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Comix Zone Achievements

Most Earned

Rats!10 (10)You collected Roadkill.
Boo-Ya!10 (10)You used the dynamite.
Orange Bull10 (10)You restored your health with Iced Tea.
Unknown Territory16 (15)You finished the first page.

Least Earned

Choice is Good37 (25)You received both endings.
Complete The Game37 (25)You rescued Alissa and completed the game.
Accelerate Your Hero37 (25)You completed Episode 3.
Buddha Says22 (15)You completed Episode 2.
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Five New Titles Available For Backwards Compatability

Five more XBLA titles have just joined the constantly growing backwards compatibility list. Check out the list of titles below, all of which are now available to download on Xbox One. Altered Beast is a 1988 beat 'em up arcade game developed by Sega. The game is set in Ancient Greece,

Posted 1 year ago by Donyea Cooley-White, 80 comments

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