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Johnny Sinister
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Johnny Sinister
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Posted on 16 December 18 at 14:16
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Coffee Crisis is a retro styled side scrolling Beat 'em up that plays to the nostalgia of classic games such as Streets of Rage and Final Fight while taking a playful tone that introduces street fighting baristas and heavy metal aliens.

Not only does this game do its best to mimic the16 bit style of old, it was actually produced in cartridge form for the Sega Genesis console (albeit in a slightly downgraded version).

You play as Nick and Ashley, a pair of baristas who must combat an alien invasion by swinging and jump kicking through a motley crew of aliens, senior citizens, jocks, secret service agents, Country music singers and more in a fast paced and action packed adventure. Collect a variety of coffee and craft beer inspired powerups and collectibles to give you the edge you need to save the world from the alien hordes. You also will get a chance to test your finger speed by playing an occasional button mashing mini-game at the end of levels.

To make things more interesting, the game adds gameplay and visual modifiers that add an extra challenge and gives a variety of screen filters and effects that add extra flavor to the game. For those that find these additions to be a bit overwhelming or annoying, there is an option to turn them off.

The game also includes a throwback to classic cartridge games by including a password feature that allows you to input codes for level selections and cheats (sorry achievement hunters, these cheats disable the ability to unlock many of the achievements).

My favorite aspect of the game is how accurate it is in recreating 16 bit style graphics and classic beat 'em gameplay. It is also as brutal and unforgiving difficulty-wise as you may recall from your tantrum filled childhood.

All around, this is a very solid game with an assortment of throwback features that do some of the best recreation of early 90's era gaming that I have seen in the current generation.

If you plan on playing for achievements, expect to play through the entire game on the hardest difficulty without getting a game over (or use cheats). A very challenging game to be sure, but a very rewarding experience. 4 Stars!
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