Conga Master Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Jump in the line, rock your body in time (Okay, I believe you)!

Welcome to the walkthrough for Conga Master. This ID game is a fairly simple title that tasks you with building the greatest conga line. It will take a few playthroughs of the game to get all of achievements, but only one of them will be a full one through all levels. Additionally, you want to keep in mind that quitting to the main menu will require you to start from Level 1 next time. While this might seem to be a problem, there are only 6 main levels to complete so it isn't too difficult to get back to the later levels quickly.

From here, the walkthrough will go over the basic controls and do a quick rundown of each of the levels and what to look out for. Additionally, I will cover the mechanics for unlocking all the characters and any of the miscellaneous achievements.

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