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Musquito Ranger
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Musquito Ranger
Posted on 15 May 18 at 15:38
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Great game with dreadful servers.

As this is a highly unforgiving game which rewards on activity it is truly let down by the aweful server quality. At best play off peak wherever you live. Peak will see you consistently dropped losing all your current character content.

There is no current fix as this game relies on very high speed connection. If you are running anything less than 2.5Gb upload and 24Gb download you are best to give this game a miss because you will suffer considerably. I run dedicated at 4.7Gb upload and 87Gb download and I suffer dropout from the pipeline. There have been many server crashes and you don't get any warnings.

If you really want to play the game leave it a few months for the IT team to get their act together. You will reduce your frustration and not get annoyed at the inconsistency out of your control.

As a Game it is very good. Progress to harder tasks. No story. Exploration, survival, building shelter, making tools and weapons etc..all upgradable by learning perks. Skill tree cannot be completed at level 60 cap which means you have many different types of character build. Really shines in PvP where players can play war type scenarios. Public servers are free, Private servers can be hired, some run tournament type events.

Note joining one server does not transfer your character or its contents to another server of the same or other type. Each server offers 40 player spots. Players can group as a clan under one name and share all their resources.

I'd give it 4 stars but the servers are a real let down.
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