2. Comix Zone General Hints and TipsUpdate notes

Comix Zone is a short game with a low ratio but don’t be fooled by this. If you go in unprepared expecting an easy win, you will fail. It takes a bit of research and planning to be able to get through the game.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the game, you will see that it is very simple and where there are less options, there is less than can go wrong.

You will find a rat for one of the achievements early on. You can use him on every scene and he will find items for you. I will point out the ones that will get you through the game but they are by no means all of them so search as much as the game will allow.

The key to success is health management. You get one life and lots of your actions drain health like punching through barricades and using your special attacks so this should only be done when necessary. You can save the game at any time so use this to your advantage. If you get through a small section without taking any damage, save! If you go through a few sections but think you could have done it better, reload and try again.

Button Configurations

To start a game, click on Single Player on the main menu, then Story Mode. You will be prompted to select a special attack under the Custom. Press A to cycle through these and pick Block. Special attacks use up health and we don’t need them or want them.

The controls are:

A – Jump

X – Punch (works with the left analogue stick to punch in different directions.)

B – Special (Block)

Y – Use item equipped in the right slot

RB – Use item equipped in the middle slot

LB – Use item equipped in the left slot

When standing over an item you can pick up, press Down on the left analogue stick to pick it up.

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