to find a Steambug (2/8). Take the Broom leaning against the bars. Look at the window and pick up the Flint. Below the pipes on the right wall is a Dustpan and a Stick. Use the flint to light the nest on fire and use the stick in the fire to create a Burning Stick.

Look at the cell door. Use the broom to move the Lamp closer so you can pick it up. Return to the window and put the lamp on the window. Open the lamp and use the burning stick and the camera shutter on it. Close the lamp and turn it towards Matthew. He will see it and fly to you.

Back to the cell door, use Matthew to get the Cell Key. Use it to unlock the door and exit.

In the kitchen, look on the wall on the left for a Steambug (3/8). Take the Crest Part (1/4) from the small table to the left of the stove. Exit out the door to the right.

Click on the Steambug (4/8) in the upper right of the scene. Get the Elevator Key just below that.

Return to the kitchen. Click on the pair of crests just right of the pots and pans. These are two sliding block puzzles. To solve the one on the left: Slide the top three horizontal blocks right, then slide the key right and down. Slide the top three blocks left. Slide the right vertical block up, the bottom horizontal block right and the key right and down.

To solve the one on the right: Slide the key right. Slide the right vertical block up. Slide the lowest horizontal block right. Slide both vertical blocks down. Slide the key to the left. Slide both vertical blocks up. Slide the key down, right, and down. A panel opens up to reveal a Crest Part (2/4).

Use the elevator key on the dumbwaiter on the left. Look inside to see that you need to strengthen the chain.

Exit back and click on the pots and pans above the stove for a hidden object scene. These are random so I won’t give a detailed solution. Note that items in blue require you to do some manipulation first (like using a cloth on a pan to make a clean pan) before they can be collected. When you have found them all, you’ll get a Hook.

Zoom in on the elevator again and use the hook on the chain to make it strong enough to support you. This lets you take the elevator up to the salon.

Sitting on the pot which is on the small table in the middle of the room is a Steambug (5/8). Look at the case on the left and get the Empty Canteen and the Letter Opener.

Look under the desk below the painting. Use the broom to sweep away the cobwebs and pick up a Rock Hammer.

Return all the way back to your cell and look at the area below the pipes on the right. Use the rock hammer on the crystals to get a Diamond. Return to the salon.

Zoom in on the crack below the door. Use the dustpan on the crack in the door. Zoom out and look at the keyhole of the door. Use the letter opener to poke the key out of the lock. Go back to the dustpan to pick up the Salon Key and use the key to unlock the door.

Go through the door to the upstairs lobby. On the chandelier is a Steambug (6/8). Use Matthew on the chandelier to get Red Quartz.

Click on the panel for a puzzle. You need to turn every tile red. Flipping a tile flips all of the tiles next to it. You want to flip the marked switches to solve it and get Crest Part (3/4).

Image 5

Zoom in on the door on the far right. Use the diamond to cut the glass and open the latch. Go through the door to the study.

On the ceiling is a Steambug (7/8). Zoom in on the fireplace and get the Tongs. Use the tongs on the fire to get an Ember.

Look at the trophy above the fireplace and look at the bullet in the creature’s head. Use the letter opener to get the Bullet. Also pick up the Blunt Blade and an Empty Gunpowder Horn.

Zoom in on the grandfather clock in the corner. You have to light up all of the symbols, but you only get to turn the wheel right 3 or left 2. Note that the icons imply that the wheel will rotate left or right by the given amount but it’s not true. The wheel will rotate as if the pointer moved that many spaces that far (which means the wheel actually rotates in the opposite direction). Solve the puzzle by moving Left, Left, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, and Left. When you solve the puzzle, you’ll get a Crest Part (4/4).

Return two screens to the Salon and click on the shield on the left wall. Use the crest parts on the shield. Now rotate the rings until the patterns match. Each ring moves the ring on the inside, so start with the outer ring and work your way in.

Image 6

When you have solved the picture, you’ll get a Blue Quartz.

Click on the case on the right for a hidden object scene. Solve it to get a Green Quartz.

Return to the study. Click on the center console and use the red, blue, and green quartz. Use the mirrors to make a path from each crystal to the respective lens.

Image 7

Go through the opened bookcase.

Flip the switch below the candle to get some light and click on the switch again to take the Lever. Look behind the equipment on the table to find a Steambug (8/8) and unlock:

Master Debugger

Find all castle steambugs.

Master Debugger

Go back three screens to the salon. The case on the right is active again. Solve another hidden object puzzle here to get Sulfur.

Go back to the kitchen. Solve the hidden object puzzle above the stove to get an Empty Oil Can. Use the blunt blade on the grindstone on the left counter to get Sharp Blade.

Zoom in on the stove and put the ember in the area for the fire. Turn on the faucet on the left to pour water down the drain. Use the empty canteen on the faucet to get Full Canteen.

Return to the study and zoom in on the fireplace. Use the full canteen to put the fire out and get Charcoal.

Go through the door to the hidden room. Click on the lab table on the back and use the sulfur and charcoal. Now, follow the directions on the pages: Put the charcoal in the container and grind it. Then put three scoops into the container. Put the sulfur in the mortar and ground it with the pestle. Then add 2 scoops. Now, open the jar of potassium nitrite (KNO3) and add 5 scoops. Mix it with the pestle and use the empty gunpowder horn to get Gunpowder.

Return to the salon and click on the case on the left and use the bullet and gunpowder on the gun to get a Rifle.

Exit to the balcony and click on the panel on the left. Use the lever to open a navigation puzzle. The route to the exit is: up, right, up, right, right, down, go around the loop four times, up, left, down, right, up, left, down, and around to the exit. Now use the rifle on the chandelier to destroy the robot guards below.

Return to the kitchen and exit to the downstairs lobby. Look at the remains of the robots. Use the oil can on the dripping oil to get a Full Oil Can. Click on the podium on the right and pick up a Cane.

Return to the kitchen and zoom in on the stove and then the grate in the floor. Use the cane to get a Cupboard Key.

Head all the way to the hidden room. Use the key to open the cupboard on the right and get a Pipette. Click on the large circular container in the middle of the room. Use the oil can to open it and use the pipette to get Acid.

Return to the salon. Look at the painting and use the sharp blade to cut the painting. Then use the acid to open the door. Take the Old Blueprints and Pendant Key from inside.

Go to the downstairs lobby and click on the mechanism to the right of the door. Use the pendant to open the panel. Line up the crystals so that the colors match. Turn the top wheel until the two crystals on top are blue and green. Then rotate the other two wheels to match.

Image 8

Use the elevator to enter the underground and unlock:

Even Deeper

Enter Barber’s underground laboratory.

Even Deeper


In this first screen, look on the stalactite on the upper left for a Steambug (1/11). There is nothing else you can do yet, so walk forward to the bridge.

On the control panel to the right is a Steambug (2/11). Zoom in on the rock on the left and get Golem Part (1/5) and Putty Knife. Zoom in on the green stuff on the right and get Mechanical Lizard. Use the putty knife on the green stuff to get Glowing Mushrooms.

Go back one screen and zoom in on the lantern to the left. Use the mushroom on the lantern and take the Shrooms Lamp. Exit to the Golem Parts Storeroom to the left.

Use the lamp to select the circuit board on the right side of the screen. You have to turn each of the dials to form a path from one of the electrical inputs on the bottom to the three fuses at the top.

Image 9

Now that the room is lit, you can pick up the Jackhammer. Use Matthew to get the red Flag in the upper right. Behind the flag is a Steambug (3/11).

Return to the start and zoom in on the left side again. Use the jackhammer to break off the Stalagmite.

Go to the Storeroom and zoom in on the wheel on the pillar. Use the stalagmite to turn the wheel. This turns off the steam in the pipe.

Go back to the entrance. With the steam turned off, you can go to the right towards the Differential Machine. Click on the prison door to find Ink. Then get the Golem Part (2/5). Zoom in on the main machine and get Golem Part (3/5) and the Steel Ball on the right.

Return to the storeroom and click on the wall of parts on the left for a hidden object puzzle.

Image 10

Solve it to get a Golem Hand Chassis. Zoom in on the grate on the floor below and get Golem Part (4/5).

Zoom in on the mechanism to the right of the door and use the steel ball on the middle. The goal here is to move all of the colored balls onto their marker, but when you use the arrows to move, every ball (that isn’t blocked by a wall) will move as far as it can. The solution is: Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left, Up, Left (the purple ball should lock into place), Down, Left, Down, Right, Down (yellow should be locked), Left, Up, Left Up, Left Up, Right Down, Left (green should be locked), Down, Right (blue should be locked), Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left (red should be locked).

Go through the open door to the golem factory. Click on the Steambug (4/11) on the floor in the back right. Take the Hook hanging in the middle of the rack of golems. Zoom in on the table and take the Blow Torch. Zoom in on the golem torso and take the Golem Part (5/5). Use the blow torch on its chest to get a Spring.

Zoom back on the work table and use the arm chassis, spring, and golem parts. Place the parts in the arm so that they don’t overlap.

Image 11

Take the Mechanical Hand.

Return all the way to the Machine room (where Ink is being held). Zoom in on the panel near his cell and use the hand to open the panel. Slide the pegs around to their right spots. If you number the nine spots like a telephone from 1 to 9 (starting at the top left, going across), the solution is: 9658 7412 5896 3257 45890. Enter Ink’s cell to unlock:

My Savior

Rescue Dr. Ink.

My Savior

Give the blueprints to Ink. Take the Curtain from his bed. Zoom in on his bed and move the sheet to find a Steambug (5/11). Use the curtain, the flag, and the hook to make a Grappling Hook.

Go out to the machine room and zoom in on the ladder. Collect the Steambug (6/11) on the wall here before using the grappling hook to lower the ladder.

Climb the ladder to Barber’s Office. The pipe on the top right side holds a Steambug (7/11). Against the wall on the left side is a Spyglass and a Bottle. Click on the desk in the background for a hidden object scene. Solve it to get a Camera.

Zoom in on the table on the right. Get the Magnet and the Chalk from the back.

Exit and return to the bridge (one screen forward from the starting area) and zoom in on the ledge on the left. Use the camera and the spyglass on the ledge to get a Machine Schematic.

Return to Ink’s cell and give him the schematic. Zoom in on the chalk board and use the chalk. Trace a path that covers all of the lines exactly once.

Image 12

After the scene, get Ink’s Pen from the desk.

Go to the Storeroom and click on the wall of parts on the left for a hidden object scene.

Image 13

Solve it to get a Myriapod Tail. Zoom in on the grate on the floor and use the magnet to get a Mechanical Fish.

Go forward into the factory. Look at the saw and use the bottle on it to get a Glass Tube.

Return all the way back to Barber’s Office. Zoom in on the table on the right. Clear the broken glass and use the glass tube in its place. Use the pen on the ink pad. Use the stamp on the ink pad and then the paper. Put the paper in the glass tube and put the metal lid on top. Push the button to send the tube. It will return with a Myriapod Brain.

The desk in the background is now active as a hidden object scene. Solve it to get a Mechanical Bird.

Zoom in on the cabinet just left of the hidden object scene. Use the lizard, fish, and bird to start this puzzle.

The goal here is to collect all of the gears. The gears can only be collected when they are complete, so you have to rotate the images around. The controls on each side swap the two panels on that side.

Swap the left side to collect the two gears. Swap the right side to collect a third gear. Swap the left side then the top side to collect the fourth gear. Swap the bottom to get the last gear. Take the Machine Card.

Back up one screen and zoom into the machine. Put the brain in the circular opening to the left of the keyboard. Use the machine card in the slot above the keyboard.

You now have to solve a set of paint by number puzzles. The number in each row and column indicates the number of cells in a row that are colored. Multiple numbers indicate multiple sections that are colored, which must be separated by at least one blank space.

Image 14
Image 15
Image 16

Solving these gives you a Reprogrammed Brain.

Return to Barber’s Office and give the Myriapod Tail and Brain to Ink.

After a scene, return to the Bridge. Click on the control panel on the right. You have to slide the tiles around so that the symbols in the middle row match the key on the right side. Each arrow moves the row in that direction and then moves the same numbered column in a corresponding direction (right becomes down).

Set the middle symbol first (so that you don’t have to manipulate the middle column again): Top right, middle right, middle left.

Now do the bottom symbol: Top left, top left, bottom right. The top symbol can be solved now by top right, top right.

This will extend the bridge. Cross the bridge and look for a Steambug (8/11) in the pipes on the upper left. Take the Hammer on the right side and the Heavy Stone from the left side.

Zoom in on the box at Ink’s feed and assemble the gear using the parts. Since they give you the outline of all of the pieces, this isn’t that hard. Note that you need to rotate some pieces to make them fit. Take the Fractured Gear.

Exit and go to the left side. The leaning pipe in the middle has a Steambug (9/11). Look at the mold on the right and get a Chisel.

Go back one scene and then go to the right side. Climbing on a pipe above the bin is a Steambug (10/11). Take the Iron Rod leaning against the bin and a Bucket hanging from the top. Select the bin itself for a hidden object puzzle. Solve it to get Concrete. Zoom in on the pipe. Use the bucket, chisel, and hammer to get Water in a Bucket.

Return to the left side. Zoom in on the mold. Use the concrete, water, and fractured gear to make a mold.

Return to the right side where the bin is active for another hidden object puzzle. Solve it to get a Silver Ingot.

Back to the left side. Zoom in on the buckets in the background. Put the silver ingot in left bucket and the heavy stone in the right bucket. Use the iron rod to take the bucket to get Molten Metal. Zoom in on the mold and use the molten metal to get Big Gear.

Go to the central area. Give the gear to ink and go inside.

After a scene, you’re inside the machine. Look on the pipe on the upper left for a Steambug (11/11). This unlocks:

Catch Them All

Find all underground steambugs.

Catch Them All

Go upstairs. Grab the Rubber Gloves from the railing. Zoom in on the box on the right and get a Nail (1/4).

Head back downstairs and zoom in on the sparking wire. Use the rubber gloves to get the Nail (2/4) that is in the electricity.

Look at the console on the right. You need to match two pairs of symbols to make the given combination.

Image 17

Solving this unlocks:

World Owes You

Destroy Barber’s Tremor Machine.

World Owes You

If you’ve solved all of the puzzles without skipping any of them, you also unlock:

The Challenge

Solve all minigames without skipping.

The Challenge
1 guide

Look at where the wire used to be frayed and pick up Nail (3/4). Zoom in on the item on the left side of the room. Get Nail (4/4) and use the nails on the Nail Gun.

Go upstairs and use Matthew to dislodge the board from where it hangs from some ropes. Interact with the board where it fell and use the nail gun to anchor the board. This allows you to get the Pulley. Use the pulley on the rope and zip down.

Use the pendant key in the slot to complete the game. This unlocks:

Undercover Agent

Complete the game on Normal Difficulty.

Undercover Agent
1 guide

If you played the game on Expert, you also unlock:

Spy Master

Complete the game on Expert Difficulty.

Spy Master
1 guide

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