1. Coffin Dodgers Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes


Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Coffin Dodgers! This is a kart racer, in the vein of games like Mario Kart, although far less polished. It's quite a simple completion, merely requiring two full playthroughs of the story mode and some extra grinding to purchase all upgrades for your Kart, followed by a quick mop-up in split-screen versus for any missed powerup achievements.

The environments are quite busy, leading to a lot of visual clutter on-screen as you're zipping through hairpin turns. Fortunately, it's easy enough to get and keep the lead once your kart is upgraded that you shouldn't have any issues at all getting gold medals on your 2nd playthrough. There won't be a hints/tips pages, as there are only a few very minor things to keep in mind.

  • Don't worry about trying to get all golds on your first playthrough. You should be able to get gold on the first six races (three races in each of the first two areas) fairly easily, but the 3rd and 4th areas might be tough to get 1st place. Just focus on placing high enough each race to continue to the next one. Basically, don't come in below the Death character on the race standings.
  • Focus on top-speed and handling upgrades first. The acceleration upgrade is largely irrelevant except at the very beginning of the race. After speed and handling, the upgrade to carry an additional powerup is quite handy.
  • If you're in 1st place, just get rid of any powerups you may get that aren't the bubble shield or the EMP blast. The EMP is handy if an opponent is about to pass, and the shield obviously helps keep you from getting zapped by the person in 2nd. Oil slicks are fine, and should be placed in narrower areas of the track to increase the likelihood that the computer opponents will hit them. The rocket and machine gun are completely worthless when in 1st, so get rid of them asap.
  • Lastly, although this should be obvious, use cn_A to activate your powerups when ready to use them.
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