4. Comix Zone Episode 2Update notes

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As mentioned, you get a full health regeneration after the boss fight but lose all your items. This is effectively a fresh reset so save your game now.

At the start of the level pick up the rat and proceed to the right. You will fight two enemies here and I found them to be a massive pain as they block a lot and kept hitting me through my combos. It’s possible to get through this without getting hit though, so persevere until you are happy with your performance and health at the end.

Proceed right again to find three crates stacked on top of each other. Use the rat to find dynamite and use jump attacks to smash the top box to give you a valuable health potion. Proceed down after picking up the items.

In this next room, there are unlimited flying enemies. You need to make your way to the left and push the block all the way to the right to cover up the hole where they are coming from whilst fighting them off. This can be tricky. Once the hole is covered, go back to the left and use the dynamite to blow up the other blocks. Proceed downwards.

When you land, shoulder charge the ice to the left and it will reveal a block. Push this to the right and under the stabby spike to destroy it. Beat up the enemy on the other side and proceed down. Pick up the ‘?’ which was dynamite on my playthrough. Proceed left.

Here you will face an arena style fight. First, you will fight two sewer enemies, then one of the red aliens and then a pole enemy from earlier in the level. You will then face a new enemy, a woman with red hair. There is an easy way to beat her. Just release the rat. As soon as it touches her, she just jumps off the screen. After she’s done with, go to the far left of the screen and proceed down.

I suggest that you save the game here. You will face a sewer enemy who fires projectiles at you. Release the rat here and he will find a bomb, which you can throw at the sewer enemy and kill him. Stand as close to the edge as possible before throwing it. If it misses, you can just reload if you saved the game. If you had to put down an item to pick up the bomb, make sure you pick it up again before progressing – especially if it’s a health potion or the rat!

Jump across the gap and on to the next screen and you will be on a rope. This bit can be tricky not to take damage on. You have to use kick attacks to kill seven flying enemies. They take three kicks to die. At the same time, there is a staff enemy shooting fireballs from the next page. These will eventually break through and you’ll need to push up on the control stick to avoid being hit as they come by. They can damage the flying enemies though. If you get hit too much, you will fall to your death and have to reload.

Once you’ve killed the seven flying enemies, make your way right avoiding the fireballs then drop and kill the staff enemy. He goes down fairly easily if you avoid getting hit. That’s the end of this page.

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You’ll immediately have to face two flying enemies so take care of them with jumping attacks. You should have some dynamite so crouch and use this to blow up the door on the right and proceed. On the next screen, you’ll have to fight a staff enemy. He should drop a health potion. If you haven’t used one by now you should have two but don’t use it yet.

Proceed down and you’ll now be heading left and fighting a few red haired women. Use the rat for easy wins again and punch your way through the page barriers. It will take off a small amount of your health to do so. After doing this three times, you will reach a bomb. Before picking it up, save the game then use a health potion. Pick up the bomb and brace yourself for a race section so you may want to read ahead to the end of the italics to prepare for what’s ahead.

A brazier will be drawn into the screen, which will set the comic on fire. Immediately use the bomb to destroy it, then crouch and kick the trap door to drop down before the fire gets you. Do the same on the next floor. When you drop down again, move to the left from where you land, turn around and crouch-kick the floor where you landed as there is a hidden door, which will allow you to escape from the fire.

Immediately crouch and roll to the left to destroy the skeleton shooting fireballs at you. After this, release the rat and he will find some dynamite. Proceed right and you will have to destroy three punching bags which jumping up over some fire a staff enemy is shooting at you underneath them. Once they are destroyed, kill the staff enemy. If you managed to get here without getting hit by any fire attacks, you should around half your health. Move back to the left of the screen and proceed down when prompted.

In this next room, head left and a spiked bollard will drop and trap you. Destroy the box, which will drop another health potion, allowing you to refill your health and still have a health potion, then use dynamite on the bollard. Save the game as the next screen has a boss fight.

The boss has two attack phases. During the first phase, you can’t attack him, but he will launch attacks that come from each side of the screen and you’ll need to jump over them. After a few of these, he will then move into your plane and you can attack him. Use jumping kicks to avoid his fingernail attacks. What will happen sometimes is he will switch sides and if you kick him, he may go flying back and damage himself on his own projectiles that stick into the walls. Repeat this process until he dies. If you do get hit and get low on health, use the potion if you have it, as it won’t carry over to the next page.

Once he’s defeated you will unlock:

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