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Windows Phone

Collapse! (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Rainbow Sweep
Rainbow Sweep30 (30)Remove blocks of every color currently in the game in rapid succession.
Fast Sweep
Fast Sweep30 (30)Remove blocks 5 times within 4 seconds.
Clean Sweep
Clean Sweep30 (30)Remove all the blocks on the screen.
Single Handed
Single Handed10 (10)Complete a level without using any power-ups.

Least Earned

Huge Buster
Huge Buster31 (30)Remove more than 40 blocks with one move.
Big Buster
Big Buster21 (20)Remove more than 30 blocks with one move.
Puzzle Genius
Puzzle Genius20 (20)Solve a puzzle with as few clicks as possible.
Sniper10 (10)Every click removes blocks.
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