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Posted on 10 November 16 at 01:19
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ClusterTruck is a game with a simple premise, get from start to finish without touching the ground just like the children's game "The Floor Is Lava". They also decided to pump that simple game though full of explosions and energy drinks before doing so though.

From the start you are quickly thrust into the first level in your first person perspective and giving you little time to fully adjust to what is happening. Quickly you'll figure out that you have to go truck to truck to get to the finish line as quickly as possible. The world you see is full of truck drivers who in no way, shape, or form care about their own safety of the safety of others.

Don't go expecting just to have to jump around truck crashes though as quickly enough the game ramps up the insanity level. You will go to jumping from exploding crash to crash, jumping off trucks as they pummel off a cliffs end, jumping truck to truck midair, and even jumping over or through things going truck to truck. ClusterTruck makes sure that you remain alert and never gives you a moment of even brief calm before launching something insane at you.

Each level somehow manages to do something different to keep you interested and playing by making moments and track designs different but that doesn't mean that AI controlled trucks always manage to work. While you can formulate a plan that usually after a handful of tries works out the AI doesn't always act the same way sometimes causing random things to happen or trucks to randomly fly off. Now while this does make it harder sometimes the mistakes aren't something that should actually be happening.

Expect some difficulty too in this game for sure. Though the game almost takes the difficulty spike too early on and only keeps getting harder. Now this is the type of game that after numerous defeats once you finally beat a level you get a feeling of satisfaction but it can become insanely hard quite often.

Overall though Clustertruck is fun and entertaining for the majority of the time you'll be with it. With a simple premise and simple controls it is something you can jump right into for quick sessions but never master. If you can just look back the deep difficulty curve you'll find a pleasant surprise.

Score : 7/10

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Posted on 08 May 18 at 09:34
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ClusterTruck is a simple game about jumping across trucks to reach the finish line while things are exploding all around you. How could this game have any difficulty at all?

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

From the moment you start the first level, the game basically chucks you straight in and leaves you to figure everything out for yourself, which isn't difficult. A to jump, RT to sprint and the left/right analog sticks to control the movement and camera respectively.

While the first world is relatively simple, the next few worlds will start throwing curveballs at you with more obstacles and more precise platforming as you go along. Then comes the laser world, which f*cks you straight in the mouth with more lasers than what is reasonable. Have fun with that world when you get to it.

After the next few worlds, you'll get to 7-5 and from there, the game takes an astronomical hike in difficulty. This comes down to over-sensitive controls and some level design that requires some of the most fast-paced jumping I've done in a long time, most of which will come down to luck. It continually leaps up in difficulty, finally culminating in the final boss.

I could make an entire 20-min review video on my problems on my boss but I'll keep it simple. It's a really long boss with three phases that require you to reach the top of his head and hit a button three times (one for each phase). There's no checkpoints so have fun brushing a pixel against the boss and having to do all again.

Overall: Started off fun, but some bad level designs and inhumane difficulty spikes make a game I was more than glad to be done with.
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