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    Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3: the most famous Real Time Strategy series is back with another epic installment of World War 3 pitting the classic Allies and The Soviets against each other, and a brand new enemy, the Empire of the Rising Sun, a vicious robotic force headed by George Takei as The Emperor.

    Name-dropping is the real aim of this game, with, for a game, a pretty high-ranking cast constisting of Tim Curry, Jenny McCarthy, Jonathan Pryce, Gemma Atkinson, Randy Couture and others. Sticking to the classic C and C method of having acted cut-scenes rather than CG, which I have always believed is a nice attribute.

    This is the first Command and Conquer game that I'm aware of that has quite a large air of comedy about it. It seems that the series has been around for so long now it can have a bit of a laugh about itself, from Gemma Atkinsons innapropriate northern accent and the quite ridiculous outfits, to the comedic optimism of the Russian Conscripts. But this takes nothing away from this game.

    Facing more and more competition, EA has had to step its game up a little, having formerly stood alone as master of the RTS realm on consoles. But with this installment, C and C showcases its talents and reaffirms why it deserves that accolade.

    The gameplay, obviously, is RTS. It's a marmite genre with some people sticking to it like glue and others much preferring FPS or getting in on the action. But in RTS standards, its perfect. The God view is excellent with simple camera controls, the unit and building controls have been perfected over years and they're an excellent example of pick up and play. the graphics are very good there's very few physics errors and I managed to draw a full week of playing without being frustrated by problems with the game at all.

    With the imaginative tri-difficulty of easy, medium and hard. The game caters for all with a very obvious gap in the difficulties with easy being, well, easy, and hard being very hard. I beat all three campaigns on medium with a friend and although being brought to the verge of tears at some points, we soldiered through and I would say, with patience, anyone could learn their way through.

    The factions are pretty standard although the variation in the buildings, units and way they're used vary obviously and you have to be very adaptive to cope. For those familiar with the C and C series, the Empire of the Rising Sun are an excellent addition, capitalising on 'Nanotechnology' EA siezed the opportunity to make very attractive new units heavily influenced by Japanimation, noticably the King Oni and the Mecha Tengu, which looks like something out of Gundam, and the Rocket Angels.

    The Storyline, as ever with C and C is epic. there's always another disaster waiting to happen, it's death and destruction and invasions left, right and centre, but if it wasn't the game would be no fun. So whilst it's not a defining factor, it pulls its weight and the cut-scenes never fail to amuse.

    A new introduction is the idea of an AI ally. This has been done for generations in the Skirmish mode, but never before in the campaign. However, the AI doesn't really stand up to scrunity, the commands arn't very good and I found myself watching my Ally march into an enemy base, kill a building I'd flagged, then subsequently leave without destroying anything else, allowing the enemy to rebuild. But then again, this allows the AI to be replaced with a human Co-op, which is excellent, so I'll let it slide.

    the achievements are offline orientated and reasonably easy with approximately 750 for the campaign, which is about 25 hours gameplay. 100 for skirmish achievements which require you to beat AI, and some achievements which require you to do certain things in either skirmish or Ranked online. Beating the Campaign through Co-op gave me around 650 (I missed a couple), and about half an hour of boosting gave me all of the ranked achievements.

    In summary, this game is flawless. It's an RTS, so some people may dislike it. But, as an RTS, it's the best console game around today. It's almost perfect in every way. If you like RTS. buy it. Period. If you're new to the genre, this game is the best introduction you can get. And if you don't like RTS', buy this anyway and you might find yourself changing your mind. 10/10.
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    CyphateEasy is generally achievable for the most casual of gamer, the spike through the difficulty levels is massive though, particularly medium to hard.
    Posted by Cyphate on 27 Jul 12 at 03:10
    The Gwyn ReaperIt's average at best.

    This game is a major step down from the glory of Red Alert 2 - superior in nearly every way - and one of the best selling C&C games. A fantastic game for it's time and this sequel just doesn't do it justice.

    WARNING: You're allowed to command only FIFTY units in this game.

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned this!!!

    This limits the depth of the gameplay dramatically, turning into a basic, scaled down, micro-version of C&C.

    The "command points" system (unit cap) cripples any potential for large scale attacks or complex strategy - this game just can't handle it. Some RTS game this is... Given that you need to attack and defend, while also mining resources, a considerable chunk of those units have to stay at home.

    You can't field a big army, and there's now a heavy emphasis on naval warfare, so if you don't build a large navy you'll be landlocked and bombarded from off shore. These ships take up loads of command points.

    As you're constantly pushing that oppressive unit cap - you can't even sell your units. You're often left with no choice but to butcher them whenever you change your strategy. You have to "force attack" to make them destroy each other. (My poor conscripts... It was horrible.)

    Typically in a game of Command and Conquer, the player with the better economy and command of map resources would have the largest force, crushing his opponent. But in RA3 it's always 50 vs 50 because nobody can grow. This skews the gameplay, giving an unnaturally balanced playing field, denying the advantage to the better player. (Doesn't matter if you're loaded! This is kiddy rules. Now play nice!)

    Your aircraft don't even take off or land properly on a runway, like in the wonderful C&C Generals. Now they're all "VTOL" craft that hover in an annoying, static way. Yuck. Yuck!

    The PC version might be worth checking out, if the unit cap is considerably higher, but it clearly wasn't made to run on consoles.
    Posted by The Gwyn Reaper on 28 Dec 14 at 15:05
    el tebyGemma Atkinson is so hot
    Posted by el teby on 22 Apr 21 at 23:28
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    13 May 2009
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    At last it is here! A game bulit for PCs but easy to play on an console. RA3 is one of many installments of a long running series of real time battle control. Using a central stagging area you build an army from scratch. This includes the power and fund generating ore factories. This installment adds a third faction to use and play against. Along with that the command skills (super weapons) add a great twist to any battle field. If taking on more than one foe is your idea of fun but need just little assistants the new Co-commander is a nice new add-on. This gives you the choice to choose the target for a planned attack or just leave them to their own devices. All in all the game is beauitfully made compared to pervious games and is visually great! The online feature gives you a great chance to show your masterful mind to the rest of the world. Last but not least the game gives everyone a chance for a quick round of a long drawn out battle lasting hours. Starting out brand new now is priced around 29.99 how could you miss this chance at a great game.