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Conan Exiles Trailer Celebrates Early Access Launch

Conan Exiles is still to release on consoles, but this Steam Early Access launch trailer gives you a great preview of some of the horrors you will encounter, from huge gods and animals to smaller beasts and cannibals.

Posted 25 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 3 comments

Conan Exiles Fifth Stream Focuses on the World and Lore

Developer Funcom recently streamed just under an hour's worth of the upcoming Conan Exiles where they showcased some of the game's story and lore.

Posted 29 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 7 comments

Conan Exiles Cinematic Trailer Released

A new cinematic trailer has been released for Funcom's upcoming Conan Exiles. The video highlights the harshness of the huge world on offer as Conan the Barbarian comes across a helpless woman pinned up to a cross.

Posted 1 month ago by Ashley Woodcock, 5 comments

Religion in Conan Exiles

There are no good gods in the world of Conan, but for evil there are many and only one will listen to your prayers. Or your bloody murders and subsequent desecration of the bodies in the name of your god.

Posted 1 month ago by Kevin Tavore, 9 comments

Time to Talk About the Lore in Conan Exiles

A new developer blog covers the lore and world to be discovered in the upcoming MMO, Conan Exiles. Learn more about the dangerous world you will get to roam around.

Posted 1 month ago by Chanse Wareham, 5 comments

Conan Exiles Shows Off Its Ambitious Settlement Crafting

Conan Exiles is a swords-and-sandals MMO that promises plenty of blood and brutality. What you might not know is that it also offers a whole lot of real estate and some ambitious settlement building to match.

Posted 1 month ago by Sam Quirke, 7 comments

Conan Exiles Previews Its Soundtrack

While beautiful music from a classical orchestra may not be the first thing you think of when someone mentions the barbarian warrior Conan, it's certainly a highlight of this game.

Posted 2 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 3 comments

Conan Exiles Stream Reveals Early Gameplay

Conan Exiles is heading to Game Preview, but before that you can check out an early build in a developer stream. You'll get to see some character customisation and desert walking... but no sound...

Posted 2 months ago by Sam Quirke, 5 comments

Survival Game Conan Exiles Coming to Xbox Game Preview

The life of a barbarian. While it probably wasn't a whole lot of fun to be alive during precivilization — I heard they didn't even have WiFi — it sure is fun to play video games based on it. Conan Exiles joins Game Preview soon.

Posted 3 months ago by Kelly Packard, 4 comments

Conan Exiles is Coming to Consoles

It's an open-world survival game set in the world of Conan. Players will need to be strong to survive, or they'll quickly be crushed like the weaklings they are.

Posted 8 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 9 comments