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Walkthrough – Misc and Page 1

The game sees you play through three comic strips, each ending with a boss fight. Before working through the game, we are going to knock out the miscellaneous achievements.

At the start of the game, you will be in a room with three items and a woman. The three items are a knife, dynamite and a health potion. Pick up the three items and walk right into the next screen, you’ll be prompted by a big yellow arrow. For the sake of the achievements, pick up the dynamite first, then health potion, then the knife.

As soon as you swing into the next scene, a demon thing will be drawn in to the picture to fight. Walk forward until you are just in front of the demon and press LB to drop the dynamite then walk back left. If the timing was right, this should unlock:

If you fail to kill the demon, simply start again and make some adjustments.

Another enemy will spawn behind you. Turn to face him and hold X to use a paper plane. Regardless of what happens, this should unlock:

This will use a little bit of health and we won’t be using this ability again during the playthrough. Now press RB to drink the health drink and this will unlock:

Realistically, you don’t need to do this now. Unless you have incredible luck, you will be using several of these heath items during the playthrough.

Page 1

Start off as before and pick up the Dynamite and Health Potion, remembering which slots these have been added to. Proceed to the right into the next screen where you face the first two enemies of the game. Beat these guys by using basic combos. It’s possible to get through without taking any damage so aim for as close to that as possible. If you are happy with your performance, save the game after they are defeated and continue down when the arrows appear.

NB: It is up to you to decide how you progress and save often but my suggestion is to save after every combat section if you are happy with your health level. Generally, more than 50% health should be enough to get to the next health potion.

This next screen contains 4 barrels. You can shoulder charge these by pressing towards them and attack when the character pushes against them. This shouldn’t drain your health either. Pick up the power fist that drops and continue to the left screen.

There is one enemy here and your rat in a cage. Beat up the enemy and smash the cage to free your rat, which will unlock:

The rat takes up an inventory slot and we will be carrying him around for the whole game. I would suggest losing the power fist to pick up the rat rather than using the health potion at this stage. Destroying the cage damages your health but not enough to warrant using the health potion this early. Once done, crouch and attack the manhole cover to proceed down.

NB: The rat can be used on every screen to find items. I will point out where the items are that I picked up but it’s by no means all of them. Use the rat on every screen as you may find other health items, dynamite, knifes or power fists.

You’ll now be in a sewer. Proceed to the right and when you get to the end, an enemy will pop up from the water. Turn and beat him up using normal combos. He will block but just carry on attacking and you should be fine. There will be two of these enemies and once they are defeated, go back to the far right of the screen and proceed downwards.

You’ll be hanging from a bar when you land so face left and another enemy will appear on the bar to your left. You can fight him on the bar by attacking him. He may launch a projectile at you, which you can avoid by pressing up on the analogue stick. Kick him until he falls down and then fight him on the floor until he’s defeated. Once he is beaten, proceed to the left.

There is a switch and a box in this room. You need to push the box under the switch then jump on the box and interact with the switch to open the trapdoor in the floor. DO NOT immediately jump through the open door. If you crouch, you will see two flaming barrels below you, which are dangerous. Jump back on top of the box and walk into the wall where the switch is. This will push the box back into the room. Then push the box through the hole and it will destroy the barrels making it safe to drop down.

Destroy the vent to your right in this room – this will damage you slightly. Proceed through to the right and you will fight another enemy. Beat him up and he will get pushed through the comic barrier behind him. You can then do this again to knock him down the gap to his death. There will now be two flying enemies on either side of you. They die easily from two normal jump attacks but they can cause issues if they move about for a while so take them out quickly and be careful not to fall off the edge. Once they are dead, jump over the gap and that’s the end of page one. This will also unlock this achievement:

If you killed all the enemies, you may also unlock:

Page 2

At the start of the level, use the dynamite to blow up the door, then use the rat and he will find… a replacement dynamite. Proceed to the right, remembering to pick the rat back up.

In this room, three cocoon-like things will drop from the ceiling and you will need to use jumping kicks to destroy them. After these are destroyed, a sewer enemy will appear to the left so take him out too. He may teleport to your right and if he does, beat him down some more and he may go flying into the active fan and die.

Use the rat next to the fan and he will crawl under and use a lever to turn it off. Shoulder charge the fan to break it. Drop down when prompted after the fans.

In the next room, push the box into the fan then get some distance and wait for it to explode. Proceed left.

You will drop down and there will be a box and two flying enemies. Again, take these out quickly, before they can do serious damage to you. Once they are dead, proceed to the right.

In the next room, three cocoons will come towards you. Stand where you are and destroy them with basic combos. Head to the right and go down when the arrow appears.

You will be hanging from a bar as you drop down but drop to the floor and more cocoons will come at you from the left. Destroy these and progress left, then there will be a normal enemy to fight. Beat him up and then proceed to the left into the next area.

This is fairly basic puzzle room. You need to pull the lever twice, the first time when the hand on the left device turning in the middle is in the 3 o’clock position and again when the right device is in the 9 o’clock position. If done right, the devices will explode and an arrow will appear telling you to go down.

In the next room, there are two scorpion things that can be taken out with slide kicks (crouching and attacking). After this, green enemies will start coming out of the circles in the background. Take them all out with basic combos until all of the circles are broken.

Now is a good time to save the game and if you are low on health, I would recommend using your health potion if you still have it. The next room is the boss and once you beat him, you get a full health refill but you cannot take any items with you. When you are ready, proceed to the right.

The boss will launch fireballs at you. Jump over them and get close and attack him a few times and he will scream and go up in the air. When he does this, go under him, jump over the barrel to the right and push it back towards him. His fireballs will set the barrel on fire and when the barrel is under him, it will damage him for an easy win.

After the end scenes, you should unlock:

You should also unlock:

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