5. Comix Zone Episode 3Update notes

Page 5

This is a good time to save the game. As before, you get a health reset and lose your items. Pick up the rat and some green ooze monsters will appear. Jump over the one on the left so that you aren’t surrounded and beat up on them. Be careful to avoid their spit attacks, though it you jump to the left you may not face any. After the first two are dead, more will spawn so jump left again and repeat the process. Proceed right once they are defeated.

You will be facing a giant open mouth with teeth and a green monster will spawn behind you so kill him. Once it’s dead, release the rat. He will run into the open mouth (don’t worry, he’ll be fine) and it will close allowing you to attack it. Do this until it’s destroyed then pick up the rat and the dynamite it drops. Proceed down.

On the next screen, you will see three explosive mines to the left and a flying enemy will attack you from the right. If you can avoid getting knocked back into the mines, destroy the flying enemy then jump to the raised platforms above the mines. At the end, mines are blocking the way so use the dynamite on them. You will need to drop down in front of the mines, place the dynamite, then jump back up quickly to avoid the explosion. Proceed left once the way is clear.

You will be hanging from a rock so move to the left, jump over the explosive box and push it off the edge to the right. Drop down after it and pull the lever. Jump back up to the collect the knife and bomb. Drop down and push the box off the ledge and it will explode a hazard below you. You can crouch here to see a scorpion enemy. Drop down, crouch and use attacks to kill it. Proceed to the right.

Kill the flying enemy with jumping attacks. There is a health potion here and you should have a full inventory. This is another good place to save the game, as this next bit is a pain. You can’t go back so if you’ve been damaged, it’s a good idea to use the potion and pick up whatever you drop. We are about to use both items we are carrying so you’ll need to keep them if following the walkthrough. Jump left when the platform on the left is raised and proceed to the next scene.

In the next scene, immediately use the bomb to kill the enemy here. You can’t jump over the gap but use the knife and it will hit the lever on the other side, causing a platform to raise out of the lava. Jump on it and wait for it to lower you down.

In the next scene, you will be hanging on a bar with two green enemies that have spit attacks. It’s a bit tricky but use attacks to hurt them and their spit attacks can also damage them. Once they are dealt with, head left. You will be blocked by rocks and scorpions. You have to crouch-attack the rocks, which will damage you. Do the same to the scorpions. Roll under the rocks. I recommend saving the game here as the next bit can be a pain. Drop down to the next scene.

There will be an enemy hanging from the top of the screen and a mine in the middle on the floor. You can jump and attack the enemy but it’s very hit and miss as to whether you reach it or not. It’s easier to use the raised platform at the side but whatever you try to do, this can take a while. Once he’s dead, two sewer enemies will appear and the mine will blow up so try to make sure you aren’t near it. Jump to the right so the enemies are all on the same side and take them out. Pick up the bomb that drops here. Proceed right.

Immediately beat up the ooze monster before he spits at you. Jump over the spiked bollard and use the rat to pull the lever without setting off the trap. He will use it twice, lowering the two higher bollards to your right. Once they’ve lowered, jump over them to reach the end of the page.

Page 6

You will start hanging on a rope. Save the game here if you are comfortable with your health levels. Drop on to the first question mark to pick up another bomb, jump back up and ignore the other one. Carry on to the right and drop down onto the down-arrow and proceed downwards. Be careful not to clip the mine when you drop.

Jump onto the boxes and push them away so you can move into the next scene on the right. In this area, three cocoons will drop from the ceiling so destroy them and proceed down again.

There is one enemy here and a ball moving back and forth across the ceiling. You can use the lever on the right to drop the ball on him for instant kill. Just pull the lever when the ball is above his head. Use a bomb to blow up the door on the left. Proceed through. In the next room, jump over the ball and use the lever again to pick it up with the crane. Proceed down the hole in the floor.

You will be hanging from a ledge in the next room. Drop to the floor and attack the bombs to cause them to move and blow up. Two sewer enemies will appear so move to the far left and kill them. Another two will spawn so kill them too. Move to the far left and drop down to the next level. An enemy will be drawn in behind you. What you want to do is get him on your right and throw him into the piston on the left. Another enemy will spawn. Do the same with him and this will destroy the piston, but the enemy will likely survive. Take him out and a third enemy will spawn so kill him too. Use the rat here when it’s safe and he will uncover a knife. Take it. Note that you can see there are no more pages below you now so this is the home stretch.

Proceed to the right and kill the flying enemy here. Jump up to the platform above and use the knife to hit the switch on the wall above the door. Save the game here and prepare for the final showdown.

Watch the cutscene and if you don’t want to watch it again, save afterwards in case something goes wrong. There are achievements tied to alternate endings so a reload of a save will be required. Once the boss fight starts, you should see a lever on the right of the screen. There is an engine on the bottom level the lever causes the engine to fire. This makes the boss fight easy.

Drop down to the bottom level and the boss will follow. While he is travelling, jump up and pull the lever. The engine should fire on the boss, doing a lot of damage to him. Simply repeat this process over and over until he dies. Flying enemies will appear on the level above so kill them when you get near you then go back to luring the boss to the engine. Once he dies, and all the other enemies are dead, you will unlock:

Now Save the game in a new slot from the last save. You may have noticed that the fight is on a timer and your partner is trapped in a tube in the background that is slowly filling up with liquid.

The reason I said to save in a new slot is because if the boss fight took too long, she will drown and you’ll get the bad ending, which is one of two endings required for the Choice is Good achievement. If this happens, you will have one ending but you’ll have to do the boss fight again to get the other one.

Assuming you have enough time, and you’ll have plenty if you used the engine to kill the boss, a lever will appear on the side of the tank where your partner is trapped. Pull the switch and free her to get this achievement:

Now simply reload your post-boss fight save and stand around waiting for her to drown to get the other ending (assuming you didn’t need to redo the boss fight as mentioned above). You will then unlock:

That’s the 200G. It’s possible to do in less than an hour with a perfect run but with reloads, it’s more likely to be between 2 and 3 hours for the completion. Thanks for reading and I hope this helped.

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