Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Walkthrough

4. Bonus chapter

Start a new game and choose Ink’s Story. You can choose either difficulty for this one. This is a prequel to the main storyline. Enter the inn and the barkeeper will give you your Room Key.

Head upstairs, unlock your room door with the key and walk inside. Use Matthew on the myriapod to chase it away. Zoom in on the table where the myriapod was and pick up the Matches in the lower right.

Open the box in the back left for Paper Balls. Zoom in on the stove where the myriapod went. Get Ripped Notes (1/3) and (2/3). Open the door to the stove. Put the logs and paper balls inside and light them with the match. Use the jar to capture the myriapod when it is chased out by the heat. Inside the main stove area is Ripped Notes (3/3).

Zoom in on the table and use the ripped notes. Now assemble the notes back into a single page. None of the pieces need to be rotated to be put into place.

Image 18

Go out to the hallway. Look on the small table and take the Shears. Look at the painting on the left wall. Move it to get a Manhole Token. Talk to the girl.

Exit the inn and head left to the Zeppelin Landing. Search the crates on the left for a puzzle. Take the Pincers from the top of the left crate and the Switch from in front of the right crate. Use the pincers to open the left crate. Take the cane. Open the wallet and take the file. Use the cane on the icicles to open the right crate. Use the switch on the back of the mechanical bird to scare away the ferret. Use the file to open the medical box. Get the soap from inside the box and the doll’s right hand from just left of the box and use it on the doll. Use the soap on the doll’s head on the far left and then use the head on the doll. Right above where the head was on the left side is the doll’s left hand. Use it on the doll. Get the needle and thread from in front of the medicine box and use it on the doll to get Claudia the Doll.

Zoom in on the lone crate on the right and get a Hammer. Zoom in on the end of the walkway (where the zeppelin would be when it was docked) to get a Chisel. Zoom in on the window on the building. Use the chisel and the hammer to break the chain. Complete a hidden object scene to get a Church Door Token (1/6).

Return to the entrance and talk to the woman. Zoom in on the grate and use the manhole token to start the puzzle. Turn each piece until the color facing the center matches the color in the center. You have to do this three times. Rotating each piece also rotates the next one in sequence. Start by picking an adjacent pair of pieces until they are right by rotating them back and forth. Then adjust each piece next in line by turning just that piece. When you get to the start, if things are not lined up exactly right, try making tiny adjustments. If you are “close enough”, the puzzle will solve itself.

When solved, take the Barmaid’s Bracelet and give it back to her to get Church Door Token (2/6).

Head straight ahead towards the gate. Zoom in on the gatehouse. Use the hammer to remove the nails to get Church Door Token (3/6). Zoom in on the flower in the snow and use the shears to get Catnip. Select the truck for a hidden object scene. Complete it to get a Vinyl Record.

Return to the inn. Use the catnip on the cat to get a Church Door Token (4/6). Zoom in on the record player to the left of the bar. Use the record on the player and turn each of the rings so that the end of the track on the outer ring lines up with the playing needle and all of the other tracks line up. (Adjusting the outer ring turns the next ring in but all of the other rings adjust on their own.)

Image 19

Get a Church Door Token (5/6).

Go upstairs and give the doll to the girl. She will give you Church Door Token (6/6).

Return to the front on the inn and zoom in on the church door (between the exit to the gate and the exit to the zeppelin). Use the tokens on the door and then swap the tokens around until each head matches its body. Ones that are correctly placed will no longer move, so this can be done just by trial and error.

Image 20

Inside the church, get the Lamp Hook leaning against the altar.

Exit the church and return to the gate. Use the hook on the lantern hanging to the left of the gate to get a Lamp.

Return to the church. Zoom in on the statue on the left and use the lamp on the figure.

Exit the church and go to the zeppelin landing. Examine the window for a hidden object scene. Complete it to get an Atom Model. Return to the church and use it on the figurine.

Return to the inn and zoom in on the bar. Arrange the flasks in each row from largest (on the left) to smallest.

Image 21
Take the Bottle. Return to the church and use it on the figurine.

Return to the gate and select the truck for a hidden object scene. Complete it to get a Stone Apple.

Return to the church for a scene. Then take the Gunpowder. Use the apple on the figurine to reveal a puzzle in the altar. Zoom in on the altar and get the Screwdriver.

Exit the church and use Matthew to get the Kite down from the inn roof.

Go up to your room and zoom in on the window. Use the screwdriver to get a Spool of Wire.

Go to the zeppelin landing and search the nearby crates for a hidden puzzle. Take the Icicles in the middle and the green bottle (denaturant) behind it and the wood shavings even further back. Take the rag from the top of the box. Use the rag on the glass to get a shard in a rag. Use the shard to cut the twine on the package. Open it to get a tea cup. Open the kettle and put the wood, denaturant, and icicles inside. Put the cup by the spout and use it to get hot water. Pour the hot water on the frozen lock in the back right and open it to get a Fuse.

Zoom in on the box on the right. Use the gunpowder in the lock. Then insert the fuse and light it with the matches. Open the box to get a Depleted Battery.

Go to the end of the landing and use the kite, the wire and the battery. After the scene, take the Charged Battery.

Return to the church and zoom in on the altar. Use the battery to start the puzzle. The numbers along the side tell you the voltage of each battery and the goal is to make each plate have the total voltage (the sum of the voltages of the connected batteries).

Image 22

Solving this puzzle unlocks:


Finish the bonus chapter.

2 guides

Go down the passage to actually finish the story and enjoy your completion.

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